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Summary~ Bella is forced to marry Edward. What happends when it's NOT love at first sight and Bella has a Dirty secret that could made her lose everything she has?














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Lillian~ 44


My new story called forced. Ch.1

Ok so here's the deal, my name is Isabella marie swan. My dad is charile, chief
police or Forks. My mom is renee’, an well let's just say that she's very good
with a pole. I'm currently 19 but will be turning 20 In 31days. I live in my own
appartment in Jacksonvill flordia. I'm going to school there to be a artisit. I
love to draw! And I also love my boyfriend jacob,jake for short. We have been
going out since we were freshmen in high schoool. At first my borther Emmett
didn't approve but finally he let my and jake go on a date.
Emmett lives in forks with his girlfriend Rosaile so he can be close to her so
he's going to school there in washigtion to be a comdian. And for Rose, she
going to be a model. My mom renee has tried to get me to come down Arizona, but
I refused to because last time I went well let's say so one ended up in the


"Hey, baby why don't you mozie over here and give daddy some sugary." the guy
said to me standing in my kitchen. 
I just rolled my eye's knowing it was one of my moms clintens. " oh, baby don't be
like that." He said walking toward me. I wasn't scared, I had got used to
things like this happening. The guy walked a little bit more till he was about a
foot away. Then he spoke again and said "Now give daddy some kisses!" As he
steped closer I pulled my hand back so fast and I punched him dead in the nose.
His hand flew to his nose as he stembled backwards. As he did he fell into the
glass table and my mom came out the room. I would never forget the look she had
on her face it was so harrliarous but I tried to muffle my laugh. She ran And
called 911 and the next thing you'll know here comes the ambulance. Later on mom
came home and told me I had damaged his nose so badly not even surgery could
make it look decent enough. Mom was so pissed she sent me to live with Emmett
and Charile. I wasn't upset, I was acually very happy in deed. 

~ End of flaschback~

That's why I'm not going back. After renee’ called, jake called and asked if I
would come to dinner with him and his "Friend" that's a girl. And of course I
said yes. After I finshed studying for my test on Monday, I went to the kitchen
and fixed my something quick to eat. Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my
teeth an take a long hot shower. After my skin start to get wrinkly like old
people I decided to get out and go to bed. I set my alarm clock for 10:45am and
got In bed.I turned the tv off and layed on my side thinking about when me and
Jake get married one day till I fell into a dreamless night.

Ok please comment! I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow i just have to edit it out....i dont want to get banned again! LOL and i PROMISE it WILL get better!!


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love it <333
let me know when you post more !!
Love it already...update soon
I like it!Plz keep me updated!
Ch.2 part 1

(B/N Ok, this is the chapter that got me banned so I edited it so I couldn't get
banned again :) So I hope it doesn't get deleted.)

I woke up to my annoying alarm clock, people cutting the grass and blinds flopping around. I must have forgot to shut the windows last night. I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, rolled over and sat up. I head stright to the shower and turn it to hot as it could get. I got out and dressed, brushed my teeth and combed my hair and headed for the kitchen to get some of my favorite kind of cereal, fruitloops. It was nice outside today... well it mostly is nice here because it's Jacksonville. Jake was suppost to meet tonight at the resturant at 8. I had to find something nice to wear so I could look better then this girl Jake was bringing. So I called my bestfriend Victoria so we could go shopping because she loves to shop and do makeovers and stuff. When I called she was so excited and told me to meet her at the mall in 10 mins.

I got into my White charger and took off speeding down the street. When I arrived at the mall I spotted Victoria's bright red hair in a second. And before I was out the door she was pulling me out the car heading for the little dress
shop."Bella,Bella try these on." victoria said handing me about 20 desses. "ughhh!!, okay."I tried the one on that was in the back of all the dresses. It was all White and black with a bow. it was really cute and I liked it. I came out and victoria gasped. "what!?? Is it ugly?, is it something on it?, what is it victoria? I said getting scared. " nothing, it's beautiful!" she said wiping some tears away. "oh, you scared me." " go take it off where gonna buy it." she said moving her hands for me to go. "ok,ok" I said going to the dressing room and taking the dress off.

After we bought the dress and everything we went home and got ready. Victoria started my hair then about an later started my makeup. About 2 hrs later I put my dress on and was ready to go. I looked beautiful. " thanks victoria." I said looking myself over. " your welcome, were are you guys going?" she asked. "diamonds."( made up) " that's nice. What time?" "at 8." " girl you better leave it's 7:45!" Crapshe was right! "oh crap, ok bye I see you later!! Let your self out." I said
rushing to get my purse. "have fun!" I heard victoria yell as I closed the door. I hopped in the car clicked my seat belt and sped down the street.

I got there at 8:15. I jumped out the car and power walked inside. I stop half way there so it wouldn't look like I was out of breath. When I got inside I looked for jake. He was smiling and waving his hand. I smiled and walk towards him. " hey." he said pecking my lips. "hey." i replied. He turn around and said " Bella this is Tyana, Tyana this is Bella." I look at the girl and first thing that popped in my head was man stealer one nighter. She was wearing the most reviling dress I ever seen. "Hi, Bella it's so nice to meet you." she said smiling a smile that said he's mine. "Its nice to meet you to." I replied back trying to sound normal. I could tell this was going to be a long night as I sat down.

I edited it, i hoped you liked it please COMMENT and COMMENT!!

Bella's Dress

Tyana's Dress

write more.
i agree
im with those 2
love it .....more please
love it
Ch.2 pRt 2

30 mins into the dinner all we did was listen to Tanya talk about her self. I had to hit Jacob every 5 mins so he could stop looking at her breast. Finally I was saved by my phone ringing. It was my dad calling. I excitedly excused myself and said it was important to take the call and walked outside. "hello?" I said. "hey Bella it's charile did I call at a bad time?" my dad asked. "no i was acually very happy to get your call, so what's up?" I replied. "oh I was just thinking about you and noticed I haven't seen you and almost 2 years and I really missed you." "aw I miss you too dad I'll have to come down and vist soon." I promised. " uh yeah well maybe you could come down like this week." he said sounding unsure. " uhh, well I have a test Monday and then I have spring break so maybe I could get a ticket to leave after my class and come down." I said a little to happy. "yes that is a brilliant idea I'll even pay for it." he said. After a few mins of my dad asking me what time my class ended and stuff like that so he could know what time the flight left and stuff like that. A few mins later we said are goodbyes. After I went inside I saw the GIRL there trying to be sexy.When I got to the table Jake
asked who I was talking to and I told him I was going to vist Charile and forks for a couple days. He tried to act like he
wasn't sad but I could see in his eyes he Was. "Dont worried we can spend tomorrow together before I leave." I said trying to make him happy again but it didn't work. "I can't we have an away game and we have to leave tomorrow morning at 5am." he said sad. " oh I promise to call you every night ok." I said and kissed his cheak. "ok." he replyed smiling. By this time Tanya was on her phone doing something and jake asked for the check. We said goodbye to Tanya. And me
jaked walked to my car. " okay I guess this is it." I said turning around to face him. When I did Jake kissed me with so much passion. He pulled away and said "promise you'll call everyday!" " I promise." I said. And with that jake turn around only saying " I love you." This was the first time he ever said that. I got In my car and took off down the road crying.
When I got home I took a hot shower, bushed my teeth and set my alarm clock for 10am and went stright to sleep.

~next morning~
"Dood morning Jacksonville this is yo boy Dri-" I pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock and moaned. I hate getting up early but hey I have things to do. I started with the usally morning routin. Shower, dress, teeth, hair and breakfast. When I got all done with that it was 11:56am. I decided to start packing so I would be ready and wouldn't have to wait to the last min. I was done and about half an hour. So now it was about 12:28 in the afternoon. I decided to go down to the beach to get a tan because it was very sunny out and I wouldn't be getting any tanner in forks! I changed Into my new bikini I bought the other day with victoria and headed to the beach. There wasn't many people on the beach as their usually was. I layed my blanket out and put my sunscreen on and put my earphones In my ear. I left the beach about 5. I decided I would stop and get something for Mcdonald's and go home to study for the test tomorrow.

~ next morning~

I must have fell asleep last night studying. Luck for me I don't have class till 12:45 and I woke up at 11:30. I hurried to take a quick shower and brush my teeth and eat breakfast and got my books together and walked out the door. When I got In the car I remembered I forgot to call jake. I would call him when I got to the airport. My class ended at 1:35pm and my flight left at 2:55pm. After class I when stright home to get my suitcase and stuff and headed To the airport beacause the airport was at lease 20 mims away. When I got there I went to the lady at a desk and told her my name so I could
get my ticket. While I waited a few mins I called jake. "hey baby." jake said happy. " hey, sorry I forgot to call you last night I fell asleep studying." I said. " it's okay I didn't have my phone anyway, coach took them so we could sleep good and play good for the game later." he said. After a few mins later it was time for me to board the plane. " Jake I gotta go
bye I'll call you later." "ok bye." he said and I hung up. I walked to the guy and gave him my ticket. I was flying first class. I put my earphones in and waited to arrive in forks.

"Attenchion, passengers we will be landing In 10 min please fasen your seat belts and thank you for flying virgin airlanes." the lady said over the loud speaker. I put my ipod away and looked out the window till it was time to leave. I wonder who would pick me up? Charile or Emmett or maybe both. After I got my bags I looked for them. There was a big sign that read "Bella Swan" and " she's my sister." in smaller letters. I smiled. Emmett. He couldn't see me because he was holding the sign. I stood in fount of him for a good 5 mins when he got tired of holding the sign up and lowered it and said " Bella!! How long have you been standing there?" uh I don't know 5 mins maybe." I said shurgging my shoulders. " omg I thought maybe your planed crashed or something I got scared for a min." he said hugging me. " sorry." I mumbbled. "so where's dad?" I asked excited to see my dad. "at home duh!" he said like it was ovious. "well I
didn't know, no need to get sassy." I said. He looked at me like I was crazy. "come on let's go." I said trying to change
the subject. "ok." was all he said before taking my bags. When we got in car Emmett started to ask me all kind of questions like if I was still a virgin still. "Emmett!!! I am not going to tell you about me sex life." I said rising my voice. "fine." was all he said before it was quite the rest of the way home. We pulled up to the house and Emmett told me he would get my bags because dad wanted me to see me when I got home. I went stright the living room because I knew he would be in there watching tv but he wasn't. Well that's weird he always in here. So then I checked the kitchen because if he wasn't in the living room watching tv he was in the kitchen. But still no dad, so lasted I checked his
bedroom.And when I opened the door there he was, in bed with his pajamas on Watching tv. " Dad what are you Doing in bed it 8:30pm?" I spoke " Bella I need to talk to you about something." he said. "ok." and I went to go sit on the bed with him. " what is it dad?" he looked at me and began.."well Bella I wanted you to come down here beacause Im very sick you see." He did look very sick he was paler than ever. "I have cancer and I doctors believe I don't have that much time to live." as these words came out his mouth I began to sob and cry. " don't cry honey I hate to see you cry." he said. I tried to hold myself together. "Bella I have one thing I would like to ask you." I listened. " Bella I would like you to marry
Emmetts girlfriend Rosaile brother girlfriends brother Edward." he said. I was shocked. First he tells me he has cancer and now he wants me to marry a stranger I don't even know!! He was unbeileveable. But he was my father and he was dying and I would do anything for him but this was not one of them. "Im sorry dad,but i cant,i mean i dont even know him." I answered honestly. "But Bella Edward's rich he can take care of you." He said. "Dad that doesnt matter! I'm a big girl! I can take care of myself! I dont need a stanger to come into my life and take care of me when i dont need to be tooking care of!" i was getting p.o. It was siently for a few moments. Charlie finally broke it. "Please Bella, for me." As much as i hated Charlie right now i wanted to make him happy so i finally agreed. "Fine i'll marry this Edward guy." Holding the tears back running to my room. Could this day get any worser?

love it


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