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To be in love with a vampire when youre a human is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality, but if youre a vampire in love with a vampire then its a whole different story its both fantasy and a dream every single day of your life and its seems like you will be together forever or maybe destroyed forever but the one question is, who will be the destroyer, now thats the question.


1. Junior


Edward and I lay on our bed in our magical cottage, Nessie would be up in around twenty minutes, she was at the house as Edward and I wanted to be alone tonight, plus she had fell asleep on the couch. Nessie will be awake soon, shall we get back now? I asked Edward. Yes, we should, said Edward. As I got up I pecked him on his lips and went to the closet to get dressed.

I had picked out a sky blue, knee length, dress, with a pink satin belt attached to it and had short sleeved, frilly sleeves and frills at the bottom of the dress and a pair of cream coloured heels. I was getting even more girly since I was part of the Cullen family. Wow, you look beautiful, Edward smiled crookedly, that was my absolute favourite smile. Thank you, you look very handsome, I smiled, he was dressed in a white, short sleeved, polo shirt, with a light brown coat and black trousers, with brown, formal shoes, he had styled his hair perfectly too. Thank you, he grinned putting his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him - I had just brushed my hair, I didnt need to straighten it now as it was already really straight- and kissed me again.

Well we better go, Nessie will be awake in around ten minutes, said Edward letting go of my waist. Okay, I said. Edward put his arm around me as we walked out of the cottage. Race you, I grinned. Youre on, he grinned. We raced through the woods and soon we were at the house. I win, I smiled. Just wait until next time, he grinned.

We walked inside the house and Nessie sitting on the floor, drawing in her sketch book. Nessie was seventeen months old, but she looked between a big three year old or a small four year old. When she heard the door shut behind us, she turned quickly around. Momma! Daddy! she crooned. Now that put a huge grin on everyones faces whenever Nessie was happy. She stood up and ran towards us. I lifted her by her waist carefully not to squeeze her to death and cradled her in my arms. Hi sweetheart, I smiled kissing her forehead. Hi Momma, she grinned placing her hands on my cheeks, but instead of showing me something, she reached her head up and pecked me on the lips.

Hi honey, smiled Edward. Daddy, she cooed reaching out to him. Edward to her in his arms, cradling her. She to pecked him on the lips. Hi Daddy, she smiled. He smiled crookedly back at her. How long has she been up? I asked. Five minutes before you came, said Rosalie. Edward let her down and she walked back to her spot where she was sitting before and continued drawing.

Suddenly there was another knock on the door and someone came in shutting it behind them. Its just Jacob, said Edward. Nessie turned around quickly as soon as Edward had said Jacobs name. Edward was right, Jacob soon came into view standing by the open door in the living room we were all in. Jake! cooed Nessie getting up and running towards him, she leaped into his arms and he stood cradling her. Nessie! Jacob cooed. Rosalie stood there disgust in her face.

Hi Nessie, grinned Jacob pecking her on the lips, this Edward wasnt too happy about and to be honest me either. Hi Jake, she smiled hugging him. Hey Bells, winked Jacob. Hey Jake, I smiled. Nessie was wearing the locket I had given her for her birthday, inside she had put a picture of Edward, Jacob, her and I on one side and on the other all the other Cullens in the family, she was also wearing the bracelet Jacob had given her for her birthday. I was wearing the necklace Aro had sent me as a wedding present and the bracelet Jacob had made for me.

Nessie placed her hands on Jacobs face. Oh Nessies hungry again, said Jacob to Edward. Okay, what does she want? he asked Jacob. Nessie placed her hands on Jacob again. Blood, said Jacob. Edward dashed into the kitchen.

Weve got none left, he said to Nessie. She sighed and made the face I hated to see, a disappointed face. Well I tell you what do you know how you, Jacob and I were going to go to Sam and Emilys place, well on the way there well go hunting, I promised her. Her face lightened up. Okay, she smiled happily, now thats the face I always wanted to see.

Jacob put her down and she got back to her drawing. She was still in her pink, long sleeved pyjamas, with her pink bottoms, her hair was tied back in a low ponytail to keep her waist length, curly hair out of her face when she was asleep. Nessie we better get going to Sam and Emilys place soon, so are you coming to get dressed? I asked her holding my hand out to her.

She stood up and took a hold of my hand, I took her up to Edward, her and my room. I dressed her in a sky blue, short sleeved, frilly dress, with white tights and matching blue strapped shoes. I brushed down her hair and put it in a high ponytail, I then put her pink cardigan on her, it was warmer today and the sun was out but I didnt want to take my chances you could never be too careful when you were in Forks.

She took hold of my hand again and we walked downstairs, Jacob was waiting at the front door for us. Are we ready? asked Jacob. Yes, I said. Nessie then took Jacobs hand with her free hand, I let go of her hand and walked over to Edward. We wont be too long, well be around two hours, I promised. Okay, Ill be waiting, he smiled. I pressed my lips to his and then got back to Jacob and Nessie.

Nessie then ran over to Edward and kissed him on the cheek.

Bye Daddy, she said. Bye sweetheart, he smiled kissing her forehead and hugging her. Love you, she said running back to us. Love you too, Edward said. Oh I love you, I called to Edward. And I love you, he said. Rosalie was suddenly by Nessies side. Goodbye Renesmee, she said hugging and kissing her. Bye Aunt Rose, said Nessie pecking her back.

We then left, Jacob, Nessie and I. Jacob phased and Nessie climbed up on the back of his back, putting her arms around his neck and clinging on tightly and with that Jacob was off, I ran with them. Soon Jacob and Nessie had caught theirs and Nessie started to drink, Jacob had caught his and started eating. Finally I had caught a deer and started drinking its delicious blood.

When we were finished eating I fixed up Nessie and Jacob phased back, he went behind a bush to change. I fixed myself and Nessie clung to the my neck on my back. I started running and Jacob started behind us.

Soon we got to Emily and Sams place. Jacob knocked the door and walked in, I followed in after him, with Nessie still clinging to my neck. Hi Sam, Emily, said Jacob. Hey Jake, said Sam.

Hi Jacob, smiled Emily. And hello Bella and Nessie, smiled Sam. Hi Sam, Nessie and I smiled. Hi Nessie and Vampire Girl, joked Emily. Hi Wolf Girl, I joked.

When we all said our hellos, Jacob sat down with a muffin and a drink of diet coke, usually muffins would smell great to me but now they smelt disgusting. Sam sat down with a coffee and a muffin and Emily sat down with a cup of coffee. Nessie was sitting on my lap, Jacob was sitting on the armchair next our armchair and Emily and Sam were sitting together on the couch.

Nessie placed her hands on my face, she wanted a muffin too. Emily is alright if Nessie could get half of a muffin? I asked her. Sure, a half you say? Emily asked.

Yes shes just finished with her breakfast you see, I explained.

Ah okay, said Emily, handing Nessie half a muffin. Nessie started eating. She placed her hands on my face again, she wanted a drink of orange juice. Emily do you have any orange juice? I asked. Yes, she said. Can I go and get some for Nessie? I asked. No Ill go, she assured me. Okay, heres Nessies cup, I said passing Emily the cup. Emily soon came back with Nessies cup and passed her it, Nessie drank away.

So wheres the little one? I asked Emily and Sam. Emily had gotten pregnant with Sams baby ten months ago and had given birth to little Sam Junior exactly one month ago. Hes over there in his Moses basket, said Emily pointing over to the little Moses basket sitting in the corner of the living room. I havent seen the little guy yet, I said. You can go and take a look if you like, said Emily. Yeah? Thanks, I smiled.

I passed Nessie over to Jacob and walked over to the basket and peered inside. There sleeping peacefully was tiny Sam Junior. He had black hair, big, dark brown eyes and tan, light brown skin like his parents, he had his mothers eye shape, but had his fathers nose. I would say he looked most like Sam. I walked back over to my seat and sat down. Oh hes so cute and gorgeous, actually hes perfect, I smiled. Thank you Bella, smiled Emily. Yes thank you, he obviously gets his good looks from his mother then, smiled Sam kissing Emilys scars. Dont even kid yourself he definitely is his dad, smiled Emily pecking him on the lips.

Suddenly Quil and Claire came in, Claire in Quils arms. Claire was four now, Nessie and Claire were best friends now, Nessie looked around the same age as Claire. Claire! crooned Nessie sliding off Jacobs lap and running towards Quil. Quil smiled and put Claire down. Nessie! crooned Claire. They ran up to each other and hugged each other, it was very cute. Hey Bells, winked Quil. Hi Quil, I smiled. I turned my attention over to Sam and Emily. Wheres Leah? Ive not seen her in like a year has it been? I asked. She had to go and visit an ill relative in New Zealand, explained Sam, Shell be back soon though as sadly the family member passed away two days ago, he said.

Oh, I said.

Quil sat on the edge of Sam and Emilys couch staring romantically at Claire. Nessie and Claire sat on the carpet playing with the building blocks together and Jacob sat staring at Nessie the same way Quil was staring at Claire, it was quite uncomfortable.

Suddenly the door opened and shut again. We invited Charlie and Sue up is that alright Bella? asked Sam. Yes its perfect Nessie hasnt seen her Grandpa in weeks, I said.

Sue had moved in with Charlie a couple of months ago, they have been together for almost a year and theyre so prefect together.

Charlie and Sue soon came into view. Nessie turned quickly, got up and ran towards Charlie. Grandpa! she cooed running towards him. Renesmee! he cooed lifting her up in his arms. Hi, she smiled. Hello, he smiled back, Look whos getting a big girl, he smiled putting her back down. He kissed her forehead, ruffled her hair and she rushed back over to Claire.

Hi dad, I grinned. Hey Bells, wheres Edward? he asked. Over at the house, he had to get something done, I lied. Oh alright, hey Jacob, said Charlie. Charlie, nodded Jacob. Sam, Emily hows the little one? he asked. Hes doing just fine, smiled Emily. Thats good to here, he smiled. We stayed for another hour and then I checked the time, I had told Edward two hours.

I stood up and took Nessies hand. Well we better get back, I said to everyone. Okay, bye, smiled Emily. Bye and thanks for having us here, I smiled. Once Nessie and I said all our goodbyes she took my hand and we walked outside, Jacob stayed with Sam and Quil.

I swung Nessie over my back and ran back home.

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I am intrigued because this is continuing BD and I love that. Please keep me updated when you write more.
Thanks, will do :D
Great! =)
Thanks :D
love it keep going
Thanks, will do :D
2. Invited

We soon got home and walked through the living room door, where Edward was waiting for us. Edward was standing in the centre of the living room, Rosalie wasn’t in the living room, Emmett was watching football on the flat screen, Jasper and Alice were sitting on the couch, snuggled up together, Alice looked as though she was foreseeing the future and Jasper was stroking her hair and staring into space, Carlisle was at work and Esme was sitting on the armchair sketching something.
Edward walked towards us and kissed me. “ How did it go?” he asked me. “ Great, I saw little Sam Junior, he was gorgeous and Charlie and Sue came by too, so Nessie got to see her Grandpa,” I smiled kissing him. “ And Claire came too,” said Nessie. “ Did she?” smiled Edward. “ Daddy!” crooned Nessie reaching out to him. “ Let Daddy see his gorgeous girl,” he smiled taking her in his arms.
Rosalie came downstairs.
“ Renesmee!” she cried rushing up to her and taking her in her arms. “ Aunt Rosalie!” grinned Nessie. Alice sat up and stood up, followed by Jasper. “ Hi Bella,” smiled Alice strolling up and embracing me in a hug. “ Hi Alice,” I smiled. We all said our hello’s and then got back to doing our own things.
It was the next day and Edward, Nessie and I didn’t go to the cottage last night. Nessie was asleep on the couch, her hair covering her face. Suddenly we heard something come through the letterbox. I walked through to the hall and picked up the envelope that lay on the ground. I walked through to the living room opening it. “ What is it love?” asked Edward. “ It’s a letter,” I said. I took the paper out from the envelope and placed the envelope on the coffee table.

It read:

Dear Nessie, Bella and Edward Cullen,
You are invited to Sam and Emily’s wedding on Saturday 1st March that will be taking place this year, the ceremony will start at 10:00am and finish around 10:30am, please consider coming to the party afterwards,

Yours Sincerely Emily and Sam.

“ What does it say, who is it from?” asked Edward. “ It’s from Emily and Sam and it’s a wedding invitation,” I explained. “ Who’s invited?” he asked. “ Nessie, me and you,” I said. “ Oh that was nice to invite us,” he said. “ Are we going?” I asked. “ Yes if you like, plus I’m sure Nessie would love to go, she’s never been to a wedding before,” said Edward. “ Yeah I’d love to go,” I said.
“ Okay so we’ll go,” smiled Edward. Soon Nessie stirred and was wide awake. “ Goodmorning honey,” I smiled lifting her up off the couch and into my arms. “ Goodmorning Momma,” she said rubbing her eyes and yawning.
“ Guess what Nessie!” I said when she was definitely awake. “ What Momma?” she asked excitedly.
“ Your Daddy, me and you are going to somewhere on the first of March,” I said. “ Where?” she asked getting really excited now.
“ A wedding!” I said. “ Yeah! I can’t wait! I’ve never been to a wedding before! Is it Sam and Emily’s?!” she was jumping around with excitement now. “ Yes!” I laughed. “ Yeah!” she danced around. “ Aunt Alice dance with me!” she laughed taking Alice’s hands. They danced around the living room together and Emmett turned the music on. I laughed away with Edward and Rosalie.

Then everyone including me joined in dancing with them, until we all fell down on the floor in fits of laughter. Jacob was standing there the whole time. “ Okay you are all freaks,” he laughed loudly, “ Gees I didn’t know vampires knew the meaning of fun. “ Cut it out Jacob,” I sighed getting up. “ Jacob!” laughed Nessie running up to him and leaping into his arms and then kissing his lips.
“ Hey Nessie,” he grinned. “ Get out of here MUT!” growled Rosalie, “ You’re stinking up the place!” “ Aunt Rosalie don’t talk about Jake like that,” sighed Nessie. Jacob laughed, “ Don’t worry Nessie I can fend for myself.”
“ Heard you, Nessie and Edward were invited to Sam and Emily’s wedding,” said Jacob to me.
“ Yeah!” laughed Nessie. Jacob laughed too setting Nessie down and walking up to Edward. “ I don’t get how they invited you though,” joked Jacob playfully punching Edward’s arm. “ I’ve been asking myself that question a lot since Bella told me I was invited,” laughed Edward playfully punching Jacob back, it was nice to see them getting along so well.
“ Well seeing as you’re going to a wedding Bella, we need to go shopping for a dress for you and Nessie,” grinned Alice standing up off her seat. “ Sure,” I said. “ Rosalie, Esme are you coming?” asked Alice. “ Yes,” smiled Esme. “ Sure,” said Rosalie. “ Can Nessie come too?” Nessie asked Alice. “ Yes Nessie you can come too,” she smiled. “ Yeah!” Nessie cried. “ When are we leaving?” I asked. “ As soon as everyone’s ready,” said Alice. Rosalie rushed upstairs to get ready followed by Alice, Esme and I were already dressed.
I was dressed in a black, shortsleeved, knee length dress, with black heels, my hair was just down and straight. I took Nessie upstairs and got her dressed in longsleeved white teeshirt and a cream coloured, shortsleeved dress over it, with white tights, and cream coloured shoes and a white coat and then I brushed down her hair.
We walked downstairs and Alice, Rosalie and Esme were waiting at the front door for us. “ Where‘s Jacob?” I asked. “ The dog left,” said Rosalie. “ Oh, Edward, have you got an outfit for the wedding?” I asked. “ Yeah,” he said. “ Edward are Jasper, you and I going hunting whilst the ladies are away shopping?” asked Emmett coming into view. “ Sure,” said Edward. “ I’m in,” said Jasper.
We all said goodbye and Alice drove Nessie, Esme, Rosalie and I in Alice’s car. “ Where are we going shopping?” I asked.
“ Seattle,” said Alice. “ Okay,” I said it was better than Port Angeles.
We were finally in Seattle and Alice parked the car. I lifted Nessie out from her car seat and she clung around my neck like she usually did.
We went into the most expensive shop in Seattle. “ We don’t need to go into a shop this expensive,” I said.
“ Come on Bella we’ve got plenty of money,” explained Alice.
“ Okay,” I said walking into the shop with them.
We started off with my dress first, we started straight away. I tried on nearly every dress in the store, but one was either too dressy or too casual. But then I came across a dress I completely fell in love with and it wasn’t at a bad priece either. “ Alice, Esme, Rose!” I called. They were quickly by my side and I held up the dress for them. “ Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous,” said Alice in aw. “ It’s beautiful,” smiled Rosalie. “ It’s perfect,” grinned Esme. “ Pretty,” smiled Nessie.

The dress was a royal blue, ankle length, silky, sleeveless dress. “ Go and try it on,” said Alice. “ Okay,” I grinned. I rushed into the girls changing room and tried it on, it fit perfectly like it was made for me, I looked in the mirror and it looked beautiful on me, this was definelty the one. I walked out of the cubicle and stood before Nessie, Esme, Rosalie and Alice. “ That’s definitely the one,” grinned Alice. “ It’s like it was made for you,” said Rosalie.
“ Absolutely stunning,” said Esme. “ Momma looks beautiful,” smiled Nessie. I got back into my outfit and bought the dress.
“ Nessie’s turn! Nessie’s turn!” said Nessie. “ Yes lets go and get your dress,” I smiled, she clung to my neck again.
We walked into a kiddies store, this too was the most expensive store in Seattle. We looked all around the store but not one dress seemed to please Nessie, until she came across one that she instantly fell in love with. “ Oh! Momma! That one! That one there!”she said excitedly. I picked up the one Nessie had pointed out. “ This one?” I asked. “ Yes!” she grinned. The dress was beautiful and very cute, it would suit very well. It was a pink, puffy sleeved dress, the top half of the dress was velevet, the bottom half of the dress had little white petals on it.
I called Esme, Alice and Rosalie over and they all loved and adored the dress. I took Nessie into the changing room and dressed her in the dress, she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. We walked out. “ Perfect,” smiled Rosalie. “ Absolutely gorgeous,” said Alice. “ We’re definitely buying that one,” grinned Esme. We bought Nessie’s dress. “ Now all we need is new white tights for Nessie, shoes for Nessie, hair accessories for Nessie, shoes for you and hair accessories for you,” said Alice.

We got pink, strapped shoes for Nessie and pink hair clips and pink bobbles and her new white tights, we also got her a little pink cardigan. Then we got be royal blue high heeled, opened two shoes and Kirby grips for me and also a nice black coat for me.

We were finished shopping in four hours. We got back in Alice’s car and I strapped Nessie in her car seat. It took us two hours to get back. It was nine o’clock when we got back to the house. I lifted Nessie out of her carseat, she was fast asleep, we had a long day, she didn’t stir once when I lifted her out of her carseat.

We walked inside and I lay Nessie on the couch, I took off her cream dress and cream shoes off, to keep her comfy, then I carefully tied her hair back and put a blanket over her.

Edward came into the living room. “ How did the shopping go?” he asked pulling me towards him and putting his arms around my waist.“ Perfect I got the most beautiful dress,” I smiled. “ Can I see it?” he asked. “ Not until the first of March,” I laughed. “ Oh that’s unfair,” he chuckled. “ You don’t want to ruin the surprise do you?” I assured. “ I guess not,” he chuckled, “ And how did it go with Nessie’s dress?” he asked. “ It’s very cute and beautiful, it suits her perfect, do you want to see it?” I asked. “ Yeah,” he smiled.
I took Nessie’s dress out of the bag and held it up for Edward. “ Oh Bella, It’s absolutely beautiful,” said Edward in aw.
“ I know,” I smiled putting it away in the bag. He pulled me towards him and pressed his lips to mine. “ I love you,” I said.
“ I love you,” he said.
Emmett walked in. “ Oh sorry am I interrupting something?” he snickered. “ Get out of here Emmett!” I laughed throwing my shoe at him, he ducked quickly and the shoe hit the floor, snapping the heel off it. “ Well done Bella, Alice is going to freak,” laughed Emmett. “ Well you shouldn’t of ducked, then again I guess it would still snap if it off your head,” I joked. “ Hahaha,” mocked Emmett. Alice came into the living room and when she noticed the heel she shrieked then picked it up. “ Who broke this?! Emmett?!” gasped Alice. Emmett put his hands up innocently and her eyes went from him straight to me. “ Told you she’d freak,” laughed Emmett rushing out of the living room.

“ Sorry Alice,” I said owning up. “ You should be, oh well I’ve got plenty of other shoes anyway, you’re lucky it wasn’t my new pair I had gave you,” she said. I sighed with relief.
I'm enjoying this story!! I can't wait for you to put the next installment up for us to read!!!
3. Wedding

Soon it was the first of March, the day of Sam and Emily’s wedding. Jacob came over at half past six in the morning and Nessie was up at that time too! She had went to bed at half past eight last night. Jacob was already dressed when he came by.
“ Wow Jake you look very handsome,” I commented smiling.
“ Why thank you Isabella,” he joked bowing. I couldn’t help myself laughing. Edward even laughed! Edward and I went upstairs to get dressed whilst Nessie stayed downstairs with Jacob.

I got dressed in Alice and Jasper’s room, suddenly Alice, Rosalie and Esme came in to help me get dressed, but I really only needed one person to help me. Edward was getting dressed in our room, Jasper was helping him get dressed. Last night at around six, Edward, Nessie, Jacob and I went hunting together. I put my dress, my heels, Aro’s necklace and Jacob’s bracelet on. Alice curled my hair, Rosalie styled it and Esme neatened it up with Kirby’s. In around two hours I was ready. “ You are absolutely beautiful,” smiled Alice. “ You look perfect,” smiled Rosalie. “ You’re a vision,” grinned Esme in aw. It was like mine and Edward’s wedding all over again. “ Thanks,” I smiled taking a look in the mirror, it was perfect.
I walked downstairs and Edward was waiting at the bottom, when he saw me his eyes widened. “ Wow, You look absolutely gorgeous love,” Edward smiled crookedly.
“ Thanks you’re so handsome and perfect like always,” I smiled kissing him. “ Thank you love,” he chuckled kissing me. I walked into the living room and Emmett whistled jokingly. I scowled at him. “ Really Bella you look beautiful,” said Emmett. “ Thanks,” I smiled. Jacob stood there staring at me, it was a little uncomfortable. Edward growled at him as he knew what Jacob was thinking and it wasn’t too hard to know what he really was thinking. “ Nice,” Jacob commented. “ Thanks, you too,” I smiled.
After everyone’s comments I took Nessie’s hand and took her into Mine, her and Edward’s room to get her dressed, Rosalie came with me to help out when really I wanted to do it myself.

I put Nessie in her dress, put her tights on her and slipped her shoes on her feet. She then put the bracelet Jacob gave her on and the locket I gave her on. Then I straightened all of her curls - she looked beautiful with her hair nice and straight, it looked more shiny - and Rosalie curled a few strands of her hair into ringlets at the side. She was ready in an hour and she looked really cute in her pink dress and gorgeous. She looked in the mirror and struck a pose. “ You look beautiful sweetheart,” I smiled. “ Thank you Momma,” she said smiling.
Rosalie and I took her downstairs and Nessie leaped into Edward’s arms as she saw him. “ She’s my beautiful girl,” said Edward kissing her forehead. She giggled. Jacob came into view. Nessie reached out to him and was soon in his arms. “ My girl looks stunning tonight,” he grinned winking at her. She giggled. “ Thank you and my Jacob looks stunning tonight,” she giggled pecking his lips. “ Well we better get going the ceremony begins in exactly one hour,” said Edward. “ Okay,” I said. We all said our goodbye’s and Edward drove Jacob, Nessie and I in his Volvo.
We were soon at the church and walked through the doors. There was the Bride Emily of course, the Groom Sam of course, the Flower Girl Claire, the Best Man Paul, the Page Boy Seth - although he liked calling it the page man - the Bride’s Maid Rachel and the Maid of Honour Sue and giving Emily away was Charlie! I knew Emily knew my dad but I didn’t she was that close to him!
Edward put his arm around my shoulder as we walked and Jacob carried Nessie in his arms. Sam was already standing at the alter, with the Priest, Paul and Seth. We took our seats, I sat in between Jacob and Edward and Nessie sat on my lap.
Suddenly we heard music playing and Claire walked down the aisle throwing her petals on the ground, she glanced over and Nessie and waved, Nessie waved back, it was very cute. Claire took her seat and then we heard the Bride’s song and Emily was walking down the aisle arm in arm with Charlie, Rachel and Sue were walking behind her. Leah was here at the ceremony, she was seated next to Quil.
Emily was beautiful, her dress was long and silky, it was slim fitted, it was white obviously and it was short sleeved. She had a beautiful necklace around her neck, she wore a pretty diamante bracelet on her wrist, she was carrying a bunch of Lilies in her hands, she wore white high heeled shoes and her makeup was done beautifully, you could hardly see the scars now and her hair was curled in ringlets, she looked gorgeous.

My dad glanced over at me and gave me a smile, I smiled back.
He looked more smart than usual just like at my weeding, Emily was standing face to face with Sam now, Charlie, Sue and Rachel took there seats and the ceremony soon begun.
It was a quick service it lasted twenty minutes and by those twenty minutes had passed Sam and Emily were husband and wife. Then the pictures were taken and the scramble for money for the kids started, Nessie, Claire and Seth got some. Then it was the throwing of the bouqet, Rachel caught it.

Edward, Jacob, Nessie and I went to the after party. I walked up to Sam and Emily and congratulated them. “ Congratulations,” I grinned. “ Thank you Bella,” smiled Emily. “ Yes thank you,” grinned Sam. “ So where’s little Sam Junior?” I asked. “ Back at the house, Carlisle’s watching him,” said Emily. “ Carlisle?!” I gasped. “ Yes I heard he was great with babies,” said Sam. “ I know but why Carlisle?! I thought you were all enemies?!” I gasped. “ A friend of yours is a friend of ours, I hate to say,” joked Sam. “ Oh,” I said.
It started with dinner, which Edward and I didn’t eat. Nessie ate soup and later got some snacks and I gave her a drink of orange juice from her cup. The whole time Nessie just played with Claire, Jacob, Quil and Seth, I went up recently to play along with her when she asked and so did Edward. Paul, Rachel, Charlie and Billy all ended up drunk out of their minds.
After everyone ate, the speeches came and then the cards got read out. Then it was the bride and groom’s first dance, they were both brilliant dancers. Then everyone started dancing. Edward and I went up to dance. “ You’re a brilliant dancer now,” he commented. “ What do you mean by now?” I teased. He stared at me guilt in his face. “ I know, I agree too I was a clutz when I was human,” I agreed laughing. He chuckled too. We slow danced a million times and danced to fast songs too.
Nessie rushed up to me and asked if I could dance with her so I picked her up in my arms and danced around with her, when a fast song came on she laughed so hard it made me laugh. Claire then came up wanting to dance too, so it ended up me with all the kids dancing in a circle.
Then Jacob walked up to the circle. “ Okay you kids can’t all hog the beautiful lady, Bella may I have this dance?” he asked. “ Sure,” I said releived. Nessie stood there her arms folded and she burst out crying. I picked her up and took her to the bathroom, Jacob followed. “ Nessie what’s wrong?” I asked. “ Jacob, says you’re beautiful,” she whimpered, “ And……..And he wants to dance with Momma and not me,” she wailed. “ Oh Nessie, you know that you’ll always be my girl and I’ll have no one else, you are beautiful and I promise you’ll get the next five dances with me, I was just trying to save your mother from the kids,” he promised.
“ Really?” she choked. “ Yes,” he said pecking her lips and picking her up in his arms. “ I love you Jake,” said Nessie. “ I love you Nessie,” he said.
We walked out of the bathroom and I danced with Jacob whilst Nessie danced with Edward. “ You’re great with my daughter Jacob Black,” I said. “ Thank you,” he grinned.
It was the end of the song and as soon as it ended Nessie was by Jacob’s side holding his hand and Edward was by my side, Edward and I sat back down and I watched Jacob and Nessie dance, he was a much better dancer than I thought.
Soon it was ten o’clock and Nessie walked over to me, sat on my lap and snuggled into my chest. I didn’t know she was asleep until I heard her breathing get slower and getting heavy. She lay there fast asleep, I could see that Claire had fallen asleep on Quil too. I lay Nessie’s hand on my cheek and watched her dreams.
She dreamt of her older in a wedding dress and Jacob in a suit and Edward walking arm in arm with her and me walking behind her, it was her and Jacob getting married, then it went on to her and Jacob with their own baby, little Jacob junior and then it went onto her this age but as a shape shifter like Jacob and running together as wolf’s. Suddenly all the dreams about Jacob had stopped and it went on to me, she was a vampire and she went hunting with Edward, me and Jacob, but Jacob was a vampire too and Edward and Jake were like brothers.

I could watch her dreams forever. It was now twelve o’clock and I could see that Seth had fallen asleep on Sue.
All the kids and toddlers were asleep now. “ Should we take Nessie to the cottage now to her bed?” asked Edward. “ Yes I think we should,” I said. I slid Nessie’s cardigan on her and slid my jacket on. “ Where are you going?” asked Jacob. “ We’re going to our cottage with Nessie, to get her to her bed,” I said. “ Oh, okay, bye Bells, I’ll see you later,” said Jacob. “ Bye Jake,” I said. Jacob then kissed Nessie’s forehead. “ Edward,” Jacob nodded. “ Goodbye Jacob,” said Edward. I congratulated Sam and Emily once more and we left. I carried Nessie to the cottage, took her dress, shoes and jewellery off and lay her down on her bed, tucking her in and kissing her forehead, Edward kissed her forehead and we went to our own bed.
He pressed his lips to mine and brought us together and that was us all night long.
Your book is turning out great please let me know when you add more.
Thanks :D I will be posting Chapter 4 VERY soon :D
I love this please add me and update me!


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