The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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love the preface!!
really looking forward to where this fanfic is heading =)
keep me updated...
Thanks :) and we will!
Thank you!
Chapter 1: Italy
Bella’s POV

It was a warm sunny day in Volterra Italy, nothing unusual. It was 1803 and I was eighteen years old. I wore the usual ensemble for an Italian woman my age. A white lace corset with an evening gown on top of it. Then a pale yellow dress that was so long I had to hoist it up walk, being careful to not let even my shoes show. I also wore a petit coat on top of that; It was made of very thin dainty martial that was almost see through it was so white. I also had on a pair of white gloves that were satin.
I walked to the fountain in the middle of the plaza and sat down daintily. I pulled out my napkin and wiped my brow. It was so hot and I wished nothing more than to stand there in my evening gown no matter how un-lady like it was. I sighed again as a very beautiful woman walked up to me. She wore a deep purple gown with a white petit coat. I smiled warmly at her. She flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder and held out her gloved hand to me to help me off my makeshift seat. I accepted and we stood there for a moment in awkward silence.
“I’m Alessia.” She said. I smiled a bit more warmly then, Alessia meant ‘Defender’ in Italian.
“Isabella.” I introduced.
“Well Isabella, my mother is a dress maker; she is always looking for people to use to practice on. She saw you out of her window and pretty much begged me to come ask you to assist her. Feel free to decline. She is a bit on the odd side.” Alessia laughed slightly and I joined in.
“No I would be honored.” I told her. “Did your mother make your dress?” I asked
“O yes, she was working on it all of yesterday but I do quiet appreciate the quality. I’m a bit of a klutz you know but there isn’t a single tear yet.” She blushed and I smiled, I knew the feeling. She walked with me back to a large building that resembled a castle.
“We live in the Volterra castle.” She admitted. I couldn’t believe it and stared in shook. Alessia simply laughed and pulled me through the door. Inside it was very cool and homey. I felt welcomed. Alessia motioned for me to stop while she peeked her head into a door. She stepped back out sighing. “She is asleep.” She said. “I guess you’ll just have to join my uncle Aro for a tour of the castle while she naps. He is showing his company around the castle.” I nodded and she led me to a very large wooden door with a large ruby ‘V’ in the middle. She opened it and I stepped inside.
There were many people in the large room. Along with three god like figures in dark black cloaks sitting on chairs that greatly resembled thrones. Alessia ran up to one with black hair and whispered in his ear. He nodded eagerly and then grinned at me.
“Welcome all!” He called, catching everyone’s attention. “Welcome to my family’s beautiful castle. Now that everyone is here we will began.” He went to another large door and opened it, motioning for us to walk through it. Once inside we saw many more godlike figures. They grinned as Aro walked in. He closed the door and it seemed to be a signal. Suddenly, a burly man with short brown hair jumped on a man next to me. He bit into his throat as the man screamed and seemed to be drinking from his neck. A second later he had thrown the man on the ground, he was nothing more than a corpse. Everyone was screaming now, except me. I watched as more and more people were killed, but instead of screaming and running I just calmly stood there, mesmerized by the beauty with which they were killed.
The godlike figures were quiet graceful, and it seemed almost a dance as they killed everyone in the room. Suddenly Aro was in front of me. He grabbed my hand roughly, and then gazed into my eyes. I didn’t even try to struggle, I knew I would die, and I wanted to die staring at these beautiful creatures.
“You don’t scream or run.” He said. “Your mind is closed to me… what are you?” He asked
“I am Isabella Swan.” I told him stupidly. He smiled.
“Hold still Isabella, this may hurt.” And with that he grabbed my neck in a tight grip and bit down.
The only thought I had was that I was on fire. My neck was on fire, but it began to spread through my veins and soon my entire body was engulfed by flames. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the fire burned me, turning me into a pile of ash. My body whipped around, trying to put out the flames and I tried to claw open my chest to get the flames out of my body. Aro grabbed my hands and I felt them break. I screamed again.
* * *
I’m not sure how long I burned, but suddenly my fingers and toes were released from the flames. I gasped in joy and suddenly felt hand on my arms.
“My dear Isabella, you are almost there.” Aro whispered just as my heart took off. It sound like it was sprinting at break neck speed to escape the fire. Then it stopped and I opened my eyes.

Okay what did you think? Please comment!
omg!!!! i love it can't wait for more!!
Cool :) I'm glad you like it, Isabella Marie Cullen's writing the next chapter so I'm pretty excited too! lol
coooool. i like it:)
I'm Glad :)
Chapter 2: Changes

It’s been twenty years since I was changed, but I can still remember the day with perfect clarity;
The burning has finally receded and I could feel my whole body give a sigh of relief. Except for the burning still in my throat, but it was manageable. Aro was standing over me with an intense look in his eyes. His face was a pearly white but I could see every perfect crease on his face.
“Bella, do you know what you are?” Aro asked curiously
“I think I’m a human.” Aro’s musical laugh filled the room.
“No, you are a Newborn Vampire. Your mind is still blocked to me even though you’re one of us now.” My mind was reeling, a Vampire? How is this possible? Just a few days ago I was an innocent human and now I’m a Vampire?
“Aro, how long was I out for?”
“Just two days my dear. Would you be willing to join the Voltori?” Aro asked.
“What is the Voltori?”
“The Voltori is the people who watch over all the other Vampires. We see if they’re following our rules. The rule to not expose us to other humans, and if they don’t, well they won’t be around for much longer.” I gasped as he said this. How could they feel fine with killing people? I could barely kill a bug and not feel guilty as I did. But you can’t tell my family, it’s not very lady like to kill bugs.
“Isabella? Will you join us? And become part of our family?” I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be part of their family. I already had my own family and what would they think if I just disappeared. Wouldn’t they be worried? Well I think they’d be fine without me for a couple of years. I wouldn’t have to marry that horrid man now. They were going to make me marry Jacob Black, the most eligible bachelor, but they didn’t know about his reputation. Mean while I did.
He wasn’t a very nice man, and I did not want to marry him. But it wasn’t my chance. But joining Aro’s family will change that. This way I don’t have to be wed to Jacob. I can be happy.
“Yes Aro, thank you for allowing me into your family.”
“It is our pleasure Miss Swan. Let me show you to your room.” He showed me the entire Castle. It was magnificent, and huge. How I would remember the way around was beyond me. He took me down halls and up multiple stairwells to the 2nd to last floor. My room was the only room on this level. It was as big as my original house was and then some.
“Aro, it’s beautiful but I can’t accept this. This room is bigger than my old home and I just couldn’t accept this. I’m new to this family and I’m sure one of the others would love to have this exceptional room.”
“Silly Isabella, all our rooms are like this. Do not worry about the others; I’m sure they will survive the disappointment of not having this room.” He left me to get settled. But I had nothing to get settled with; all my belongings were at my house.
I decided to go looking for Alessia, she was the only one I knew here besides Aro and I needed something’s. The castle was so big I didn’t know where to start looking. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. Before I could open the door myself Alessisa walked through the door. I was so relieved to see her.
“I heard you need something’s since you’ll be staying in our family for some time.”
“O, thank you, you seemed to have read my mind. I have no idea where to get some clothes. “
“Well Isabella, I wasn’t kidding when I said that my mother was a seamstress. We could go see her and she could get your measurements.”
“That would be wonderful, Let us go now.” We ran down the stairs to the first floor of the castle. Her mother’s room was the first door when you walked into the building. We walked into a whirlwind of fabrics and string. The most beautiful of fabrics were thrown around the room in piles of dresses and suits.
Her mother took my measurements and shooed us out of the room. We were free to do anything we wanted. That was when I finally remembered the burning in my throat. Alessia looked at me strangely and asked why Aro didn’t take care of this with me. I told her that I didn’t really notice it till now.
She took me out into the city. It was around midnight and pitch black outside. She told me that any wondering human was mine.
“Alessia, I don’t feel comfortable with that.” That got her attention.
“Isabella, that’s the only way to feed your hunger, the only other thing with blood is animals and I don’t think that you’ll like that very much.” I took that into consideration. “Alessia, can you leave me for a little while? I want to roam the city on my own without any one here.” She left with no further questions and I escaped out of the walls of Volterra.
I found a juicy lion in the forest and drained it until all that was left was a corpse. I found a few deer and was satisfied after that. I ran back into the city and into the safe walls of the Volterra castle.

That was my first day as a Vampire. And twenty years later I’m still on the ‘Vegetarian’ diet as the rest of my family calls it. They don’t approve of it but I don’t mind. It’s better than killing helpless humans. A few years we had a new member named Carlisle Cullen. He didn’t stay for more than three years but he took a sudden interest in me.
He was a doctor with the same color eyes as me. We talked about why our eyes did this but we came up with no conclusions. I was sad when he left; he was the only one who truly understood me here, well besides Alessia. We were like sisters now. Her mother made me a new dress every day and was sitting on my bed when it was time for me to see Aro in the mornings.
I was one of his most trusted members of the guard. He liked to talk to me before he made any big decisions. I think Alessia is a little jealous because she used to be Aro’s favorite but then I came along. We still haven’t figured out what my ability is but Aro is looking for anyone who can tell what my ability is.
The next morning I went to see Aro for our daily meeting when I notice a new scent that wasn’t there the day before. I walked into the main room and there stood two kids. They couldn’t be more then 14. I could tell that they were newborns by the way they were staring at everything.
“Ah Isabella! There you are! I’ve been waiting for you! Here are the newest members of our guard!”

Theres Chpt. 2! plz comment and enjoy!!
It's amazing! So I'm writing the next chapter right? lol
yes ma'am u r writing chpt.3!
lol I know that now :) hehehe, it is gonna b soooooo long lol


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