The Twilight Saga

Bellas mute and moving to forks.After a bad car wreck that took everything she holds dear to her except her dad.Will she get a good new beginning or can a world of one person fall apart more than 1 time?When she meets Edward and his family..she knows thier diffrent..but so is she.Shes a mute song writer.Not too many of those.Maybe.Just maybe she will fit in here.



So should I write it or not??


haha!I already wrote the 1st chapter...but will I share it??


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Chapter 1

"Bella its time for us to get going so you can get to school on time,you dont want to be late on your first day!"My dad Charlie yelled.At least he can yell.-sigh-.I cant because im mute.Why am I mute you may ask?Was I born like this?No I was not.There was a bad car wreck about a year ago that oretty much ruined my life.It took everything I held dear to me except my dad.It took my mom,my friends,and my boyfriend.My mom died and my friends ditched me and my boyfriend Jake dumped me.

I know I am lucky that I even survived at all.But sometime I wish I had not.Those were days like today.Its pretty depressing. Every time i move and start over ,People act strange when they figure out the real me.

I walked down the stairs and I saw My dad and he asked if i was ready and I gave him a thumbs up and that was that.We got in the cruiser and pulled out of the drive way and we were on our way to my own personal hell.

We arrived at the school in like ten minuates and Charlie dropped me off andevery body stared at me.Great.Now that im the new kid,That means attention I guess.

A boy with black hair walked up to me and said-
"Hi,Im Eric,Junior here at Forks High School."

I waved to him and he gave me that look I had gotten so many times.The- Why arent you talking back to me-look.

He smiled and said-
"So whats your name?"

I got out a peice of paper and wrote --

My name is Bella and Im mute.I cant talk.

He stared for a moment then he looked back up at me and said-
"Okay well,Whats your first class?"

Biology I wrte down.

He simply replied like this-
"Okay cool,your on the same schedule as Jessica and Lauren."

He called them over and told them about me and Jessica said-
"Awesome,We will be great friends I can tell.:)"

Lauren on the other hand looked like she had just been asked to work double shift on a holiday. Her reply was-
"As if...Why would I be friends with a mute?"

I rolled my eyes and she looked like she wnated to slap me.But I didnt ccare.I made two friends in 5 minuates. I had a sudden hope fire thru viens.

This could be good after all.

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more more more more more more!!!!!!!!!! i love it so far and its only the frist chapter!! lolz update me please!!! its sooooo good!!!
Thank tou soo much!
i love this... Update really soon!
Soo...should i post it now?And Edward will come next chapter...;D
Thanks!!!!I will!!!
I will!!!
Chapter 2

I walked in class beside a perky J essica and a pissed off Lauren.I was happy and then I saw him.There was only one seat left and it was next to him to.I was going to ex boyfriend was in this class...

He looked up at me and frowned.I could tell what my face looked like.It was cold and painified.I sat next to him and he said-
"i think ill switch seats with some one."

I got out a peice of paper and on it I wrote--

He frowned and asked the guy behind him to switch seat with him and he agreed so when my new partner sat down I looked up at him and he smiled at me.He was so hot that I had to smile back.

He looked at me and said-
"Hey,Im Edward Cullen."

I took out a piece of paper and wrote-
Im Bella.Its really nice to meet you.But you should know somthing.Im a mute.

He looked at it and he still smiled at me.Then he said-
"Thats acually very interasting because my dad just gave sombody thier voice back.How about you come with me after school and you can meet my father and the rest of my family."

I would love that.
Thats what I wrote.

In my mind I thought-
I would love to be your girlfriend to.

Woah.I should stop.Im sure some one like him would never love someone like me.A mute.A misfit.

The rest of the day dragged on endlessly.Finnally right before my last period I saw him and he came over and said he would be waiting for me when i got out of class.

Gym dragged on endlessly and I thought I was going to die but then the bell rand and I walked out and there he was.All in his perfect self leaning aginst the wall.

He smiled at me and said-
"I called Carslile my father and he arranged for you to stay with us for a few weeks so we can work on getting your voice back."

I gave him a big smile and we got in his volvo and pulled out of parking lot with everyone staring.

In those few weeks.I will make him mine.


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So how was this one?
Haha!Thanks!!!!So...i need some ideas for what to happen next!!!!


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