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To be in love with a vampire when youre a human is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality, but if youre a vampire in love with a vampire then its a whole different story its both fantasy and a dream every single day of your life and its seems like you will be together forever or maybe destroyed forever but the one question is, who will be the destroyer, now thats the question.


1. Junior


Edward and I lay on our bed in our magical cottage, Nessie would be up in around twenty minutes, she was at the house as Edward and I wanted to be alone tonight, plus she had fell asleep on the couch. Nessie will be awake soon, shall we get back now? I asked Edward. Yes, we should, said Edward. As I got up I pecked him on his lips and went to the closet to get dressed.

I had picked out a sky blue, knee length, dress, with a pink satin belt attached to it and had short sleeved, frilly sleeves and frills at the bottom of the dress and a pair of cream coloured heels. I was getting even more girly since I was part of the Cullen family. Wow, you look beautiful, Edward smiled crookedly, that was my absolute favourite smile. Thank you, you look very handsome, I smiled, he was dressed in a white, short sleeved, polo shirt, with a light brown coat and black trousers, with brown, formal shoes, he had styled his hair perfectly too. Thank you, he grinned putting his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him - I had just brushed my hair, I didnt need to straighten it now as it was already really straight- and kissed me again.

Well we better go, Nessie will be awake in around ten minutes, said Edward letting go of my waist. Okay, I said. Edward put his arm around me as we walked out of the cottage. Race you, I grinned. Youre on, he grinned. We raced through the woods and soon we were at the house. I win, I smiled. Just wait until next time, he grinned.

We walked inside the house and Nessie sitting on the floor, drawing in her sketch book. Nessie was seventeen months old, but she looked between a big three year old or a small four year old. When she heard the door shut behind us, she turned quickly around. Momma! Daddy! she crooned. Now that put a huge grin on everyones faces whenever Nessie was happy. She stood up and ran towards us. I lifted her by her waist carefully not to squeeze her to death and cradled her in my arms. Hi sweetheart, I smiled kissing her forehead. Hi Momma, she grinned placing her hands on my cheeks, but instead of showing me something, she reached her head up and pecked me on the lips.

Hi honey, smiled Edward. Daddy, she cooed reaching out to him. Edward to her in his arms, cradling her. She to pecked him on the lips. Hi Daddy, she smiled. He smiled crookedly back at her. How long has she been up? I asked. Five minutes before you came, said Rosalie. Edward let her down and she walked back to her spot where she was sitting before and continued drawing.

Suddenly there was another knock on the door and someone came in shutting it behind them. Its just Jacob, said Edward. Nessie turned around quickly as soon as Edward had said Jacobs name. Edward was right, Jacob soon came into view standing by the open door in the living room we were all in. Jake! cooed Nessie getting up and running towards him, she leaped into his arms and he stood cradling her. Nessie! Jacob cooed. Rosalie stood there disgust in her face.

Hi Nessie, grinned Jacob pecking her on the lips, this Edward wasnt too happy about and to be honest me either. Hi Jake, she smiled hugging him. Hey Bells, winked Jacob. Hey Jake, I smiled. Nessie was wearing the locket I had given her for her birthday, inside she had put a picture of Edward, Jacob, her and I on one side and on the other all the other Cullens in the family, she was also wearing the bracelet Jacob had given her for her birthday. I was wearing the necklace Aro had sent me as a wedding present and the bracelet Jacob had made for me.

Nessie placed her hands on Jacobs face. Oh Nessies hungry again, said Jacob to Edward. Okay, what does she want? he asked Jacob. Nessie placed her hands on Jacob again. Blood, said Jacob. Edward dashed into the kitchen.

Weve got none left, he said to Nessie. She sighed and made the face I hated to see, a disappointed face. Well I tell you what do you know how you, Jacob and I were going to go to Sam and Emilys place, well on the way there well go hunting, I promised her. Her face lightened up. Okay, she smiled happily, now thats the face I always wanted to see.

Jacob put her down and she got back to her drawing. She was still in her pink, long sleeved pyjamas, with her pink bottoms, her hair was tied back in a low ponytail to keep her waist length, curly hair out of her face when she was asleep. Nessie we better get going to Sam and Emilys place soon, so are you coming to get dressed? I asked her holding my hand out to her.

She stood up and took a hold of my hand, I took her up to Edward, her and my room. I dressed her in a sky blue, short sleeved, frilly dress, with white tights and matching blue strapped shoes. I brushed down her hair and put it in a high ponytail, I then put her pink cardigan on her, it was warmer today and the sun was out but I didnt want to take my chances you could never be too careful when you were in Forks.

She took hold of my hand again and we walked downstairs, Jacob was waiting at the front door for us. Are we ready? asked Jacob. Yes, I said. Nessie then took Jacobs hand with her free hand, I let go of her hand and walked over to Edward. We wont be too long, well be around two hours, I promised. Okay, Ill be waiting, he smiled. I pressed my lips to his and then got back to Jacob and Nessie.

Nessie then ran over to Edward and kissed him on the cheek.

Bye Daddy, she said. Bye sweetheart, he smiled kissing her forehead and hugging her. Love you, she said running back to us. Love you too, Edward said. Oh I love you, I called to Edward. And I love you, he said. Rosalie was suddenly by Nessies side. Goodbye Renesmee, she said hugging and kissing her. Bye Aunt Rose, said Nessie pecking her back.

We then left, Jacob, Nessie and I. Jacob phased and Nessie climbed up on the back of his back, putting her arms around his neck and clinging on tightly and with that Jacob was off, I ran with them. Soon Jacob and Nessie had caught theirs and Nessie started to drink, Jacob had caught his and started eating. Finally I had caught a deer and started drinking its delicious blood.

When we were finished eating I fixed up Nessie and Jacob phased back, he went behind a bush to change. I fixed myself and Nessie clung to the my neck on my back. I started running and Jacob started behind us.

Soon we got to Emily and Sams place. Jacob knocked the door and walked in, I followed in after him, with Nessie still clinging to my neck. Hi Sam, Emily, said Jacob. Hey Jake, said Sam.

Hi Jacob, smiled Emily. And hello Bella and Nessie, smiled Sam. Hi Sam, Nessie and I smiled. Hi Nessie and Vampire Girl, joked Emily. Hi Wolf Girl, I joked.

When we all said our hellos, Jacob sat down with a muffin and a drink of diet coke, usually muffins would smell great to me but now they smelt disgusting. Sam sat down with a coffee and a muffin and Emily sat down with a cup of coffee. Nessie was sitting on my lap, Jacob was sitting on the armchair next our armchair and Emily and Sam were sitting together on the couch.

Nessie placed her hands on my face, she wanted a muffin too. Emily is alright if Nessie could get half of a muffin? I asked her. Sure, a half you say? Emily asked.

Yes shes just finished with her breakfast you see, I explained.

Ah okay, said Emily, handing Nessie half a muffin. Nessie started eating. She placed her hands on my face again, she wanted a drink of orange juice. Emily do you have any orange juice? I asked. Yes, she said. Can I go and get some for Nessie? I asked. No Ill go, she assured me. Okay, heres Nessies cup, I said passing Emily the cup. Emily soon came back with Nessies cup and passed her it, Nessie drank away.

So wheres the little one? I asked Emily and Sam. Emily had gotten pregnant with Sams baby ten months ago and had given birth to little Sam Junior exactly one month ago. Hes over there in his Moses basket, said Emily pointing over to the little Moses basket sitting in the corner of the living room. I havent seen the little guy yet, I said. You can go and take a look if you like, said Emily. Yeah? Thanks, I smiled.

I passed Nessie over to Jacob and walked over to the basket and peered inside. There sleeping peacefully was tiny Sam Junior. He had black hair, big, dark brown eyes and tan, light brown skin like his parents, he had his mothers eye shape, but had his fathers nose. I would say he looked most like Sam. I walked back over to my seat and sat down. Oh hes so cute and gorgeous, actually hes perfect, I smiled. Thank you Bella, smiled Emily. Yes thank you, he obviously gets his good looks from his mother then, smiled Sam kissing Emilys scars. Dont even kid yourself he definitely is his dad, smiled Emily pecking him on the lips.

Suddenly Quil and Claire came in, Claire in Quils arms. Claire was four now, Nessie and Claire were best friends now, Nessie looked around the same age as Claire. Claire! crooned Nessie sliding off Jacobs lap and running towards Quil. Quil smiled and put Claire down. Nessie! crooned Claire. They ran up to each other and hugged each other, it was very cute. Hey Bells, winked Quil. Hi Quil, I smiled. I turned my attention over to Sam and Emily. Wheres Leah? Ive not seen her in like a year has it been? I asked. She had to go and visit an ill relative in New Zealand, explained Sam, Shell be back soon though as sadly the family member passed away two days ago, he said.

Oh, I said.

Quil sat on the edge of Sam and Emilys couch staring romantically at Claire. Nessie and Claire sat on the carpet playing with the building blocks together and Jacob sat staring at Nessie the same way Quil was staring at Claire, it was quite uncomfortable.

Suddenly the door opened and shut again. We invited Charlie and Sue up is that alright Bella? asked Sam. Yes its perfect Nessie hasnt seen her Grandpa in weeks, I said.

Sue had moved in with Charlie a couple of months ago, they have been together for almost a year and theyre so prefect together.

Charlie and Sue soon came into view. Nessie turned quickly, got up and ran towards Charlie. Grandpa! she cooed running towards him. Renesmee! he cooed lifting her up in his arms. Hi, she smiled. Hello, he smiled back, Look whos getting a big girl, he smiled putting her back down. He kissed her forehead, ruffled her hair and she rushed back over to Claire.

Hi dad, I grinned. Hey Bells, wheres Edward? he asked. Over at the house, he had to get something done, I lied. Oh alright, hey Jacob, said Charlie. Charlie, nodded Jacob. Sam, Emily hows the little one? he asked. Hes doing just fine, smiled Emily. Thats good to here, he smiled. We stayed for another hour and then I checked the time, I had told Edward two hours.

I stood up and took Nessies hand. Well we better get back, I said to everyone. Okay, bye, smiled Emily. Bye and thanks for having us here, I smiled. Once Nessie and I said all our goodbyes she took my hand and we walked outside, Jacob stayed with Sam and Quil.

I swung Nessie over my back and ran back home.

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4. Leah’s Imprint

The sun soon rose, the night had flown by, it always did when I was with Edward.
It quarter to ten. “ We should get ready for Nessie getting up,” I said. “ Okay,” Edward said. When we were ready I lay down on the bed snuggled up against Edward. Suddenly we heard tiny footsteps pattering on the floorboards and Nessie was soon standing at the door, she ran up to the bed and bounced up on it. “ Morning honey,” I smiled. “ Morning Momma and Daddy,” smiled Nessie. “ Good Morning honey,” smiled Edward.

We were soon back at the house and Nessie sat down on the floor colouring in her drawing’s. Jacob suddenly came pounding in.
“ Learn to knock dog, we‘ll need to get you a personal trainer” laughed Rosalie. “ And we’ll need to find you better jokes,” laughed Jacob. “ Enough you two,” I sighed.
Nessie was soon in Jacob’s arms. “ Jake what are you doing here so early?” I asked.
“ Leah and Seth are coming over,” said Jacob. “ Why?!” shrieked Rosalie, “ This isn’t a dog pound!” “ Just out of curiosity, why are they coming?” I asked. He stood there whistling. “ Jake!” I snapped. “ I sort of invited them,” he murmured. “ That’s fine at least it’s only two people,” I said. “ ……….. And Sam and Emily, bye!” he said putting Nessie down and running outside. “ Jake!” I shouted. “ Three dogs and a human, what could be worse!” snapped Rosalie.
Soon there was a knock on the door. “ I’ll get it,” I said. I opened the door and Sam, Emily, Jacob and Seth were standing by the door, Emily with the pram.
“ Come on in,” I smiled. “ Jake said that you were more than okay with us coming over, is that true?” asked Emily stepping inside. “ Oh Jake’s said a lot of things this morning,” I said glaring at Jake as he walked in smugly. Nessie was in his arms again. “ So where’s Leah? I thought she was coming,” I said. “ She’ll be coming in around ten minutes,” said Sam. “ Has she seen Junior yet?” I asked. “ Nope not yet but she’s really excited to see him,” smiled Emily.

Emily took Junior out his pram and cradled him in her arms as she sat down on the couch, he was asleep. Everyone was soon seated.

“ May I hold the little guy?” I asked. “ Sure,” smiled Emily handing him over to me. I cradled him in my arms, he was just as warm as Nessie. Suddenly he woke up weeping, very loudly.
Sam quickly took him in his arms. “ I’m so sorry! What did I do?” I asked. “ He’s not used to the cold you see,” explained Sam.
“ Oh,” I said, it must have been the coldness of my skin that shocked poor Junior.
Rosalie was upstairs, staying out of all the
“ dog’s” ways. Suddenly there was another knock on the door.
“ It’s Leah,” said Sam. I went to the door and Leah was standing on the door step. “ Hi Leah, come in,” I said. “ Hi,” she said stepping inside. I walked into the living room, Sam had his back to me and he had Junior over his shoulder, so Junior was staring right at me.

Leah then walked in and as she looked upon Junior, Junior looked her way. A huge smile came across Leah’s face and she stared at Junior, the way Quil looked at Claire, the way Jacob looked at………. Oh no. Leah was imprinting on……….. “ NO!” shouted Sam, “ Emily take Junior!” he snapped passing Junior to Emily.
“ Honey what is it?!” asked Emily. Sam scowled at Leah. “ I am so sorry,” cried Leah running outside, Sam ran after her.
Edward, Jacob, Emily, Nessie, Seth and I ran after them. Sam then phased and was running after Leah, he pounced on her putting a cut right across her face, Leah then phased growling. Nessie and Junior started crying. Leah pounced at Sam but Sam pounced back. Jacob hurried in - passing Nessie to me - Seth was about to but Emily and Edward held him back. Jacob stood between them both, this made Nessie wail even louder she hated when Jacob was in danger.
“ Jake’s fine,” I assured her.
“ Enough both of you,” snapped Jacob. Sam went behind a bush and phased back, Esme rushed out with some clothes in her hands. “ I thought you might need these,” said Esme. Seth took them and passed them to Sam, Sam changed and came out from the bush. Leah took one last glance at Junior - who looked her way staring - and then an apologetic one to Emily and Sam and ran off. Jacob was about to run after her but Sam held him back and shook his head.
Everyone got back inside the house and sat down. “ Bella is it ok if we invite Paul, Jared, Embry and Quil over?” asked Paul. “ Sure,” I shrugged. Sam called them and in around fifteen minutes there was a knock on the door, I knew who it was, “ Come in!” I called. Paul, Jared, Embry and Quil came in.
“ Sam what’s up?” asked Jared concerned. “ Everyone please take a seat,” said Sam. Everyone sat down, including me, Nessie on my lap. “ It’s Leah,” sighed Sam shaking a little. “ What did she do now?” sighed Paul shaking his head. “ She’s ran off,” said Sam. “ Why? Where?” asked Jared. “ We don’t know where she’s went, quite frankly I don’t care but she ran off because I got angry with her,” said Sam. Embry walked over to Sam and whispered something in Sam’s ear but I could here it and obviously Edward got read his mind.
“ Is this another Emily problem?” Embry asked Sam. “ No,” Sam said aloud. “ No what?” asked Emily concerned. “ Okay I’ll just come right out and say it, she imprinted on…… Sam Junior,” said Sam shaking rapidly. The three of them gasped although I’m sure they had seen it coming.
“ I cannot believe her!” snapped Paul. Jacob then stood abruptly.
“ Don’t blame Leah! She can’t help it!” Jacob snapped almost shouting. “ Oh so NOW you’re sticking up for Leah! Since when have you been on her side!” shouted Paul. “ I’m not on ANY side! I just think you should cut her a break, she fell in love, she can’t help it! And maybe Junior, when he’s grown up will feel the same way!” snapped Jacob.
“ No! Junior will NEVER feel the same way about her!” shouted Sam shaking even harder now. “ You can’t choose for your son, when he is grown up and can tell you these things you will soon understand that if he falls in love with Leah, you can’t stop him,” said Jacob. “ No you don’t chose how I bring up my son, he won’t and that’s final,” snapped Sam. “ I agree with Sam,” said Paul. “ I’m with Jacob,” said Embry. “ Me too,” said Jared. “ I’m with Sam,” said Quil. “ Quil, can I just say something? When you imprinted and fell in love with Claire, could you help it? Could you ever stay away from her? Did you care the world for her?! Just think about it!” snapped Jacob. Quil sat down in defeat, a blank expression on his face.
“ So that’s it then my son won’t fall in love with Leah Clearwater,” said Sam sitting down. “ The only reason I’m sticking up for Leah is because I felt the same way about Nessie, I fell for her the first time I saw her, when Bella told me to stay away I couldn’t bear it so I didn’t, Nessie is my life and even when I felt something for Bella and Edward was with her I didn’t give up, didn’t I Bells?” he laughed. “ No he didn’t, I know it’s none of my business at all Sam but…….,” I started. “ No, it’s not, so just keep out Bella!” he growled turning around. I stood there outraged. “ Don’t you DARE speak to her like that!” snarled Edward. “ You keep out it too!” shouted Sam now standing face to face with Edward, shoulders hunched back. “ I know it’s none of my business but when it comes to you talking to my wife like that I’m afraid I HAVE to but in!” snapped Edward. Emmett and Jasper were now standing along side Edward, Paul and Jared were standing alongside Sam. Rosalie, Esme and Alice had now joined us in the living room.
“ She should know better,” snapped Sam. “ Well if you don’t want us to but in, then get the hell out of our house, dog!” snapped Edward. “ Fine!” snapped Sam stepping back and walking out.
“ Jacob! You’re coming too!” he shouted back. Jacob stood and followed, followed by all the other wolf’s. I was so angry with Sam.
“ What was the leader of the dog packs problem!” snapped Rosalie. “ I have no idea but I wouldn’t get tired of punching that face of his,” I now growled I was so angry. I looked around and Renesmee was no where to be seen.
Well allright!!!! Where is Nessie?Is she with Jake? I guess Jake said if I gotta go so does Nessie!!! All Hell gonna break loose now!! I can't wait for you to post some more of this story!!! Fantastic
Not telling you where Nessie is, you'll need to read the next chapter when I post it! :D
No she is not with Jake :)
I think I will post Chapter 5 now!
Thanks :D
Casey are you going to post again soon!!! It's been a minute......I've been checking...did we lose you? I kinda want to know how the story progress's.................Could you please find it in your heart to update?
PLEASE...............SMILE.....I can't be the only one that wants you to post again.
Hi, I am so sorry I haven't been posting :( here is chapter 5 then :) xx
5. Missing

“ Bella, what’s wrong love?” asked Edward seeing the worried expression on my face. I stood there frozen, was I the only one who had noticed? “ Bella?” asked Edward now getting worried himself. “ Bella, tell me what is wrong now!” he said getting frustrated. I knew I had to tell him but I couldn’t even remember what it was I was worried about. “ Edward give her a minute,” said Alice. I cleared my throat even though there was nothing to clear inside it.
“ It’s Renesmee,” I choked out. “ What?!” asked Edward. “ Haven’t you noticed?!” I blurted out. There was confusion on my families faces. “ Oh for god sake! She’s missing! She’s not here!” I cried I thought the tears would come but of course they didn’t, they couldn’t, I felt awful that I couldn’t cry over my missing daughter.

My families faces changed from confusion to worry like mine. They were all up on their feet, preparing to search for Nessie. Edward now had his arm over me comforting me. “ She can’t of gotten far,” said Emmett. “ I’ll call Jacob and the wolf’s, even Charlie if necessary,” said Edward standing up. “ No let me, please Edward,” I said standing up and rushing to the phone. The phone rang a few times, no one answered. “ Oh for god sake! Pick up please!” I cried falling to the ground weeping fake tears.

Edward was then at my side on the ground cradling me in his arms. “ We’ll find her! We’ll find her!” cried Edward. We got up and rushed out the door, we were crossing the La Push borders, I didn’t care what Sam said, or if it got into a fight, I was going to find my baby.
We ran together at first, Edward in front, followed by Carlisle, then Jasper, then me, then Emmett, then Alice and Esme. Then we split up. Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle and I ran towards La Push. Esme, Alice and Rosalie ran through the woods searching for her, we were to call them if anything got out of hand.

Soon we were at the Quileute border line. I stepped forward Edward’s hand in mine, followed by the others. We then ran through the land, Edward’s still clutching my hand. Suddenly Sam, Jared, Embry and Paul stood before us, anger and frustration on there faces. “ You’ve really crossed the line now!” snarled Sam.
“ You’ve gone way to far now!” growled Paul, gees they were like mutts after all.
“ You don’t understand, we called to check if it was alright for us to pass, but no one answered,” I explained. “ Well you have to wait for us to allow it! Not when you allow it!” snapped Sam. “ I understand that but…….” I began. “ No buts Bella the treaty clearly stated that you Cullen’s cannot pass…..” Sam began. “ I blooming well know the treaty, for crying out loud!” I snapped. “ Then why the hell have you violated it!” Sam shouted now. “ I think they are all just looking for a fight now!” snapped Paul. “ I hardly think so,” stated Edward. Suddenly everyone became calm, thanks Jasper, I thought.
“ Don’t start this whole emotion nonsense,” said Sam, he didn’t snarl this time, I was glad we had Jasper. “ Listen Sam the only reason we crossed the treaty line was because of Renesmee,” said Edward. “ What?” asked Jared. “ She’s went missing!” I cried. “ What?!” They all said aloud. “ Yes that’s right, we couldn’t of waited for you to call back as we were wasting time,” I said. “ Still doesn’t give you the right to……..” began Sam. “ For crying out loud it’s my daughter, my baby!” I screamed now, I knew I was losing it. “ Sam! Stop getting her into a total state!” snarled Edward.
Jacob then came into view. “ I’ve heard everything,” said Jacob there were tears on his face. “ The treaty is now broken, we fight now,” sighed Sam.
“ No! I need to find my daughter now! That’s what we have to do now!” I shouted. “ No we don’t forget your stupid daughter! She means nothing to me!” Snarled Sam and that’s when I lunged for his throat.
As I did Paul pulled me back into his arms and grasped me. Sam phased. Jared then phased but Jacob stayed put. Edward ran towards Paul and pushed him away from me, Paul phased and almost sunk his teeth into Edward when I used my shield to protect him, it was amusing to see Paul to fight my shield. Edward lunged towards Paul and I could see the fight was between them.
Carlisle was against Jared. Jasper was against Embry. I knew who my target was, SAM. I darted towards him. We rolled around together snarling at each other, me trying to kill him with my venom, him snarling at me, trying to rip me apart, he sunk his teeth into my neck and threw me down on the ground.
Edward turned then, pushed Paul backwards and ran towards me, Paul caught him off guard, fighting with him once more. Sam darted towards me, seeking the kill. I got up and pinned him to the ground, I was about to sink my teeth into his neck, to kill him, when I thought of Sam Junior and Emily, if I killed him they would be broken, I couldn’t do that, I wasn’t a monster. If I was Sam, Renesmee and Edward would be broken. I stepped back from Sam and as I did I heard a loud sound, “ NO!!” shouted Jacob. I was pushed to the ground and Paul stood before me, Edward lay on the ground, Paul then ripped off my arm and I knew it was the end.
I lay for a while unmoving, was it over, was I over? “ She’s as good as new,” I heard Alice murmur. “ You think so?” asked Edward. I sat up and felt my two arms, did I imagine the whole thing? “ We fixed you right back up love, you’ll be fine,” said Edward taking my hand.
Jacob was there too. “ What happened?” I asked. “ Paul caught me off guard and charged towards you, Jacob pushed him out of the way and fought with him, Paul’s got a broken spine but he’s recovering now, everyone else is fine,” explained Edward. “ Oh, What about Renesmee? Have you found her yet?” I asked hopefully. “ No I’m sorry, we haven’t,” sighed Edward shaking his head.
I sat up and I was in the same spot I was in when Paul bareged into me, the wolves were gone but Jacob remained on the ground his face in his hands. “ Jacob?” I said. “ Jacob, are you okay?” I asked. “ Sam is very angry with him that he went against the pack,” explained Edward. “ Oh, Jacob I’m so sorry,” I sighed. “ It’s not your fault, I had to save you from Paul, you couldn’t die,” said Jacob. “ Well technically I’m already dead,” I joked. “ Bella please, this isn’t the time,” said Jacob.
I took Jacobs hand in mine and pulled him up. “ We’ve got my daughter to find,” I said. “ Okay,” said Jacob. “ Thanks for saving me Jake,” I smiled. He smiled back and walked forward. Alice, Esme and Rosalie soon joined us and we ran together to find Nessie. Then Jacob fell behind and stopped. I was the only one that noticed and I ran back to him. He stood there frozen. “ Jacob what is it?” I asked. “ Renesmee, I think I might know where she is,” he said running forward. I sprinted after him.
We were outside Jacob’s house, I hadn’t been here in a long time, I could still remember it very clearly even though it was my human memories. He walked around his house to the garage, where we had once fixed up the bikes, when everything was so simple between us. He opened the door and walked inside, I followed. “ Nessie!” called Jacob. We both called a million times but there was not one single answer. “ Lets go Jake, she’s not here,” I sighed. “ Wait!” said Jacob. I stopped in my tracks.

“ What is it Jake? We’re wasting time,” I said turning around.
“ What can you hear?” he grinned. He was right I could hear a low snore. I followed the sound and peaked around a corner in the garage and there she was sleeping soundlessly on the ground, curled up. “ Nessie! Nessie!” I crooned. Jacob rushed over. Nessie awoke. “ Nessie!” cried Jacob. I picked her up in my arms and cradled her.
“ What were you doing in here?” I asked. She touched her hands to my face. “ She was looking for you, she was scared she’d never see you again because of………. SAM,” I said. “ Oh the poor soul,” said Jacob. Soon Nessie was fast asleep in my arms. Jacob whispered in her ear. “ Sleep well my love, we wont ever be apart I promise,” he whispered. I thought I saw her mouth quickly spread into a smile.
I carried her back to Edward and the others. Edward took her in his arms cradling her and grinning. We carried her back to the house where she would stay safely for the night.
Thank you for posting!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter......who told Nessie she could explore on her own? I guess she needed to see Jake. Until you post again...........I'll be waiting patiently Thanks again for the update
6. Apologies

The next morning, about an hour after Renesmee awoke, there was a loud knock on the door, before Carlisle could reach the door, they all came storming in. Sam and his pack stood there, anger and disappointment spread over their pathetic faces. The only members of the pack who weren’t standing by them were Seth and Jacob
( Jacob stood with us with Nessie in his arms).
“ What do you mutts want?!” I snapped, “ No offence to you Jake,” I added quickly. He nodded understanding, “ No Bella I actually agree with you,” snapped Jacob. “ Jacob lets go now, I already told you we will have nothing more to do with these bloodsuckers anymore!” snapped Sam. “ No Sam, I am not leaving my…….. my…….. friends,” said Jacob, “ I am especially not leaving Nessie or Bella and there’s nothing you can do or say to change that,” snapped Jacob. “ You have to do as I say or you have to leave the pack!” shouted Sam. “ Then I guess I will just have to leave the pack then won’t I!” shouted Jake. “ Jake, you can’t do that, you ……..,” I began. “ No Bella, it’s my choice,” said Jacob. “ Fine Jacob, goodbye,” sighed Sam beginning to turn toward the door.

“ This is ridiculous,” muttered Embry to Quil. Quil nodded in agreement. “ Why is this ridiculous Embry? Quil?!” snapped Sam turning to face them. “ Sam, you can’t just kick Jake out the pack just because he’s in love,” said Embry. “ I believe I can Embry,” said Sam. “ No Sam this isn’t anything to do with the Cullen’s or Jake at all, this is about Leah and Sam Junior,” said Quil. “ What?!” shouted Sam.
“ Sam you just have to let it go and I’m afraid that if Jake’s being kicked out of the pack just for wanting to be around the Cullen’s then I’m afraid you’ll have to do the same with me,” said Embry now standing amongst us. Rosalie’s face was filled with disgust.
“ Same with me Sam,” said Quil standing alongside Embry.
Sam stood there his face emotionless. “ Fine! I’m……. I’m…… Sorry, okay! Carlisle I’m sorry to you and your family and Jake I’m sorry for being so ruff on you and Embry, Quil, Paul, Jared I’m sorry for being……. Difficult these past few days, I’m sorry, Carlisle can we just start over be……. Friends again?” Sam babbled on. “ I think we’d all like that,” said Carlisle facing Rosalie who groaned. Sam smiled. “ Bella, Edward I apologise from last night and I am very glad that you found dear Nessie here,” Sam said. “ Apology accepted,” Edward smiled shaking Sam’s hand. “ Nessie? Can you forgive me?” asked Sam. Nessie sat there in Jake’s arms for a while and finally she grinned and nodded happily. Sam picked her up and spun her around in the air and handed her back to Jake. “ Jake, Quil, Embry I’d be more than happy for you to be around the Cullen’s whenever you like,” smiled Sam. Jake handed Nessie to me and hugged Sam, patting his back. “ Thanks,” grinned Jacob. Sam nodded.
Emily soon came by with Seth and Sam Junior and Junior sat on Emily’s lap. Just as everyone had calmed down and we were all happily chatting amongst each other, a figure stood in the doorway of the living room, a scar across her face, looking worried and frightened. Sam lunged off the couch and rushed angrily towards Leah.
Sam raised his hand to her, she put her arms up protectively over her and just as he was about to strike her face I braced the shield between Sam and Leah, he was getting frustrated on why he couldn’t hit her, then he turned towards me, anger in his face.
“ Bella! Cut that out! This is between me and it!” snapped Sam.
“ I will not let you hurt Leah, she didn’t do anything wrong,” I said. Just as Sam was about to say something to me Leah spoke up, “ Bella Sam’s right I deserve this, I shouldn’t have….. Imprinted on Sam’s son, I……. I…..” she had now burst out into loud sobs. Sam stood there shock over his face. I wanted so badly to go over and comfort Leah but I knew that if I were to then I would be putting myself and Leah in danger as Sam was ready to strike Leah as it was.
“ Bella you can release the shield, I’m not going to hurt her,” Sam assured me. I nodded but I kept it between them both just in-case Sam was lying but five whole minutes passed and everyone sat or stood in silence, I then dropped the shield, Leah now sat on the couch, her eye’s red with her tears. Esme had put a blanket over Leah’s shoulders.
Leah still stared unwillingly at Junior who now sat on Sam’s lap, Sam had calmed down now. Then to break the silence Leah spoke again. “ Sam I really am so sorry,” she croaked. Sam just nodded acceptably. “ May……… May I hold him?” she asked pleadingly. Sam’s head snapped up. “ What?!” Sam said now sounding disgusted. Leah hung her head, tears rolling down them again, I had never seen her like this before, she didn’t seem the crying type really. Leah lifted her head again and tilted it to the side. “ Please,” she pleaded sobbing. Sam looked at Emily who nodded. “ Fine,” Sam said handing Junior carefully over to Leah.
Leah cradled Junior in her arms and talked away to him, a huge grin spread across her face, she looked at him with so much passion I couldn’t help myself staring with awe at her and just as she smiled at Junior a huge grin spread across Junior’s face as he stared into Leah’s eyes. Sam walked over and stared at Leah and Junior shocked. “ That is the first time he has smiled,” said Sam.

Everyone stood around Leah and Junior now. Junior had now falling soundlessly asleep in Leah’s arms, still smiling. Leah handed him back over to Sam. Everyone had now taken their seats again. “ I have come to a decision,” said Sam breaking the silence. Everyone’s heads snapped up, especially Leah’s. “ What decision?” Leah asked.
“ The decision on whether you can imprint on my son or not,” said Sam. “ My final decision is…… yes you can Leah, I give you my permission although in the end it will be up to Junior and if he does happen to feel the same way then you have to promise me you will take care of him and love him and protect him no matter what understand?!” said Sam. “ Yes, I promise,” grinned Leah crying tears of happiness. Sam then embraced Leah in a friendly hug.

Soon the wolf pack- including Jake-, Emily and Junior all left and it was just us left. “ I am finally glad everything is sorted,” I grinned. “ I think we are all glad that sense has been knocked into Sam,” smiled Carlisle. “ Honestly I couldn’t care less,” sighed Rosalie. Everyone just sighed after that comment. Nessie yawned. “ Edward we should take Nessie to the cottage,” I said. “ Yes lets,” smiled Edward picking Nessie up in his arms.


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