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I see strange unexplainable figures that follow every step I take. This isn’t a reality to the normal person but I’m not one of those luck people. Sometimes I wish I didn’t exist so much humiliation isn’t tolerable anymore. . . .my life is a horror movie waiting for its horrific end and it wont stop ‘till it gets it.

Chapter 1

    I was walking, heading my way to homeroom down the vacant hall. It was my first day of freshman year another horrible day of school ; and already late. I was prepared for the constant name calling and pushing books out of my hand that was a yearly routine. But now a ‘days its gotten worser instead of ppl just glaring at me like usual when they pass by, they laugh at how ridiculous I look, as if I need another reason for ppl to humiliate me. I personally don’t like my appearance either but, my mother Jacky says I look . . . good. I’m very tan [too much for my taste] , have brown curly hair and matching eyes  . All of that combined makes a disaster alive.
    I skidded to a stop there in front of me was the wooden door I was expecting. On it was an engraved 198 ; the same number on my schedule. I walked slowly inside and hid behind my  hair I was trying to avoid eye contact with my classmates. Something I knew very well was their reaction; plain disgust. I cant take the torture just yet.  I sat in the nearest empty seat watching the floor and almost fell on it but caught myself on the chair before I can humiliate myself even further. Great, I can already hear what my new nick name will be clumsymass. I sat there quiet hoping my name wouldn’t b called but surprisingly, the voice who spoke wasn’t mocking me. “Hey Massmine” an unfamiliar voice whispered I turned around and shocked saw that Krystal a girl who lived across the Street from me on my quiet neighborhood ; called my name. She never did actually talk to me she was way to shy to say anything .The only words I’ve heard from her mouth was ‘Welcome to the neighborhood’ the first day I moved in and that’s probably because her parents forced her to .Since then , nothing, why would she talk to me? I’m a weirdo to everyone as long as I’m concerned. I managed to say
“hi-i” stumbling on the small syllables, my teeth clasping together. Luckily,
the teacher : an old woman with pale wrinkled skin {my new home room teacher ; Mrs. Cope} came in the door just in time to stop the conversation. There in back of her was a black shapeless figure following her into the room. This is what I usually saw lurking around every corner some scarier then others ; what I almost always see in every building. This one here was one of the frightening ones. It was coming towards me floating in the air very casually as if it belonged here. It came slowly to my side and brushed itself delicately tickling me in a scary way, it left goose bumps. I shivered shaking my head, go away go away I thought hoping for it to somehow hear me. “Massmine?” maybe she’s taking attendance, “Here“? It sounded like a question when I responded. “alrighty then,”  she began ” as u know I’m ur new homeroom teacher and you’ll be learning very much this year. This school has many opportunities to offer so as you all must know by now you are to report here promptly, I will not open the doors to anyone that’s late and especially one that doesn’t have a pass” she paused and her lips turned into a smile “but besides that I know we wont have a problem with each other” she said obviously meaning the opposite. I trailed off, the speech wasn’t going to get any more exciting.
    The day went the same as in homeroom every teacher explained what the basic rules are for each class and gave us a sketchy idea of what we are going to do in the year. After thinking about what I have to go through this time; how much I have to suffer I was happy when lunch finally came. Although, that same strange figure I saw earlier was following me during Science but disappeared when the bell rung. Weird.
    Today was turning out pretty good I haven’t been picked on and no ghost seem to be in this new school {except for that strange one} I kinda like it at this place, the teachers seemed pretty nice. Better then the ones who couldn’t even pronounce my name at my old school. I rushed into the cafeteria hoping to find a empty table so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone {not that anyone would talk to me}  but unexpectedly  Krystal was sitting at the only empty lunch table she waved at me and mouthed ‘come over here’ obediently I went to see what she wanted I might as well get it over with. I sat down on the little wooden stool and she started to babble “ so . . . . I was wondering do u want to sit with me, I really don’t have friends and -” I stopped her “sure,” I smiled trying to be as convincing as I possibly could . I bit my lip confused, is she using me? She could of got way better friends then me all she’s doing is getting herself into trouble. She hasn’t ever bothered before to  talk to me so why now?
“I’m going to get something to eat” she replied pointing her small finger to the pizza counter. She was probably tired of waiting for me to talk. She should know by now she’s not going to get very much use out of me.   
    I stood up and went to the bending machine to go get a Twister I wasn’t that hungry ; my stomach was feeling queasy because of the mysterious figure that’s starting to freak me out. I need to watch it more carefully. I was about to put the dollar in the black slot when some girl with blonde hair passed by and smashed a pudding cup onto my head she continued walking while it dripped covering my face in brown goop.  I frowned viciously my reaction immediately was to grab the pale arm and spin her around : demanding her problem but decided not to knowing she could win the match no doubt. I smoothly put my hand in my pocket letting the pudding be. She dared to look back while she was walking to see the damage she made and stopped to smirk towards me. “Sorry, I’m being rude did u want that” ?? she said mocking me, gesturing her hand towards my head. She knew I wouldn’t do a thing to her and was about to continue but hesitated and left laughing hysterically to go join her 3 identical friends. I sighed, I’m not going to let this ruin my day. I know it could of gone worser and I should be grateful .I went to the condiment table to get a napkin .I took the piece of paper and gently wiped my face. Ugg,!! the pudding was sticky it soaked through and dirtied my hand. I shook my fingers to get it off ,it hit the ground, splattering the shiny floor. I’m so stupid cant do anything right. I let it be and walked to the table, ’didn’t even bother to go to clean the rest of my face. In fact, I still haven’t even gotten the juice, oh well. I sat down and something shocked me .Besides Krystal’s astonished face, I saw the same black shadow. It was soaring in the air toward the blonde girl just like it did to me this morning but this time the shadow charged like a bullet with anger. It soared through the air but my eyes somehow managed to see every detail clearly coming after another. The figure stopped moving, it wrapped itself very tightly around the girls thin leg under the lunch table. She jumped quickly out of her wooden stool ,” Suuu-zy were u touching my leg“? she cried her British voice shaking. “No, what r u talking about” the indistinguishable girl replied curtly. “aahhh” she screamed .I felt a need to go over to her and laugh in her face just like she did to me. She was acting ridiculous, its just a harmless ghost it didn’t hurt you. The figure stayed there comfortably while the girl repeatedly shook her leg trying to shake the ghost off with no luck. For a second I thought I saw a curved line on its face almost as if it were smiling, at how frustrated the girl was.
        “ Get off me!! Get -“ the blondy replied urgently while running through the room, bumping into a kid with a lunch tray. It fell on her face covering her with mashed potatoes and chocolate milk. She ran through the doors leading herself to the bathroom she didn’t even get to finish saying the last 2 words. She was too busy choking in food.
    The bell rung loudly disturbing the whole drama scene. I quickly took my schedule out of my bag and checked what class I had next “So what class do u have next” Krystal said casually “Math” “me too, guess well go together” she said sighing. We got up and headed through the crowded doorway lucky for us we only had to go around the corner to our class. We were the first ones there and I picked a seat in the front, just out of habit not that it’ll help, If anyone wants to make fun of me they’ll go right ahead a teacher wont stop them. Krystal followed me she sat in the next seat. She scowled at the chalk board, disturbing my chain of thoughts I was too busy looking at her outfit I haven’t noticed all day. She was wearing a pink polo with jeans {the expensive type} her hair was pulled into a messy bun covering her tan face in caramel color strands . I should of noticed before she was part of the ‘high society’ . That explains her house; nice big and white. She was rich, I really haven’t payed attention before I don’t to anyone really. No need to look at every single detail if u don’t talk to anyone.
    The teacher stood up from her desk and began the same lecture I’ve heard all day. It always included the words ‘new year and more responsibility’ math passed slowly I kept staring at the door waiting for a glimpse of the shadow but it never came. The class ended and Krystal was still grinding her teeth in frustration. She must really hate math or the whole speech thing. The sound left me anxious expecting something to happen, I hurried out of the room. I was in a rush to go home to see my mother she must be wondering how it went.

Chapter 2

    My neighborhood is a few blocks away from school knowing my mom  she probably wanted to move somewhere near so I wouldn’t have to take the bus with other people.  She so caring ,willing to do anything for me especially since I’m an only child ; without a father of course. She’s always told me she’s going to make up for those few scattered bad memories I have of my dad. He was horrible had no good qualities ; a lazy abuser and a  drug addict. There is nothing a girl could get out of that. What my mom fell for was a well groomed man she didn’t know him well enough and took her relationship to far to quick . A classic move my mom would do . . . .they soon got married and the nightmare began . . . .
    I remember hearing my mom cry in the middle of the night screaming for someone to spare her. I was obviously helpless I couldn’t do anything; stuck in my room I played with my toys I had no idea what was happening. For me to live through all of that, in my life I thought it was something normal ; something everybody experiences. That was until, I got older. I understood what those cries for help were of . . . .pain. Pain, for the little she could make out of this particular situation, pain for the fear that one day it can get worser then just a little abuse of an object but more then anything fear knowing that I can end up like her and the cycle will repeat again. . . .A day before I started school she put up a fight calling witnesses all over the neighborhood she had to leave. ‘Couldn’t take it’ was her exact words from her mouth. We left successful he went to jail and now were living in a 2 bed room apartment at the end of a street.
“How was your day sweetie” she said while I dropped my bag on the floor. She kissed my forehead and continued putting away the glass cups.” Good . . . .” “no friends??” “Actually yeah, there is some girl named Krystal u know her . . . “ “ Well, she’s in some of my classes and she  . .talks to me” I said dully I didn’t want to excite her. “I’m going to my room I-I got a lot of homework  . . “

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Its really good
Keep writing
thx so much
i just wrote this
and i wanted to know if its any good . . .
ill write more today so theyll b more by Friday
<33 jasmine
i know its just . . .
i like
to ask ppl
if i can improve on anything
they usually say
{cuz i'm not really good at that} =)

<33 jasmine
any way, Thx so much for reading!!
its really cool
keep on writing
i will
ill post more later
<33 jasmine
I liked it, can't wait to see where this story goes!
thx so much!!!
ill post more later
i promise
and ill
all of my readers
<33 jasmine
The story is very good Jasmin. You should definitely continue. Keep me updated :)
ill keep everyone updated
<33 jasmine
its going good
cant wait too see where it goes.
get better
<33 jasmine
this is really good. keep going. keep me updated


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