The Twilight Saga

How would Twiligt have been when Edward is the human and Bella is the vampire. Twilight twisted gives Twisted Light.

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hey, i like your story but something different has to happen.
if its just gunna be the same as twilight but swiching bella and edwards names
then its kinda boring.
we've all ready 'twilight' before but what makes 'twisted light' different.

Anyways, keep me posted? x
You've got me thinking Lexxiieyy there are changes simply because of Edward being male. Still thinking about the James/Victoria role (who will go after Edward), got an idea but may change it. So a lot of similarities but also some differences.

My editor is on vacation until next friday so will be writing but no posting before she gets back.
Yeah i think you definatly need a change.
i do love your writing, i just read 'night sun'
amazing story line.
keep up the good work (: x
Thank you very very ... much!!!!
keep writeing
HI...great new chapter...
love this story...
cant wait until the next chapter...
great chapter!~
post soon plzz...
I will soon. Sorry this is taking so long!!!!!!
i love this send me a link when you update plz!!!
Will do and thank you!!!!
your a good writer loved the story  and please keep me updated


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