The Twilight Saga

Vampires are capable of having children. Rosalie and Emmett have a little girl named Lillian Emilie Cullen. James and Victoria also have a daughter named Nichole. Lillian and Nichole become best friends. But their parents hate it. After James nearly killed their siblings in law, Rosalie and Emmett move Lillian away from Nichole. But that doesn't stop them from seeing each other. James orders his daughter to try to kill Lillian. Nichole can't refuse because James is abusive. Will Nichole have the heart to kill her best friend? How will Lillian react? Will their parents get involved and will a vampire war begin?

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~Narrator's POV~


Physically 4-year-old Lillian Cullen stepped out of her beautiful home in the middle of the woods. Her father, Emmett Cullen, was just coming home from a hunting trip with her uncles, Jasper and Edward. He grinned and picked his little girl up and spun her around.

"Where you headed, sweetheart? Where's Mommy?"

"Mommy's in side cleaning, Daddy. I'm going to go play in the woods." Her bright golden eyes glimmered in the sun.

Emmett sighed, setting his only child down.

"Don't go too far. Make sure you stay close enough for Edward to hear you."

"Okay, Daddy."

Once free to leave, Lilly sped off into the forest. She couldn't wait to get to her usual tree she usually played in. No one knew about it. Well, her Uncle Edward must've seen it in her mind, but besides him no one knew. She'd been playing in this tree for a couple weeks now. It was high, but not too high. She'd climb up it, jump from it, and sometimes even hunt from it.

She came to halt once she was there. But not because it was the tree was there, but because she felt the presense (sp?) of someone else. She froze. Was someone here to hurt her? There was a rustle in the trees. The young girl felt very frightened. She clutched a fistful of her white and pink dress. Young Lilly realized she shouldn't have gone of by herself.

The stranger came from the trees. She looked about four, just like Lilly. She had very long curly red hair that met her waist nearly. Her face was beautiful, like an angel's. Her skin was pale white, and when it met the sunlight it sparkled ever so slightly.

"I'm Nichole," the girl whispered in a musical voice. "I come in peace. Please don't hurt and I will not hurt you."

Lilly stayed in place and nodded her head. Then, she took a step towards the girl. Maybe I'll have a new friend, she thought.

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sounds really good!!can't wait for chapter 1!!


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