The Twilight Saga

All Human Story Ok All The Charicter's Are On A Plane From Forks To New York There On The Plane For Any Normal Reason Work,Holiday,Seeing Family Anyway There All Human They've Never Met Each Other Before Except Carlisle & Esme Who Are Married. There All On A Plane Which Crashes On An Island And They All Survive They Have To Survive There's Gonna Be Problems,Romance,Drama Lots Of Stuff Going On In This Story So Please Read And Enjoy (Oh None Of Them Are Related!!).




Carlisle Cullen - 31 years old/ Doctor


Esme Cullen - 30 Years Old/ Wife Of Carlisle Cullen


Charlie- 35 Years Old- Police Man


Edward: -20 Years Old- Lifeguard


Bella- 21 Years Old- Writter


Rosalie- 24 Years Old-Maternity Nurse


Alice- 22 Years Old- Singer (Though She Wsnt That Famous She Had About 1 Or 2 Hits)


Emmet- 25 Years Old- Builder


Jasper- 21 Years Old- Hunter/Farmer


Jacob- 21 Years Old-Mechanic


Paul- 23 Years Old- Builder


Embry- 19 Years Old- Chef


Emily- 20 Years Old- Unknown


Jessica- 20 Years Old- Pshycic


Angela- 20 Years Old - Unemployed And She's Pregnant She Is 8 Months





P.O.V  They Will All Have P.O.V (If This Is Confusing Dont Worry You Will Eventually Get It Oh And If This Remind's You Of The T.V Show Lost Yeah I Got The Idea From That But Dont Worry It Wont Be The Same I Have Different Idea's

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Oooooo...sounds good...updated me!!
Chapter 1

Carlisle P.O.V

I woke up and heard screams i opened my eyes and found myself in some sort of jungle i was surrounded by palm tree's i carefully got up and found that my hand had been cut it was bleeding and had some dry blood still on it i slowly walked out of the jungle and found myself on a beach a very clean beach the sand had no shells or crabs on it and the water as so blue and clear i thought i heard screaming i turned around and walked down the beach and that's when i seen.

There Were people everywhere some were on the floor hurt some were passed out some even looked dead.Then there were some who were standing and moving around there was this one girl just standing there screaming she diddnt look hurt just more in shock. That's when it hit me i was on a plane with my wife Esme the plane it had crashed!

I Ran over to a woman who was passed out she had blonde hair and was very beautiful it looked like she had stopped breathing she also had a cut on her leg i took out a tissue from my pocket and carefully clened it then i took of my belt and tightned it round her leg and applied the pressure hopefully the bleeding would eventually stop i gave her mouth to mouth and eventually she woke up.

'Take deep breaths your gonna be alright' i told her

'What Happened' She whispered

'We Crashed' I Picked her up and lay her on the beach away from all the fumes and the plane wreckage.

'Do Not Move' she nodded.

I Quickly ran over to a man who was trying to help some woman up she was pregnant very her bump was big and she was breathing heavily and had a cut on her head i ran over to them.

I Looked at the man and asked what was wrong with her he said she had said she was having contractions i checked her tummy and reasurred her that she wasnt going into labour i looked at her cut it wasnt infected and wasnt that deep i told the man to take her to the other end of the beach to get her away from the fumes.

'Hey' He Yelled over the screaming people

I Turned Around and he yelled 'whats your name' i smiled a little and shouted back 'Carlisle' i ran over to a girl who was trapped in the ocean she was out in the deep end i could her her screaming and she was kicking and screaming there was a man who was stood at the side of me he was kicking of his shoes and taking off his top.

'Woah woah you cant go out there its way to deep you and her will both drown'

He said in a calm tone ' Calm down im a lifeguard i know what im doing'

'I Hope you do now when you get her bring her back to the other side of the beach and watch her incase anything happens if you need me shout Carlisle i should be around here somewhere.

He nodded and said his name was Edward and with that he swam out to the girl i ran round the wing of the plane which had broken off i tried to see could i find Esme but she was no where in sight i ran over to a guy who had a cut down the side of his face it was bleeding and looked like it needed stiches i told him i would sort it later and that he should move to the other end of the beach so he went to the other side of the beach and sat down next to the blonde woman i searched for Esme thats when i seen her she was face down near the water she wasnt moving.
Oh no! Esme! And I wonder who Edward is going to save??? Love it update soon
Sorry Wont Be Updating 4 A Week Got Some Stuff Going On But Dont Worry Will Definatly Update When I Come Back
update soon


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