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The Last Night (One Shot inspired by The Last Night by Skillet)

          This will be the last night feeling like this. The very last night I will feel the unbearable pain and suffering that renders over my body and soul every day. They all say it’s ‘just a phase’ and I’ll be okay, but they’re wrong.

            This life—this omen of a life—is going nowhere. I’m on an endless, lightless, path that leads to nothingness. I trip and stumble away from it, desperately trying to find a different way in life, but I always return to the destined path.

            I walk numbly up the countless metal stairs, heels clicking idly. Higher and higher I climb towards the top. Blood drips from my wrists one plop at a time. It stains the stairs like a trail. A trail no one will ever care to follow.

            Once I come to the end of the stairwell there is a simple door. The door that will lead me to my freedom—to my end. With an inhuman smile I unlatch the door and gently push it open.

            A strong wind catches the door and yanks it against the weak hinges. As I stray from the door the wind hits me like a dagger. It bites at my bare skin and ripples through my jet black hair.

            Darkness if falling over the city, and the sky is leaking tears down on me. The lights glow below the raising building I stand on like stars. I stride towards the edge, shaking from the cold that seeps in my skin. I veer forwards and look over the ledge.

            Below is an empty alley, only trash dotting across it. It seems so far away…but yet so close. I place my hands on the slick concrete edge and pull myself up. The wind blows harder and I sway from side to side.

            I close my eyes and focus on the small droplets of water streaking down my face. They are freezing at first then turn warm. Confused, I reach up to touch the water. I realize the warm drops are tears.

            I’m crying. Shattering on the inside one tear at a time. This was the last time I would cry…the last time I would gush my emotions out through wetness. How did life get like this? Everything was simple as a blissful child, everything innocent. But now nothing was easy, everything required the push to make it through.

            I clench my fists tightly and take a deep breath. I’m ready for this—ready to leave this desolate world. No one would miss me or even notice I was gone. I was sure of it. I was a pawn in the game of life, and no one cared for pawns.

            I lifted one foot and leaned to take a step forward in the air…..”ANGEL!” A breathless voice yelled from behind me. I turned automatically at the call of my unusual name.

            In the open doorway stood a drenched boy.  A boy I had gawked at for many years as a young teen. A boy I thought didn’t know my name. He stood tall there, hazel hair dripping across his pale face. He grey eyes were filled with terror and fear. Aaron Smith.

            “Angel, don’t.” He pleaded. He sprinted towards me in record time and in a flurry of movement his strong arms wrapped around my waist. I was too shocked to move as he climbed easily on to the ledge beside me.

            I tried to say something but my voice froze in my throat. Aaron’s face was a mask of determination now, all signs of weakness gone. His eyes bore into mine and my breath was taken away.

            “If you jump now, then so am I. I’m not letting you go.” He growled fiercely. He locked his arms tighter around my waist as to show his point. I could feel the tension in his muscles against my smooth arms as they pressed against my skin.

            “Aaron,” I breathed, the name sounding new and foreign in my voice, “Don’t be stupid.”

            “No, don’t you be stupid!” He thundered angrily. “You have people who care about you in this world, and all you can do is be selfish and try to leave them behind!”

            It felt like he slapped me across the face as he barked the words at me. How dare he accuse me of being selfish! Me leaving would make everyone’s lives easier.

            “You don’t know anything about me or my life.” I sobbed, unable to control the thick tears in my voice.

            “You’re wrong, I know more about you than you know about yourself. I know that you’re a strong girl, but fragile at the same time. You have more courage than anyone I’ve ever known, and you stand up for yourself. You’re caring, loving and laid back. And I know that you have a family that loves you very much.”

            “How can you know this? We’ve never even talked!” I questioned.

            “I know because you’re the only thing I talk about during the day. I ask everyone about you. I want to know everything about you, and I want to be the one to be there when you need a shoulder to cry one. Angel, you’re everything I want. And everything I need.” He said in a weakened voice. I could see tears welling in the corner of his deep eyes.

            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could it be possible for someone to like a nobody like me? How could he see all these things when I couldn’t?

            “I don’t understand. Why?” I cried softly.

            “Why? Why do I love you? I love you because you are who you are. I came here tonight to tell you that. And when I saw the blood on the stairs I ran as fast as I could after you. I wouldn’t let you die Angel.  I’ll wipe away all of your tears when you cry, fight all your fears when you scream, and hold your hand forever.” He promised.

            “And yes, there are some hard times in life, but you can’t just give up. You have to fight. So why don’t we fight together Angel?” He pushed my soaked hair out of my face and cupped my chin in his rough hand.

            “Please.” He begged. “Please fight with me Angel. Don’t give up.”

            A thousand different emotions overtook my body; some I was used to, and some that were completely new to me. I just nodded, unable to speak the words I wanted to say.

            Aaron jumped gracefully down from the ledge, onto the rooftop, pulling me with him. My feeble knees gave out and I sunk to the flooded concrete. Aaron kneeled beside me and wrapped his arms around me, cradling me to his broad chest. I could feel the thrum of his heartbeat against me; constant and amiable.

            I had been so close to throwing my life away, so scarily close I had almost done it. It was so futile now, and so irresponsible. I had a life, and I would fix it back to normal. I looked up at Aaron whose tears fell down his face with the rain, and somehow I knew it would be okay.

            He laid his forehead against me and it felt right. Like my final piece was connected to me, and I was finally whole.

            Yes, this was the last night feeling like this. But it wasn’t going to be the last night of my life.



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Thanks Krissie, that means a lot to me
there are no words on earth that would describe this magnisiant work of written art
Thank you:) But it's just a one-shot, nothing to special
Yah right!
this is beyond amazing beyond...Fwicked awsum!
that was amazing..
plz keep me posted..
Thanks everyone!
i´m speechless...this is great!! *crying desperately* i love it!!
that was absolutely amazing....very descriptive and heart-wrenching...loved the play on words by naming the girl Angel...I know this is a one-shot but it makes me wish you would expand it
that was amazing!!!!
Thanks you! I would write more but I just don't have the time with my other two stories going on:(
But I guess if I finish those it's always an idea
that was a reallllyyy goood story =]
&& iWas just wondering if you qot a chance could you check out my fanfic pleaase :)


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