The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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Chapter 4: Training

Jane stared at me in shock. “You have never killed anyone? But you’re a vampire; it’s our nature to kill. How do you feed?”
“No, I don’t believe in killing humans, they are innocent and do not deserve to be killed. We all used to be humans and I think that if someone killed me because of hunger I would be very sad. So I feed by the blood of animals, they are very filling. I have survived like that for twenty years, and I trust that if I stick by that way of living that I will never have to kill an innocent human.” I explained to my baby sister.
Jane didn’t understand this; she just couldn’t get over the fact that I haven’t killed a single human in my life time. “Is that why your eyes are gold?” It was my turn to stare at her in shock. That’s all she got out of my little explanation? Seriously?!
“Yes that is why my eyes are gold; it is from the blood of animals.” Jane sucked in an unnecessary breath. “So you’re telling me that humans don’t need to die for us to survive? That we can live without killing the innocent?” This is when I knew for sure that she was my sister; she had the same morals that I did.
“Yes Jane that is exactly what I am saying.” I said proudly to Jane. “Would you teach me this way of living? So that I don’t have to kill another innocent man?”
“Yes Jane, I will teach you that way of living, accept the fact that it might not be as easy for you as it was for me since you already have tasted human blood.”
“I will take that into mind when we go hunting next.” And with that I left the room to go find some peace before I was questioned by Aro for my new found ability.
The sun was rising in the distance with that strange eighth color when a knock at my door rang threw the room. It was Jane; she was dressed in all black and the shocking red cloak that was required for us to wear. I detested wearing that coat and Aro let me get away with it. I turned my attention back to Jane.
“Aro would like to see you in the main room.” Wow, she hasn’t even been here for twenty-four hours and she’s already Aro’s new pet. I quickly made my way to the throne room to find Aro, Caius and Marcus all in their chairs in the center of the room.
“Ah there you are my dear Isabella, we were wondering where you disappeared to.” Aro said.
“Sorry Master, I went to my room to watch the sun set and for it to rise.”
“You were always interested in that sun. Well anyway we were wondering if you could demonstrate your new power for us. Just so we can test the full length of it.”
“But of course, Aro. I just need a moment to get ready.” The fact was that I didn’t need a moment to get ready; I always knew about my ability and just kept it a secret from everyone else. Carlisle helped me figure it out when he first came to the Volturi Castle. I pulled my shield out towards one of the guards in the room. It covered him completely. He walked towards Aro and held out his hand.
“His mind is blank to me! This is quite an interesting capability. Isabella do you know the full extent of this capability?”
“No sir, I didn’t know I had this ability till I figured it out earlier.” I lied smoothly.
“Hmm then we need to test this ability till we know exactly what it is.” I sighed inwardly. I did not want this training right now, I just wanted to relax next to Aro like I used to. Before they found out about my ability.
For the next seven hours they worked my shield to dangerous levels. They wouldn’t let me take any breaks to rest my brain. If I could sweat I would be drenched in it. Alessia came to my rescue finally at about the eighth hour.
“Master, I think Isabella is tired and needs to rest before you work her anymore.”
“Hmm you might be right Alessia, Thank you for bringing it to my attention.” He dismissed me after that and I was released to do whatever I pleased. I ran towards the door, but before I could make it out I was stopped by a figure in a dark cloak. Who could this creature possibly be?
I ran toward the figure at top speed. “OOF!” I’d know that voice anywhere; it was my old friend Carlisle. “It’s nice to see you too Isabella.”
“Carlisle I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you!” I apologized quickly. He didn’t need to be tackled by me. “What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be in this part of the world. Last time I heard you were somewhere in the States.”
“Well I was missing my favorite vampire and I was getting lonely. So I thought I would come back here and visit you since I haven’t seen you in about ten years.” He looked at me and smiled.
“Carlisle how can I be your favorite when I’m one of the only vampires that you know.” He just laughed. “So I was about to go hunt, would you like to join me?”
“I would be honored.” I took a blood red cloak of one of the hinges and walked out the door toward the city walls. Volterra had high walls to protect the city from ‘attacks’. They said that it made the civilians feel safe, if they only knew.
We jumped over the walls to the forest behind it and started looking for animals that were out in this forest. Carlisle and I each got a couple of deer and rushed back to the Castle.
We were greeted by Alec. “Well well well Isabella, who is this?”
“Alec, this is Carlisle and Carlisle this is my little brother Alec.”
“Isabella, did you just say little brother? I had no idea that you had siblings.”
“Well to be honest I didn’t know that I had siblings till about yesterday. They were born 6 years after I was changed. So they were changed when they were 15 when my parents were murdered.”
“O, Isabella we have to talk about funeral plans for Mother and Father.” I stared at Alec in shock, did they really want me to help plan a funeral for my parents when I left twenty years ago.
“Alec, what will people think if I showed up to the funeral? I’m supposed to be almost forty¸ what will people think?”
“Who cares what people think? We’ll find someone to pretend that there our guardian.” Carlisle cleared his throat.
“Did you just say OUR guardian? Who else?
“Oh I have a twin sister named Jane; she’s probably being Aro’s shadow right now.” Carlisle looked at me shocked. I was Aro’s right hand woman. And he knows that I hate being replaced.
“When will this funeral be, Alec?” I asked.
“Oh tomorrow.” I gasped. So soon? “Alec the preparations have been made all we need to do is show up tomorrow and everyone that our parents knew will be there.”
“Would you mind if I was your guardian? Alec and I both looked at Carlisle in shock.
“You wouldn’t mind being their guardian? I mean you only just met Alec and you’ll meet Jane later.”
“Isabella, I’ve always wanted to see what your parents looked like, and you are like my daughter, so why not add you brother and sister to the family?”
“Thank you Carlisle. This would mean a bunch to my family. I looked at the time. “Alec we need to get to the throne room, it’s almost time for the daily meeting. Carlisle you are welcome to join us.”
We all walked briskly toward the throne room. If we were later Aro wouldn’t let us feed for a while. No one knew how long. It depended on Aro’s mood at the moment. We entered the room with about a moment to spare. I walked over to my spot on the right side of Aro’s chair while Jane walked over to meet Carlisle and Alec. I could hear Alec filling Jane in on what was going to happen tomorrow at the funeral.
Aro started the meeting introducing Alec and Jane to the rest of the family. Then just the usual business and then they led in the unfortunate humans who would be ‘food’ for the day. I hated this part but being Aro’s favorite I had to stay by his side.
The feeding was over in about ten minutes and we were all dismissed to our rooms for the night. I needed to go shopping.
I was getting ready for the funeral when I heard a knock on my door. “Come in!” Alec and Jane walked into my room. They both took a shocked breath in when they saw me. I was taking a risk with my fashion. I had on a tight black floor length long-sleeved dress with a corset underneath and some heels and of course my black cloak. ( )
“You look beautiful, Isabella.” Alec complimented me.
“Wow Isabella, who knew you had such a fashion sense?” Jane will be Jane.
“What is our story?”
“Well, Carlisle is our adoptive father and you are his daughter. He comes from France and is just staying for a few days while we say goodbye to our parents.” Jane said
“Are you both giving speeches?” I asked.
“No we are grieving children and are not speaking at this event.”
With those last words we left my room and walked towards the front door to find Carlisle waiting for us. He gasped when he saw me.
“You look lovely as always, Isabella.”
“Thank you Carlisle. Let us go! And get this thing over with.” We walked to the graveyard at a not so human pace and got there within five minutes. We sat in the front row and I let down my hood. Hopefully no one recognized me. The ceremony started and was soon over with. No one asked my siblings to go up there and say anything and they acted like the perfect grieving children. They had their heads down and it looked like they were crying because of their shoulders. I was almost in tears because I was remembering all my human memories with my parents.
When the ceremony was over with we had a lunch for all the other people there. That’s when I noticed Jacob Black standing there staring at me. If you didn’t know me there was no way you could tell that I was scared. What if he recognized me? We weren’t ready for that.
He started walking towards us in a slow manner. “Hello, do I know you?” The question was directed at me, but I didn’t want to answer it. Thank god for Carlisle.
“No sir, but you do know Jane and Alec, Renee and Charlie’s children. They are now my adoptive children and this is my daughter Rose.”
“Hello Mr…?”
“Black, Jacob Black. You look familiar, are you sure I don’t know you? I knew someone a while back who I was promised too, and she looked strangely like you.”
“Well sir I know that we don’t know each other because I’ve been living in Paris my whole life. And I need to be leaving now; my fiancé is waiting for me at my home here. Please excuse me.”
I walked away from Jacob Black, what was he doing here at my parent’s funeral. And I hope that he doesn’t question my family about my fiancé, since I just made him up. I ran back to the Volturi Castle and went to meet Aro to stand by his side.
When I walked into the throne room I smelt something different. Another new guard and this one was male…

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