The Twilight Saga

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~ Preface ~

What do u do when the one u love is making a mistake but denies it? How do u help knowing that person wont take ur advice wont talk to u wont even face u? How do u live with ur endless life now meaningless because  u failed on one of the things u loved? Why do u lie to ur self saying ur life is so what called ‘perfect‘. . . ?
< Renesmee changes her life >

Bella’s  P.O.V
  Chapter 1

The night was dark gleaming with stars I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. For a fraction of a second my mind went blank just seeing these stars made my thoughts fade away which rarely ever happened. It kinda of reminded me when I was human and was able to distract myself with any insignificant little detail but then again my mind wasn’t as sharp as it is now since my  transformation my thoughts seem precise I never lost track of any thing.
     Suddenly I heard faint footsteps about few paces behind me I didn’t realize how long I’ve been outside the little white cottage I was just suppose to peek outside to see if Edward was coming he’s been making a lot of hunting trips by himself I never questioned his reasoning I knew what he did was always right and would never hurt me in any possible way . . . but I still worried wondering all night  what he was doing why he didn’t want to take me. Wishing he could come back as soon as possible to comfort me to show me his perfect crooked smile, I adored.  I thought that after my transformation I would feel nothing for him being to distracted of the wild quenching thirst that was suppose to take over me but I was wrong I was still  in love with him knowing there is no one in the world I’d rather be with.
    “Momma I thought u were going to tuck me into bed is daddy home yet?” Nessy was right behind me giving me a soft but scolding look she looked a little frustrated that must  be a clue that I’ve  been outside for quite a while.
    She was in her footie pajamas that were covered in rainbows and clouds  her reddish brown curls flowing in the breeze. “No, Daddy’s still not home I’ll be right there, just wait a second sweetheart” I said my  lips trembling she went back with out a second thought but she hesitated just the slightest to walk .
    Nessy of course knew I was worried about her father  with her rapidly growing mind how couldn’t she? She wasn’t blind. I started to get up swiftly without  a problem I was on the ground sitting with dirt now covering my freshly washed jeans what I mess I was . I was starting to go tuck Renesmee in but then I heard a sound of  something running I knew this running was too fast to be any  old regular vampire it was ~ Edward he came back. Joy came rushing in my face filling the despair and sadness , I could feel it .Nessy heard him too by the time Edward was about a stride away from me she  was at my side. 
“Yay Daddy u came u came back “ she was hopping up and down just like a regular toddler would do when they saw a glimpse of their parents ,but she did have the mind of a 9 year old .
    Edward just smiled he adored our child almost as much as I did he scooped her right up chuckling ,a huge grin came upon his face  “Why wouldn’t I come home Nessy”?
     “I don’t know I was so worried I couldn’t sleep and momma is a little late at tucking me in” she said while shrugging her small shoulders.
     He gracefully put  her down and grabbed me by the waist pulling me up swinging me around and then gently bent his head to put his cold marble li ps against mine brushing them very lightly knowing we couldn’t go into too much detail while Renesmee was watching.
  He let me down but grabbed my hand with his cold granite grasp. With his free hand he picked Nessy up in his arms heading to her room
    Her room was the smallest of all of them in the house  I felt bad for her but I wasn’t going to let size come in my way of what I loved. Besides Nessy loves her room too and wouldn’t let me remodel the room to make it a little bigger so I guess its going to stay like that.
    Her room was very small like I said before her bed was huge with a canopy covering it. Stuffed animals covered every sq inch of her bed. Jacob spoiled her so much buying her any stuffed animal she wanted well that’s always what she preferred as a gift.

                                        Chapter 2

    Edward swiftly put her in bed while I on the other side tucked her in with her fuzzy pink blanket making sure she was secure.” I love u” Edward and I said simulta neously to her. “I love u too” Nessy replied simply. “Wait,” she called “I want to show u something, Daddy “ she quickly took his hands and showed him something with her special ability. I had a feeling I knew what it was. Edward swiftly took his hands away when she was done we headed for the door and turned off her lights. He shook his head  slowly with frustration but it was noticeable” Good Night” we both said while we were leaving and she fell soundly to sleep. We were headed to the living room well, that’s what we did every night. He jostled me to the tan sofa in the middle of the room and took my face in his cold palms “I’m truly sorry I’ve been out ,but- do u forgive me?” he said his eyes melting into mine, piercing with disappointment. “You know I always will forgive u no matter what-”.He gently took his arms and gave me an inescapable hug. “Since I forgave u will u promise to answer a question?” I  replied casually when he was done hugging me. “I guess” he answered.” Well its nothing really I just wanna know. . .  What did Nessy show u?”. He breathed deeply but started to explain “She showed me an image of u when u were on the ground staring at the stars miserably. I regret leaving u… alone, I should of known ho
w u would react” he smiled and then his eyes turned humorous “U never did like surprises” he said chuckling softly. That’s when something sunk in. I realized what he was doing all these nights was a surprise for Nessy and me. I was so relieved .

Chapter 3

We ended up in our room locked like always not that we needed it . Edward was in the middle of kissing me when rain starting pounding on the window the sun was dim, no surprise there. I realized it was morning he seemed to notice too and got up from the huge white bed slowly, almost with suspense it was like he was waiting for this moment. I was thinking if I should take Nessy to see her grandpa Charlie  we haven’t seen him since her last birthday party he must be really worried. That’s when Edward disturbed my train of thought and surprised me by saying he had a special day for Nessy and I. All of a sudden something hit me like I’ve been punch ed in the stomach  it was Nessy’s birthday what kind of mother was  I forgetting her only daughter’s birthday .I didn’t anticipate it to come so soon, I’ve been so busy .”Edward its Nessy’s birthday, I’m so sorry I didn’t plan it to come so soon I haven’t even bought her a present what-”? he put a finger over my mouth. “I got everything planned you’ll see ,umm… that’s kind of the surprise but I ruined it now I should of let u worry then it would been a shock ”. he said chuckling “we should get going “ he picked me up on  and lead me to Nessy’s room. I was so ashamed how can this special date pass through me without me even knowing. So much for being the best mother ever .We came in her small room she was in her bed sleeping very peacefully we shook her little arm and her eyes popped  open  “Momma, Daddy “ “ur umm . . .well 1 year older .’’?  Edward said , it sounded more like a question than a statement
“well, get ready Nessy we have a special day planned for you “ she quickly shook the covers off her and hopped off the bed she was probably excited because of the special day or maybe it was just happy because she knew she was going to c Jacob. I handed Nessy a pink dress with matching shoes  and let her change
 “done “she replied
I quickly went in the room and brushed through her soft bronze curls  letting her hair down .
She held my hand and we headed down stairs where Edward  was he was smiling and lead us to Carlisle house so this is where the surprise is going to be .Alice must be a part of this . . .

Renesmee P.O.V                
 Chapter 4
What a stupid party I have to go to. I have had 4 just like this and nothing ever changes. Same bounce house, pink cake and the same lousy vampire family. Wow, what a party so fun, I thought sarcastically. I’m sure my dad can hear my thoughts but  I don’
t care.
He knows how I feel but wont even tell my mother .He says he doesn’t want to disappoint her .She’s over dramatic she spends all year on  my birthday party and even with all that planning the party still turns out horrible ; boring and plain. I came slouching into my Grandpas backyard it seemed more of a football field then a yard all the same dull faces are here, great.
Here comes the presents .Aunt Alice came prancing to me with a load full of pink  packages the minute I reached the grassy yard.
She was wearing her usual stylish outfit but today she decided to wear a green sundress with white sequined sandals. I love aunt Alice she was one of the person I related to. Since I was little ,she always got me what I wanted and like me had reasonable taste in clothes. Unlike my mother who was wearing her usual black t-shirt and breathable jeans. What an excuse for an outfit. I laughed to myself.
“Here Nessy” Alice awakened me she handed me the presents and gave me a peck on my cheek “Thanks auntie Alice” I replied as sweetly as I could its not her fault I have to go to this party. .”Well open them I wanna see ur face when u see what I got u”. Her voice was so excited so I decided it wouldn’t be so bad besides Alice was the one who always got me the best present .Everyone huddled around me with grins covering their pale faces. ”Wait, am I too late” said a familiar husky voice. It was Jacob I came running to him dropping all the presents on the grass.” Jacob “I screamed this was another advantage I got to see my boyfriend I haven’t seen him since the pack became overly protective of La Push he never got to see me any more. He ran his arms were open a irresistible invitation I jumped in them and he caught me giving me a kiss on my forehead with his warm lips. ”Hey vamp” he said with a wolfy grin.” hey dog”

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