The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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it was amazing.. except for me switching up the parts! i swear that was an acciedent i was wondering wwhy it didnt look right!
lol I was kind of wondering I was like wat?
yea thats what i thought when i was reading it. i just added it all to word and it didnt seem to flow like ur usual ones do!
lol thanks :) and yeah, I'm glad I decided to reread it...although that kinda would have been funny
Chapter 3: Powers
Bella’s POV

“Hello, I am Isabella.” I greeted, holding out my hand. The boy was the first to take it.
“I am Alec S...err Voltri.” He corrected. I smiled, remembering how I had trouble with the new last name as well.
“Jane.” Said the girl, avoiding my hand. Both of them had dark brown hair, about the same shade as mine, with wide ruby eyes. Something about the boy though seemed familar, I just couldn’t decided what.
“Isabella, would you please show them the two spare rooms?” Aro asked, though I knew it was a demand.
“Of course master.” I smiled warmly at him and then gestured for Alec and Jane to follow me. We walked at a slightly faster than human pace as I showed them the entire castle. I pointed out each and every door, and then explaining a bit about each vampire that lived in it. Finally I stopped in front of two large black doors, they were identical in almost every way, but the one’s door knob instead of being a ruby ‘V’ was a black ‘V’. Jane smiled at this and took that room, as Alec took the one next to it. I had wondered at first why Aro had us build these rooms, but I now understood that he must have been watching Alec and Jane for quite a long time. I ran back to my room and lay on the bed watching the sun rise. I did this every day, so now that I was a vampire I could see and every detail in the beauty. Including the strange eighth color that I had first noticed after my change.
I heard the sounds of light footsteps and then a timid knock on the door.
“Come in.” I said, the door was pushed open and Alec walked into the room. I took one look at his face and rushed to his side. His eyes lookedlike they would be filled in tears if such a thing were possible, his lips trembled and he was breathing heavily and unnecessarily. I held him tightly and decided that I would act almost as if I was an older sister to him and Jane.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him kindly.
“It’s a really long story.” He said, I laughed quietly.
“We have all the time in the world.” I assured him. He nodded and began.
“When I was eight I was out visiting some relatives with Jane. It was about ten at night when we left the house and began to head home. It was pitch black there was less than a quarter of the moon in the sky, there was a large breeze when suddenly someone ran out of the shadows and grabbed me. Jane was horrified, the man was very cold and strong, but when she screamed at him, he suddenly fell to the ground in agony. She grabbed my hand and we ran home. That was the first night Aro visited us. We shared a room in a small cottage that our family owned, and ours had window in the center of the wall. Aro came in as soon as everyone was asleep and explained the world of vampires to us. He told us that we were too young then to be changed, but that he would not wait for us to reach adulthood before we were changed. He visited us every night and consoled us about such little things and listened to our stories from the day. He even helped me study at times, and taught Jane math since she couldn’t attend school.
On our fourteenth birthday Aro didn’t visit us. Nor did he come the next night. But the third night he ran through our door his eyes gleaming with joy. ‘Come with me.’ He told us, we went downstairs to find our parents dead, their blood completely drained. Jane began to cry, we had now lost everyone dear to us but each other. We of course had relatives whom we saw once a year, and a sister we had never met who ran away when she was eighteen, but they weren’t as close to us as our parents were.” He took another deep breath and then continued.
“Then Aro changed us, it was excoriating and when we awoke, Aro took us through the village and let us have three humans each, which he told us was quiet a treat. Then we ran. We ran for maybe fifteen minutes, probably less, and then suddenly we were in front of the castle and... well you know the rest.” He sniffed and I hugged his close and smoothed his hair.
I’m so sorry Alec, really that sounds just... terrible really, your house sounded almost exactly like mine did and all I could picture was my family.” I told him, I wanted to cry, I hadn’t thought about my parents much, other than that even though they had wanted me to marry Jacob for my best interest, it was better that I was gone.
“I’m sorry.” He told me, I snorted
“They were so nice, then they tried to make me marry Jacob Black.” I shuddered
“Jacob...Black?” Alec sounded shocked and gave me a funny look.
“Isabella, what is your last name?” He asked me
“Voltri.” I answered
“No... your human last name.” He seemed hesitant
“Um... I can’t remember.” I told him truthfully.
“Was it Swan?” He asked, a dim memory of my birth papers flashed through my mind. I gasped and nodded. He hugged me tightly and started to sob more.
“Sissy!” He said. We sat there for a few more minutes trying to collect ourselves. I couldn’t believe that I had a little brother and sister. When we had finally composed ourselves we went to tell Jane but she wasn’t in her room. I went to check with Alessia to see if she had any idea where she was. That’s when we were able to hear the voices. There was a vent that led to a closet next to the throne room, and though human ears wouldn’t pick it up, we could quiet clearly hear Aro and Jane speaking.
“I don’t have any powers!” Jane exclaimed, frustrated.
“Of course you do.” Aro assured her, I could hear the joy in his voice and wondered at it.
“If I had any powers you would be halfway across the room by now.” She told him snarling.
“Jane, just concentrate. My power is that I can appear human, I can eat their food without it tasting too gross, I can sneeze I can have a scratch I can even warm up my temperature! But I have to concentrate.” Alessia butted in. Aro chuckled quietly.
“There we go Jane, a nice little smile you see, this isn’t so b-” his words were cut off as Alessia let out a piercing scream. Alec and I looked at each other for less than a second before we ran to the throne room, by then Alessia’s screams had worsened, but the second Alec walked through the door they disappeared. Jane turned to us.
“Alec?” She asked his eyes were wide with amazement. He turned to Aro and suddenly Aro’s eyes were blank. He looked at me and frowned, his forehead creasing. Then Aro’s eyes fixed towards us as Alessia got to her feet.
“Amazing.” Aro proclaimed sweeping Jane and Alec into a hug. “I had of course hopped...but never did I ever dream...” He was still amazed.
"Aro; I would like to speak with you Jane and Alec.” I told him. He nodded and took Alessia to the door and opened it for her, smiling, and then he turned back to us.
“Well,” Aleck began hesitantly “You remember how we found out when were twelve that we had an older sister that had run away?” He asked, Aro nodded as Jane’s eyes narrowed.
“Well it turns out she didn’t run away... she just found a new family.” He said, smiling at me. I hugged him and laughed.
“Yep, apparently I’m related to this little weirdo.” I joked. Aro chuckled but Jane glared even more. I went over to her and held out my arms.
“Come on sis, give me a hug please.” I asked. Jane looked at me with daggers in her eyes.
“I’m not you sister. I’ve always been there for Alec, and he has always been there for me, but you were never there! You made mom and dad cry night after night, you ruined Jacob’s reputation and lost him his job...and everyone expected me to follow in your footsteps! I hated being compared to you, and after fourteen years of that you want me to act like everything’s perfectly fine?”
“Jane I...I’m so sorry I didn’t even know you were alive until today, and even if I had I wouldn’t have been able to see you...I would have probably killed you on the spot.” I admitted. She sighed and nodded her head.
“Okay...I’m sorry too.” And with that she ran into my arms. I was a little surprised but after half a second I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her hair as she sobbed into my chest. After a minute or so she let go smiling shyly.
“I do love a family reunion.” Aro said, beaming we smiled and he turned to me again with an apologetic look on his face.
“But Jane, did you not know it was she would killed your parents?” Jane gasped and I could feel her trying to attack me, but Alec jumped in front of me and suddenly he was on the ground withering in pain, I felt the to protect him and suddenly found that there was an elastic rubber substance around me, I stretched it to fit Alec and suddenly he was fine.
“Very good Isabella! I knew you were a shield, I just didn’t know how to motivate or test you, though I am sorry for using you Jane, but I can assure you Isabella has never killed anyone.” Aro said. Jane just looked at me in shook.

If there are any weird mistakes I'm sorry! lol, it took three messages to send this to Isabella Marie Cullen but when she sent it back she accidently mixed up the parts :) lol that's okay though. I tried to fix it but...well I'm pretty lazy.
Anyway, please comment!
it would be intresting to see what would happen if u didnt reread it :)
ikr? lol
cool story
keep writing ppl r waiting
I think Isabella is writing the next chapter lol...or at least I hope since I'm not working on it :) lol
I'm about to start sorry! i just got to my computer for more then 5 mins today
i jjust found this fan fic.., it's wonderful i love that alec, jane and Bella are siblings.. anyways.., can u update me please


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