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" When you live as a child you love as a child."





This is a story about love. A love that goes through all obsticals. The first obsitcale to go through is the life of a child.

Shuan Ruben and Shayla Tibbet have been together since the early ages of there childhood. They played together on swing sets, and there parents were great friends. Then Shayla's parents are killed one unexpected day when she and Shuan are 10. She moves away from the only home she's known and lives her life. Shuan and Shayla grow up and they change, almost forgetting the other is out there in the world.

Childhood doesn't last forever, but a love like theirs lasts forever.

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Awww... i wanna read! i know it'll be good! PS i absolutely LOVE the pictures! They're sooo cute!
Thank you!
My goodness! I want to read it!!!! The summary makes it sound so good! I love a good romance! ;) I can't wait to read it! And I agree the pictures are so amazing and cute!
Can't Wait :D
aww thats soo sweet.hope u keep it going sounds really good!!n i agree the pics are cute :)
i wanna read!!! sounds really good!
awwwwwwwwwww beautiful more ASAP
I love how in the first picture when they are kids, he's kissing her on the cheek and in the last she's kissing him! So cute! And I was wondering if this is going to be story where like they meet again but they don't know who each other is.
Well you'll just have to wait and see! Glad you guys like it, I'll be posting and keeping you guys updated as soon as i can
Breathing Water

I remember my childhood. I remember swinging on swing sets, and blowing on dandelions wishing for toys and childish things. I remember running around with energy only a child could have.
I distinctly remember the day my mother, my father, and our family friends the Rueben’s, went to the beach.
The sun was hot, and my mother and Mrs. Rueben were on the sand talking there gossip, my father and Mr. Rueben were swimming out far into the ocean.
I was 8, and Shaun Rueben and I were sitting under the baking sun, holding hands. “ I love you.” Shaun whispered into my ear, as he often did. We were children, anything was possible, like love.
This day was just supposed to be a fun day at the beach, but that wasn’t how it happened.
Mr. Rueben came out of the ocean shouting that a sudden current had taken my dad. Frighten, my mother jumped up and entered the ocean letting her sun hat fly away from her as a warm summer breeze fluttered it away.
She entered the sea shouting my fathers name, in hopes to save him before the worst could happen.
Mr. Rueben and Mrs. Rueben called out after her. The current was too strong for mom, and soon it took her under its unknown grasp. My mother, Carrie Tibbet, and my father, Brandon Tibbet, drown that day at the beach. They left this world behind them, and they left me.
I remember Shaun Rueben hugging me, whispered that I could live with him forever, and that I could sleep in his bed, he would sleep on the couch, that he didn’t mind. We were children, anything was possible for us. But the world crumbled that day and my sweet childhood with Shaun was over, and that next morning Child Services took my hand and shipped me away. I was sent to live with my aunt and my cousins. I left Shaun and the memories of my childhood behind me.

“ Shayla, don’t you want anything for breakfast?” My Aunt Ashley asked me. I was sitting at the counter in her white modern, kitchen. Aunt Ashley was packing our lunches and getting us ready for the day of school.
My two cousins, Tori, age 12, and Alex, age 13, were headed off to the middle school. The bus was pulling around the corner just as Aunt Ashley handed them there brown paper bag lunches.
“ Have a good day you two!” She called after them as Tori and Alex ran out the door.
The high school bus didn’t arrive until 8:25, and it was only 8 o’clock.
“ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” My Aunt, again, tried to persuade me. I wasn’t in the mood to eat, or have the desire to swallow anything.
My Aunt sighed and tidied up the kitchen, setting my brown paper bag lunch in front of me. “ I packed an extra granola bar in case you do get hungry.” She left then, heading off to her bedroom upstairs with a cup of coffee in her hands.
I grabbed my knitted backpack from the living room, and stopped short in front of the fireplace were Aunt Ashley placed all the family photos.
There was a picture of just me with my favorite stuffed bunny named Fluffy. Not very creative, but give me a break, I was 3.
I was smiling my goofy child grin, smiling as there wasn’t any worry in the world. And as I child I suppose there wasn’t. I lived in a care free world.
I turned away from it, and sat down on the couch.
“ Ouch!” I said shooting off the couch like a rocket. Alex had left one of his Xbox controls out, and I happened to set my butt on that. I never understood the point of guys and there video games. There were plenty of other things in life to enjoy. A boy Alex’s age could do so much more than just sit in front of a TV shooting at cartoons.
I glanced at the clock. It was much to early to start walking to school, but I would take my time. Wander a bit. Dream a little.
I took my knitted designed back and walked on the sidewalk. Aunt Ashley lived in one of those rich neighborhoods. A housing edition with houses that looked almost identical. It was sunny and a warm 74 degrees, and that was just fine with me. I smelled the fresh cut grass and heard sprinklers go off watering the grasses of the neighborhood Hickory Valley. School wasn’t too far away, just a couple of blocks that didn’t take to much to walk. If I rode the bus it would make me feel fat and lazy. Why wouldn’t someone walk to school when it was this close to their reach?
The school lot was empty except for a few early buses and some cars. I entered the hallways feeling the blast of air condition hit me so fast that goose bumps rose up on my arms.

“ Class, please focus on this one.” My Hispanic teacher ,Miss Demi, called out to our English class. Ironic?
“ For this assignment I want you to dig deep, to your most personal most memorable memory of your younger years. 2 pages at the least, but I know that this should be quite easy.” She said at the front of the class.
“ Come on Miss Demi! I don’t got all day to right some stupid paper about the past!” Some student in the back shouted. But I didn’t pay them any mind. I already had a clean sheet of paper and I let my wooden pencil write away.
Class ended after only 20 minuets of writing. My pencil had written this:

Shayla Tibbet
Hour 4

And nothing else. I had no most memorable memory to write about. I had no great adventure that my mind could come up with. I would look at old family scrapbooks that I had at Aunt Ashley’s house.
The day was finally coming to an end. I was sitting in my last hour class, Calculus, listening to Mr. Lindsey preach about numbers.
Cheyanne Goff sat beside me doodling on her math notes. Cheyanne was one of my best friends. I had a great group of friends and we were all stuck here, seniors at
Shelly H. Profit High School. My hope was that I would get out of here. I’d been in this town since I was 8, and it was time for some change.
Cheyanne looked up at me from her doodle. She smiled at me, and handed me her doodle. But it wasn’t some silly picture. It was a note.

Joe’s going to ask you out today after school! Please say yes! He’s so HOT!

I shook my head at the note. So dumb. Sure Joe was super hot, and he was a really nice guy, but I just couldn’t see myself dating him. I’d dated a like 4 boys my whole life in this town. I’d broken up with most of them. They were great to date, some were great kissers, but that really didn’t matter to me after a short while. But I just couldn’t really see myself dating anybody.
I scribbled a reply and passed it to Cheyanne.

Sorry, but no thank you!

She looked at me like I was stupid. Maybe I was, but I wasn’t interested in dating Joe right now.
After the bell rang Cheyanne and I were joined by Heidi and her boyfriend Kevin. They all knew that Joe was going to ask me out, Kevin was one of his best friends.
Joe was waiting by my locker. His face was slightly blushed, as he saw me approach.
“ Hey Joe.” I said. He avoided contact with my blue eyes. “ Hey Shayla.” He said.
He jumped right into it. “ So I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?” It sounded like a question.
“ Uhm, I’m sorry Joe, but I’m not looking for a boyfriend right not.” He finally turned to look at me, his face a full out red color.
“ Oh. . .that’s okay. I’ll uhm see you around I guess.” He walked away quickly.
I felt bad. I’d have to apologize later.
I went home and started leafing through old scrapbooks from my childhood, trying to find a memory to right 2 pages about.
There was a picture, just one, in Aunt Ashley’s scrapbooks that was sent from my mom by mail. It was a picture of me and a boy spinning around in some woods I remember camping in once with some family friends. I scribbled down a the memory that I remembered. The first night I had smores. That’s all I wrote about.

I remember my childhood.
I remember eating dirt and sliding down slides, and laughing like a child. I remember going to the park one day when I was 6 with my mom, my dad, and our family friends, the Tibbets.
Shayla was swinging on a swing, her stuffed white rabbit, Fluffy, sitting on the ground. I was on the swing next to her, we giggled and kicked our feet in delight as the metal swing rose us high into the endless blue skies. When we were done swinging we set down on a wall the park had. Fluffy sat in Shayla’s lap and she kicked her white tennis shoes against the stone wall.
“ What do you wanna play next Shwan?” I remember her asking me. She looked up at me with her child blue eyes. She wasn’t like the other girls, she didn’t have cooties like the others. And I spent a lot of time with her. Her and her bunny Fluffy. I kissed her cheek with my child lips. She raised her cheek up so it was an eager reach. But when I was done kissing her like a child would she wiped the kiss off her cheek, and said, “ew.”
“ I don’t have cooties.” I said. I knew for a fact that I didn’t have them.
“ Neither does Fluffy.” I remember she kissed her white rabbits cheek and we ran off the wall heading for the slide. I remember that just 2 years later Shayla Tibbet left the only home she ever knew behind her, and she moved away. I had begged her to stay with me, but my pleading didn’t work. Things were different when you were a child. I remember the day after Shayla left I found her Fluffy in the fort Shayla and I had built a day before the beach trip where her parents died. I knew that Shayla would be sad without Fluffy wherever she was. So when I was a child I kept Fluffy safe, just for her. But years passed and I left all my childhood memories behind me.

“ Shaun! Your going to be late for school again!” My dad’s grouchy voice shouted at me. I ran out the door putting on my shirt just as the school bus stopped in front of my house.
“ Nice to see you make it.” My bus driver said as I passed by him to find a seat in the back. Late, Mr. Tardy. I could never get my act together. I was 17 (18 in 2 months) and my life hadn’t been the same since my parents separated. Dad was always bitter and a grouch, and mom was too lovey-dovey. I wanted a happy medium between my two parents, but apparently that wasn’t the case. If it were up to me my high school education would be over already. I’d been in this town my whole life and it was time for some change.
My locker opened and I shoved all my books into my book bag for the day.
“ Wow, you made it to school before the first bell. Shocker.” said a familiar voice.
“ Shut up Brad.” I said slamming my locker. “ Cool it dude, I’m just messing with you.” Brad fiddled with the zipper on his jacket as we walked to our first hour class. I looked at Brad. Something about him was off. “ Brad, what’s up?” I asked him. He looked at me.
“ Oh, nothing. . .” He said a smile growing on his face. “ Seriously, what?” I asked, annoyed. “ Well. . .” he said, “ Natalie likes you. I mean, like likes, you. She’s got the hots for ya Shaun!” I rolled my eyes. Sure Natalie was pretty, and a sweet girl. But I couldn’t see myself dating her. I’d dated 3 girls my whole high school life. 2 I broke up with and the one broke up with me, but I didn’t care she wasn’t my type. They were fun to go out with, but I just couldn’t see myself really with them. “ You can have her Brad. I really could care less if she likes me or not.” I heard a sharp intake of breathe from behind me. I turned to see Natalie sprint of down the hall and into the girl’s bathroom. She had been walking behind us the whole time listening. “ Way to go Shaun.” Brad said as we entered our first hour class. I wasn’t this insensitive about girls. I felt bad about hurting Natalie. I’d apologize to her, make it up to her. I just wouldn’t date her.
The school day went by like it usually did, boring, stupid, and slow. My last hour class ended with an English assignment I didn’t have the desire to do. “ Okay class,” my teacher said before the final bell rang, “ I want you to dig around your house tonight. Look in your attic or a basement for some old things of yours. I want you to write 250 words about the memory or story that is behind what you found.” Several students groaned, I was one of them. At 5 o’clock my mom came to pick me up from my dad’s. Dad got me on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Saturday. Mom got me for the rest of the week. Mom lived in our old house, the one were I would have the best chance to find something to write about. I went to the attic to search around with no such luck. I went back to my room and went to my closet. I had put a lot of useless junk form my childhood in boxes in the shelves of my closet. I opened a few boxes that had some old baby clothes, and then I opened a box that had a stuffed bunny and some blankets. I picked up the stuffed animal. It was a dirty white, and there was a tear in the fabric on the ear. It was sad looking. I tried to remember who got me this stuffed bunny, then I remembered that day long ago from my childhood. That day when I found Fluffy in the fort that I had made. “ Dang, that was a while ago.” I whispered to the bunny. I sat down at my desk and sat Fluffy next to me. When mom called me for dinner all I had written for my English paper was this:

Shaun Rueben
Period 7

I couldn’t think of anything to write about Fluffy. After dinner I just wrote down that Fluffy was a good friend of mine for a few years before I grew older. Nothing else. I was 25 words short for the writing assignment, but that was the best I could do.
Awww! So sad but I loved it!
Whoa love it!!!! more ASAP


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