The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan,beautiful,popular and not the typical brunette.She is into fashion and isn't the smartest lightbulb.When her boyfriend of two years break up with her instead of proposing she deicdes to follow him to UW school of Law.In the end she sees that he isn't the guy for her.She figures out that the man that pushed her the hardest is the one for her and only her.





I was brushing my beautiful long brown hair.I was so excited for tonight.My boyfriend of two years was going to propose.I was so excited.I can't beleive this was happening.I heard the doorbell ring and the door open and close.Also the giggles of my fellow sisters of Delta Nu.I stopped brushing and started coating my nails and getting ready for my day.I smiled at my Yorkie dog Luna, she had an envelope in her mouth with my name on it with blue glitter.I smiled bigger.


"What's that Luna?"I asked and took it form her mouth.She jumped on my bed and made herself comfortable on my Brentwood Paisley Ralph Lauren bedding.I opened the envelope and smiled.It's from the girls of Delta Nu.



Good Luck Tonight.Bella & Jacob Forever
























They were so sweet to do that for me.I guess that's what sisters are for.I lookd at the photo and blew an air kiss at Jacob.He was the sweetest man ever.I walked down stairs.I hugged all the girls while I walked down.I saw my best friends out of everyone at Delta Nu.Alice Brandon with her jet black hair pulled back by sunglasses and my other friend Rosalie Hale with her cheer uniform on and her blonde hair up in a pony tail.I ran to them and hugged them.


"You guys are so sweet!But,I don't know if it's tonight girls"I said.Alice pushed my bangs over my head but they still went on my forehead  and Rosalie shook her head.


"Tonight defintley.He had lunch with his grandmother and we followed him to Tiffany's.It's going to happen"I smiled and hugged them again.


"Ok,I can't beleive me.Isabella Marie Swan presdient of Delta Nu is going to marry Jacob Black presdient of Zeta Lambda Nu.You have to help me with finding the dress"We squealed and went to Alice's yellow Porsche.We drove to Saks Fifth Avenue.We walked everywhere trying to find the dress but our odds were not coming out well.I then saw the dress.It was a BCBGMAXAZRIA:red one-shoulder tiered dress.It was perfect.I tried it on and they smiled.


"Bella,your so beautiful.Jacob is totally going to propose.Your wearing the color red.Confidents"Alice said.I nodded and smiled.I hoped he did.I wanted to be with him forever and ever.I wanted his kids.Three of them like the Kenndey's.Jacob II and Isabella ll and the other little boy named Charlie after my father who was a bussniess man.We got back to the house and I got ready.Alice and Rosalie did my make-up and hair.I hugged them and we walked downstairs.Kate handed me my black clutch,Tanya gave me a mint Irina spraied Juicy perfume on my neck and wrist.There was a knock on the door.Alice and Rosalie opened the door and there he was.Jacob.He had on a grey suit and his Ray-Bans.He took his sunglasses off and I saw his beautiful brown eyes.He grabbed my waist and pulled me close kissing me for about two mintues.


"Your beautiful Bells.You ready?"He asked.I nodded and smiled.I waved at the girls and we drove to the romantic restruant.He pulled a chair out for me and I sat down across from him.He grabbed my left manicured hand.


"Bella,we have to talk about the furture.We're having a lot of fun now-but things are gonna be different.I'm going to UW Law school.It's a different world.I need to be completely serious."I nodded and was smiling bigger.I can't beleive he wants me to go to Washington.That's where Alice's and mine favorite book took place it was called Twilight.Totally inspired us to be romantic and wait for the right one and I did.Alice got married before me to Jasper Whitlock.He was cute if you like blondes and a theropist.


"Yes,I completly understand."I placed my right hand over my heart.He smiled nervously.He took a huge sip of the wine we had at our table.


"Ok,um,Bella,this is hard for me to say but we have to break up"I gasped and started sobbing and crying.This can't be serious!I thought he loved me.


"What?!Your breaking up with me?I thought you were proposing"I said.He sighed and pulled his hand away


"Bella,I need someone serious and who isn't majoring in fashion"I gasped and sobbed bigger.I knew I should of majored in English.It was a safer route.


"So you were over because I'm into Marc Jacob!And what?This past two years were just for you to have sex with me!"I yelled.Everybody turned to us and looked at Jacob with confused and ugly glares.I got up and ran out of the resturant.I called a taxi and got infront of the house.I sighed frustrated.I walked up to my room and saw I was mascra was running down my face.Luan came to me.I picked her up and held her close to my chest.


"Oh,Luna,looks like we aren't going to be Blacks.And I won't have beautiful children and going to have to live on Coke and it's not even diet"I said.I got changed and faced down the pictures of Jacob.I picked up the card and shredded it to peices.I laid down on my bed and cuddled with Luna.The worst day of my life!


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:) Haha, I love this. Can you make Bella a little bit more ditzy though, like Elle?
I'm pretty sure it'd be a lot funnier; but I'm sure that it's already going to be hilarious, since it's based off of Legally Blonde. :)
wow this is going to be sweet
i love it!!
Plz keep going!! :-)
aww.that was fab!!update soon!!
I love Legally Blonde movie & love this idea of the story you have come up with...PLEASE update SOON
awesome lol i love this! write it and more!
LOL love it!!!!!!!!!!
Ahahahaaha! this is classic!:D
i love it keep me posted!
2.What I Want-

Tweleve days.I've been counting.I felt like I was dying.I can't beleive that this was happening to me.I turned to Luna still crying my eyes out but more like sobbing.I lost my tears....I think like ten day's ago.I'm not so sure.

"I just love him so much! I loved him the first moment I saw him. He's beautiful and smart and someone I totally respect. And I did everything I could to make him love me, but it wasn't enough. Now what am I supposed to do? I planned my whole future around him. My life was going to be all about Jacob. Now what's it going to be about?"I asked.Luna started licking my cheek.I smiled and giggled.I petted her and kissed her on the top of her head.
I then heard bickering from outside my room.I put on my robe and Luna started barking.I put my finger to my lips and she stopped.I smiled slightly at her and walked out of the room.I saw Rosalie and the others girls besides Alice doing the move that Alice did at last years formal.I started snapping my fingers.

"Girls,girls,do we all have be in maddness?Snap it out"I demanded.The girls left besides Rosalie and Alice.I sighed.They handed me my favorite magazines.InStyle and Elle Magazine.I smiled.I had the best friends ever.

"Thanks guys.But it's going to take me more than the bible to bring me back from my shame spiral"I said.Alice started poking my nose.

"Well,your going to have to wait because the new Vogue doesn't come back till next week"I giggled and nodded.I turned to me Elle magazine and looked thought the pages and gasped.

"What?!Don't tell me poncho's are back in"Rosalie said.I shook my head.I wish.Not really it was a really bad fashion trend.But it was worser than poncho's it was Jacob's brother Sam with his new "serious" wife.She was pretty.But was wearing black like she returned from a furnerel.

"No,it's Jacob's brother Sam and his wife Emily and her sister Muffy"They both snorted and laugh.

"Muffy"I laughed with them and sighed.First time I laughed since watching the Simpsions last night.I put my head on Rosalie's shoulder and she looked down at the magazine.Then somthing came toward me.

"Wait,this is the kind of girl Jacob wants.Someone serious,someone lawyery....and wears black when noone's dead"They gasped and looked at me shocked and scared.I know what they were thinking.It was wrong to be into black.

"Girls,I have a plan!I need Jacob to see me smart and serious.I have the hair.I just need the studies.Rosalie can you call the adivsor to get her to meet me about law school,oh,Ali,I need you to get me the perfect wardobe and I need Angela's help.This is serious.I'm going to be serious.Jacob's going to love me even more.I'm going to be this beautiful girl with great figure because of Tia and her jump rope work-out and I'm going to have a brain!Total Wizard of Oz flasback"I said.They giggled and ran to do what I asked them to do.I smiled ran back inside my room.I started getting dress.My phone started ringing.I went over to it and saw it was my Mother Renee.I answered it.

"Oh,sweetie,we heard.The Brandon's told us about Jake.It's alright,I already found a perfect guy with blonde hair."I sighed.I hated that she thought that I had to go back to dating.I was going to fight for Jacob.

"Mom,it's alright.I'm actually planning on going to UW of Law for Jake.Please get daddy to agree.And before you know it I will need you to get Vera Wang on the phone for my wedding dress"I said.She agreed and hanged up.I walked downstairs with Luna and headed over to UCLA.I walked though the doors and saw a woman about thirty-five with glasses and horrible wrinkles.Hetr hair was frizzy.I saw the name plate.Gianna.

"Hi,I came here to talk to Jane for my future as a law student at UW"I said.She nodded and looked down.She picked up the phone and started talking.

"Ms.Jane,Ms.Swan is here...ok"She hanged up.I had to wait ten mintues.I nodded.I came over to her and sighed.

"I can help.I'm a Delta Nu and it seems you need a total make-over"I said.She looked at me shocked.I started fixing her up.I did her make-up and hair.I fixed her outfit a little.Once I was done she turned to the mirror in the bathroom and gasped.

"Your a goddess!You made me beautiful."I smiled.She came to me and hugged me.I got in to talk to Jane.I sat down in the chair and saw her beautiful blonde hair going down in layers.She was probably about in her late twenty.

"Ok,so you want to be in Universtiy of Washinton of Law?"She asked.I nodded eargly.I totally wanted to be in that school.It seems like fun!

"Yes,I have a 4.0 average"I said.She looked at me with confused eyes.

"Yes, but your major is Fashion Merchandising. Harvard won't be impressed that you aced "History of Lycra". What are your backups?"I shook my head.I don't have back-ups.That was a waste of time.

''Don't have any.I wanted to go to Washington and I'm going to go to Washington"I said.

"Well, then. You'll need excellent recommendations from your professors, a heck of an admissions essay and at least
a one-seventy-five on your LSATs."I nodded and smiled.

"I once had to judge a Theta Chi Tighty-Whitey contest.Trust me— I can handle anything"I said and got up.I'm ready for anything.I went home and for the past couple of weeks I studied for my LSATs.I was ready to be future Mrs.Jacob Black.

It came around for my LSATs.I already did my admission essay.It was a viedo.I was proud of it.I was ready for Jacob.I looked up occassionly to look at the time.I was on perfect time.Once I was done I looked over it onemore time and turned it in.I sighed and went back home.Luna barked and I picked her up.

"Luna,Jacob's going to love us in UW!"She barked and I smiled.I spent the rest of my time shopping with the girls for my new lawyer wardrobe.Months past and days past.My parents weren't agreeable on my whole choice.I had to get them to agree.

"Bella!It's here!"Rosalie squealed.I rushed downstairs and saw Alice with the envelope.I smiled and was shaking with nerves.I took the envelope from them.I need a 175.I opened it and sqealed.

"Girls!We're going to UW!"I screamed.They hugged me and I smiled.The next day I went to the country club and saw my father Charlie doing golf and my mother drink iced tea.

"Law school?"Daddy asked.I nodded and smiled.

"Yes daddy,It's a perfectly respectable place..."I said.He hit the golf ball and came to me.He kissed my forehead.I blushed.

"Sweetheart, you don't need law school.Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and Serious. And you, bells/
are none of those things."Daddy said.I sighed and put my hand to my heart.

"You were first runner-up in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest. Why throw all that away?"Mom asked.I shrugged and sighed.I took her hand and daddy's hand.

"Because this is what I want. I've worked hard for it. Don't you understand this is important to me?This is thhe only way I can get the love of my life back!"I said.Daddy nodded.I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Honey,can't you just get a boob job?"She asked.I looked at her shocked and shook my head.I sighed.

'Fine!Have fun in Washington"I smiled and hugged them.Look out Jacob.Your fiancee is coming for you!
Write more soon please
Wow I love this story but Bella has some issues. He dumped you get over him !! hahaha LOL wonder when she will find Edddie boy more ASAP
this story is creative and good, love it!


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