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You were my shining light in my dark life. You stitched together all the pieces of my broken heart, before they could cut me open anymore. You fought away all my fears, wiped away all my tears, and held my hand when I screamed. Every day since the first one has been a struggle to move forward in my obscured life. Everyday I fight to move forward in these ever changing times without you. The reason I do it? The reason is you.

The Reason is You

The quiet tapping of fake nails on the granite desk was enough to make me go crazy. The bleach blonde nurse that laughed into the receiver of the black phone at the desk didn't seem to care. She just kept tapping away like she was the only one here. Which would be true, if I hadn't been sitting in the uncomfortable, green generic chair pressed into the the corner of two of the white walls.

The room was even more depressing and claustrophobic than usual because the normal sounds of phones ringing, people talking, and people crying was washed away with silence. I could only stare at the ticking clock above the nurse's desk while I trembled. One hour, thirty-eight minutes and sixteen seconds had passed since he had died. Since my little brother's life had left his body, leaving an empty shell behind which my parents were continuously sobbing over.

I wasn't sure how long they would be, but I was guessing it would be a while. They just couldn't let go of the body that no longer held his courageous spirit. Me on the other hand; I couldn't stare at his empty body for more than a few seconds. There was nothing left of Sam, nothing left of my favorite person in the world. And it was my fault. Completely my fault.

I dreaded the time when my parents would come out of the stuffy hospital room, their faces tear streaked and puffy, and decided what they were going to do with me. I had caused them the grief and pain of losing their only son because of my own selfish act and stupidity. Whatever they punished me with, I would deserve ten times worse.

“Are you okay?” A sudden angelic voice asked from close to me. I tore my eyes from the sluggish clock and to the stranger next to me. If my heart wasn't already beating fast it would have sped up at the sight of him. He looked about seventeen—my age—and he was gorgeous, in that non obvious way. He had an angular face, with high cheekbones, and wide misty gray eyes. Shaggy hazel hair fell across his super pale face, like a splash of color on white.

“” I stuttered nervously.

“I don't mean to bother you or anything, it's just you were shaking and crying, but you weren't making any noise. I wasn't sure if you were okay.” He explained quickly. I reached up and touched my face, where sure enough there were hot tears. I hadn't even realized I was crying this whole time.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” I lied weakly. He nodded his head slowly and raised a single brown eyebrow to indicate he knew I was lying. He slid into the chair next to me, and leaned back casually. I watched him intently, glad for the distraction.

“You know, death happens everywhere, every single second, of every single day. People do crazy things to try and extend their lives as long as they can, but I see no point. Consciously, every person knows that no matter what they are going to die sometime. Sooner or later, we all leave here. So why waste our lives trying to search for something to keep us here a little longer? Why don't we just make the best of our lives now, and enjoy every second to the fullest? Don't waste a second, don't leave any regrets. Just live a good life, for as long you are granted. It's so simple, but yet so complicated for some.” He spoke, staring hard into my eyes.

His words all drifted into my heart and sunk in effortlessly. It made so much sense what he was saying, more sense than anything any school teacher ever told me. I could tell he was wise for his age, and he had first hand experience with what he was talking about.

“You're right,” I agreed, “life can end at any given second.” My voice cracked, and more tears rolled down my face. He sat up, and leaned towards me.

“It's sad when someone you know and love dies, but don't cry. I believe we all have our time, and once it's over, it's over. I know when I die, I don't want my parents to cry and mope for endless days about it. I would want them to move on, knowing that I lived my life to the fullest, and had a good run. That they did everything they could and that I don't want it to ruin their lives. Don't let whatever happened take over your life.” He said, his face soft and understanding.

“B-But what if i-it was my fault h-h died?” I sobbed, letting my restraint crumble.

“I don't believe you have the power to kill someone.” He said, shifting in his chair so he could wrap his arm around my shoulder. I knew I should pulled away from this strange boy, who I didn't know, but his embrace was oddly comforting.

“I-I did. I killed my little b-brother.”

“How?” He questioned. I closed my eyes, and it all came back crystal clear.

“Hurry up Journey! I wanna go to the party!” Sam cries, slamming his little fists against his knees. I roll my eyes at his childlike attitude. At seven years old I guess you couldn't expect much from a little boy.

“I just have to stop and say Hi to Sydney then we'll go to the party.” I negotiated. Sydney, my best friend had just gotten back from her vacation to Spain and I just wanted to see her before I dropped Sam at his friend's birthday party. I park the old Mercer on the curb in front of their house, and climb out steadily.

“I'll be back in one minute.” I say through the window, before walking up the pavement path to the green door. I knock three times on the door, then wait. I hear footsteps running towards the door, and it's wretched open suddenly. I smile immediately when I see Sydney in the door way, grinning widely.

She is tanner, and her green eyes seem wider and more excited then I remembered. “Sydney!” I cry, pulling her into a hug.

“Hey Journey, I missed you!” She breaths, hugging my back tightly. When we pull away I see her examine me.

“It seems like forever since I saw you!” She laughs.

“Only a month.” I say a matter of factually.

“Want to come in?” She asks, pulling the door open and gesturing me in.

“Sorry, I have to take Sam to a party.” I shrug. I turn around to glance at Sam, and my mouth falls open in shock at what I see. Time seems to slow as the events imprint into my mind. Sam is sitting, pouting in the backseat of the car, twiddling his thumbs idly. Behind the car a semi is crossing through the intersection on a red light. It streaming forwards, veering to the sides of the road.

“Sam!” I scream as the semi twists towards the parked car. Sam jerks his head towards me, eyes filled with fear just as the semi collides with the car. The sound of screeching metal, tires skidding, and a child's scream echoes around me as the car is pushed over the curb, and the semi topples on top if it.

I numbly try to run forward, rational thoughts blinded by fear, but I trip and fall to my knees limply. I can't move, or talk. The tumbling of the vehicles stops, and the car is crushed underneath the large semi. The roof is caved in at an unnatural angle, and I know my little brother is as good as dead. I hear pedestrians screaming, and the sounds of sirens coming down the street. But it won't be enough. I have killed my brother.



As I slipped into reality I felt that the tears had not only soaked my face and shirt, but also the boy's. He was holding me in a protective and comforting embrace, stroking my hair softly. I had told him everything, not leaving out any details. I told him the whole story that I didn't even tell my parents. I never told them about the screams, or the look in Sam's eyes as he stared at me. I didn't want to let them know how much I was hurting.

“Shh, it's okay. Just take deep breaths.” The boy crooned, wiping away the tears with his thumb. I looked up with blurry eyes at his calm and pitying face. Then I looked at the nurse, who was staring at me with a concerned and disrupted expression. I ignored her, and returned my gaze to the boy. I took deep and thorough breaths trying to calm my ecstatic nerves.

“I'm sorry.” I apologized, wiping my face with a Kleenex he passed me. “I didn't mean to break down like that.”

“It's understandable. It sounds horrible. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But you have to know it's not your fault.” He said in a hushed tone.

“But it is! If I hadn't stopped at my friends house he wouldn't be dead!” I moaned. He shook his head solemnly.

“You can't think that like. You had no way of knowing that the semi would hit him. You had no way to stop it. It's not your fault. That's just how it played out. You can't go around saying 'what if?' or 'if I had'. What's done is done.” He said in a harsher tone than before.

I saw the sense in his words again, but I couldn't force myself to believe him. I would never forgive myself for what I did. Never.

“Thanks though. I feel better telling someone.” I said honestly.

“No problem. I don't mind taking my mind off some things too.” He sighed. He pulled his arm from my shoulder, but pulled my hand into his. It was warm and soft against mine.

“Why are you in the hospital?” I asked.

He hesitated. “ Check up. I was just wondering around while my parents get theirs when I ran into you.” He smiled. Even in this dire time I couldn't help but smile back. His grin was sloppy and crooked, but relaxing all the same.

“So your name is Journey, right?” He asked. I nodded. “Beautiful name. Fits you.”

“How so?”

“Your on a journey, as we all are. A journey to find your place in the world. Your journey to survive through this rough spot in your life.” He breathed.

“I guess so.” I said, intoxicated by the way he made my name sound exotic and exciting. “Whats your name?”

“Cooper.” He popped. “Nothing special there.” He joked.

“I like it. Very laid back. Like you.”

“Journey, honey.” A familiar voice called from across the room. My mom stepped out of the room where Sam used to be, and her face is red and puffy, like mine probably is. Her eyes looked confused for a second when she sees me holding hands with Cooper. “Come here.” She begged, not asking about him.

“Will you come with me?” I pleaded to Cooper.

“Sure.” He agreed, standing up with me, keeping my hand in his. Then we walked towards the room where my dead brother laid.

Two months later

“Happy Valentines Day!” Cooper yelled grandly, pulling his hand from my eyes. My mouth fell open at the sight I saw. My room was covered in piles of red heart shaped balloons, and blood red roses. In the middle of my bed was a giant stuffed puppy, holding a card in it's oversized mouth.

Smiling, I ran to my bed and plucked the card, and opened it. If I gave you a balloon for every time I told myself that I loved you, your whole house would be covered floor to ceiling with them. So instead I gave you a balloon for every time I kissed you, and a rose for every time I hugged you. I counted all of them. Love you lots. Cooper.

I felt tears stinging in my eyes at the overwhelming feeling it gave me to read his heartfelt words. I turned around, and he was right there, smiling down at me. I encircled my arms around his neck, and pulled him towards me. His hands held my waist as he met his lips with mine. A burst of color and pleasure melted through my body exactly like the first time he had kissed me. He was everything I would ever need, and everything I would ever want. His sweet smell drifted into my nose, and his minty taste was calming.

As I ran out of breath I was forced to pull away. “Your going to have to blow up another balloon.” I grinned. He reached into his jean pocket and produced a handful of balloons.

“I brought extra.” He whispered. I laughed, and hugged him tightly. “I love you Journey. More than anything in the world.”

“I love you too. Forever and Always.” I replied, standing on my tip toes to kiss him again.

A month later

“Holy crow, what did you do to your hair!” I cried, grabbing his head, and pulling it down to get a closer look. All his shaggy and messy hazel hair was gone, and was replaced by short, almost invisible hairs.

“I shaved it.” He rolled his eyes. I ran my hand over it, and it felt so weird. The little stubbly hairs seemed to tickle my skin.

“But why?” I questioned, still appalled.

He hesitated, then shrugged. “I wanted to feel a breeze on my head.” He joked.

“Okay,” I said dis-trustingly “you look really different. I can actually see your face.” I laughed, grabbing his hand in mine. We walked down the street, swinging our hands through the air blissfully. I would never get tired of spending time with Cooper-- he was the my bright light that guided me through the winding path of life.

We walked for a while longer, till suddenly Cooper stopped with a jolt. “What's wrong?” I asked in a worried voice. His face turned unnaturally pale, and his eyes bulged. He dropped my hand and raced forward towards a garbage can on the edge of the park. He gripped the sides with his hands, and stuck his face in it. I could see his back arch up as he puked into the garbage; wrenching noises echoing from inside.

My heart pounded loudly as I drifted towards him. I placed my hand soothingly on his back and rubbed it while he threw up. After a few more seconds of him throwing up he stopped, and breathed heavily. I reached into my purse and pulled out a few napkins. I passed them wordlessly to him, and he wiped his mouth with them.

When he stood up I could see a green tinge to his face, and he looked fragile and sick. “Are you alright?” I whispered.

He nodded. “I think I have the flu. I better go home.”

“Okay.” I said with a sad heart. I gave him a firm and loving hug, before he began to walk a few blocks back to his house. I was left standing in the park all alone, unsure why I got such an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

That night it was hard to sleep. The constant image of Cooper bent over into that garbage can puking his guts out burned my mind. He said he thought he had the flu, but for some reason I couldn't help think that it was more than that. I got up out of my unusually uncomfortable bed and reached for my phone. I had to call Cooper and see if he was okay. I dialed his number and waited impatiently. The ringing of the phone seemed to go on forever.

"Hey, It's Cooper. I'm not really able to take your call right now but I'll do it later, well only if you leave a message! So do it, after the beep!" I smiled. His voice on the answering machine was so alive and happy. But then I sighed. Why didn't he answer his phone? I hung up and called again. Maybe he was just late getting to the phone. This time I waited hopefully while the phone rang.

"Hello?" A hoarse, dead voice answered.

"Cooper?" I whispered in horror. He quickly cleared his throat.

"Oh. Hey Journey." He croaked. He sounded horrible. Was his flu that bad?

"Cooper, are you okay? You don't sound so great. Maybe I should come see you-"

"No!" He said immediately. I sat there confused.

"No? Y-you don't want me to come see you?" I asked, clearly hurt. My boyfriend was supposedly sick and he didn't want me to come see him? That didn't sound right at all.

"No, no. That's not it. It's just..." I heard his draw in a deep breath. "I don't want you to see me like this." He then whispered. His voice was pained. I felt the pain in his voice run straight to my heart. If he hurt, I hurt. That's how it was with us. Love did that to you.

"Like what?" I said. He stayed quiet. I sat anxiously waiting for his answer. If he just had the flu, he wouldn't be in such a bad shape so that I couldn't see him. But this was something more. It had to be. I could just sense it.

"Journey, there's something I have to tell you." He whispered slowly. My heart beat accelerated and I could feel the sweat that was starting to bead on my forehead.

"Tell me what?" I whispered back, afraid that if I said something any louder my voice would break.

"I know this is gonna be hard to take in, but I need you to stay calm, okay?" He said in a shaky voice. My heart pounded louder and faster.

"O-Okay." I breathed. He hesitated and I could hear some hushed voices in the background. It sounded like his mother and another woman.

"Hold on a minute." He said to me in an irritated voice. That's when the conversation in the background was no longer muffled.

"I'm sorry Cooper but you know the rules. You're not allowed to use cell phones in here." The woman said to him. At the sound of her voice a million memories flashed through my mind. Me sitting in that generic green chair. The feeling of the white walls closing in on me. The hot tears flowing down my cheeks. The sound of my parents cries. The sight of Sam's lifeless body laying on that table. The sound of fake nails tapping on the desk. That was the secretaries voice, the one from the hospital.

"Please. I just need to talk to my girlfriend." He begged in a desperate voice. I bit my lip and held back my tears. I hated hearing Cooper in pain or when he was hurt. It sickened me to think someone as amazing as him could ever be put through something like that. The body of my dead little brother flashed in my mind and I tried to push it away. He was another person who didn't deserve to go through what he did.

"Well then you can tel her to come here and then you two can talk." She said rudely. I heard Cooper sigh.

"She doesn't know." He said in a harsh voice. "And I'm trying to tell her so if you wouldn't mind, get the hell out of my room!" I gasped in shock. Never had I ever heard him be so rude to anyone before. Cooper just wasn't that kind of person. He was always nice, never mean.

"Cooper!" His mother said in shock. I heard him let out a small painful whimper.

"I-I...I'm really sorry. I'm just in so much pain right now, and I know that I might not... I just need to talk to her."

"Sorry, I can't bend the rules." She shot at him rudely. Then I heard the click of heals and the slamming of a door.

"Journey?" Cooped whispered into the phone.

"Yea?" I said back just as quietly.

"I need you to come to the hospital. Don't ask why, I'll explain it all when you get here."

Driving was one thing I hated to do ever since Sam died. The last car I drove he was killed in it. So I never drove after that. I always wondered who would die if I drove again. Would it be my mother this time? Or my father? That's why this time I sneaked out. I took the keys of my parents beat up, old Honda off of the key holder and quietly walked out the front door. My hands shook intensely but not from driving. This was about Cooper.

Part 2 Below



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Part 2

As I approached the desk in the hospital I fought all the memories that came rushing back to me. I tried to forget all the yelling as the paramedics rushed Sam's body through the dim hospital halls. I tried to forget mom mothers terrified sobs as she watched helplessly. I tried to forget the horrible feeling I got when I kept reminding myself this was all my fault. I tried to forget, but I just couldn't.

"Can I help you, dear?" The lady at the desk asked. She had curly red hair that was almost as red as her lipstick. Her name tag read Freeda.

"Yea, I'm...I'm here to see Cooper Golding." I said in a shaken voice. She smiled at me.

"So you're Journey, the girl who always has Cooper smiling, huh?" She laughed gently. I smiled at the thought of Cooper's smile.

"You know him?" I asked.

"Of course. Cooper is a great boy. I'm glad he's found a nice girl." She said coming from behind the desk. "Come with me and I'll show you to his room." I nodded and followed her. We passed many rooms and many people. I saw a thin woman crying, she was being comforted by a man who I assumed was her husband. I looked through the window of the room they were crying in front of and I saw a little boy laying very still. All the machines he was hooked up too were off. I knew this scene too well. I looked away before their faces transformed into my family's and before the memories came back.

"So where did you meet Cooper?" Freeda asked me.

"Here actually." I said. I looked away not wanting to talk about why I was here when I met him.

"He really likes you." She said. I looked at her sad smile. Something was wrong with Cooper, I could tell from her expression. We went into the elevator and she pressed floor 4. The doors closed and we waited in the quiet steel walled space.

"Do you know what's wrong with him?" I asked in a quiet voice. I looked to her worriedly. "Do you know why he's in here?" She looked at me with wide, shocked eyes.

"He hasn't told you?" She said in a quiet voice. I looked at her confused. Her expression was a mixture of hurt, shock, disbelief and pity. I wondered why.

"Tell me what?" I asked slowly. At that moment the elevator doors opened and she rushed out. I ran out after her. She didn't say another word to me. She just walked quickly down the hall. I followed her with my heart racing in my chest. Why did she freak out like that? Was what happened to Cooper really that bad? I tried hopelessly to swallow the lump that was lodged in my throat. Freeda was far ahead of me by now. She stopped suddenly and turned to face me. I took my last few steps to her slowly.

"This is his room." She said in a weak voice. Her eyes were filled with sadness. I looked at the door excited and worried. I was happy to see Cooper but I was scared to find out what had happened to him. "Good luck." With that she walked quickly back down the hall. I lifted my hand slowly and placed it on the cold steel knob. I took a deep breath. Then I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open.

The walls were a plain dull white and the couches were a light brown color. The lighting was dull and flickering. There were many bags and about two small suitcases sitting in the corner of the room and Coopers mother was sitting on the couch beside them with her eyes shut tightly and a small frown on her red lips. My eyes then rested upon the white hospital bed and the person lying on top of it.

Cooper laid there with tubes hooked up under his nose and in his wrist. His skin was pale whit and there were huge dark purple bags underneath his eyes. He was wrapped in a thick blue quilt but his arms rested on top of it. They were so thin and looked breakable. Cooper looked breakable. I suddenly felt nauseous and the lump in my throat felt bigger. My knees felt weak and so did the rest of my body. My breath felt like it was being squeezed out of me. Cooper's eyes slowly opened and he looked right at me as if he had sensed I was standing there. A huge smile stretched across his small pale lips.

"Hey Journey." His voice was hoarse and tired. I couldn't find my voice to answer. In the corner of the room his mother, Mrs. Golding woke up and smiled.

"I'm going to go get some coffee. Call if the nurse if you need anything." She said before she rushed out of the room and closed the door. I forced my eyes to look back at Cooper. He pulled his self up into a seating position and moved over to one side of the bed. He patted the spot next to him. I looked at him doubtfully.

"Come here Journey." He said. I took another deep breath as my legs carried me towards him. I climbed up onto the unbelievably soft hospital bed and sat beside Cooper. He threw the quilt around me too and put his arms around me hugging me to his chest. I hugged him back even though his cold skin sent shivers through out his body. He kissed the top of my head gently. "I missed you so much." He sighed as he hugged me tightly. I hugged his fragile body carefully. But at that moment I realized how whole I felt sitting there in his arms.

"I missed you too Cooper." I whispered. I felt my tears fall onto his shirt. As much as I would have loved to sit here with him for a lifetime, I had to get down to business.

"I don't think I could spend another day here without you." He whispered kissing my head again. I pulled away and looked him straight in his misty gray eyes.

"Cooper..." I said slowly. "Why exactly are you in here?" I asked. His face fell and he looked away from me. He let out a deep shaky breath and he looked as if he wanted to punch his self.

"I know I should have told you this from the moment I met you. But i didn't know how you'd react. I knew that I really liked you and I didn't want you to treat me differently because of this." He said in a serious voice while he looked at my hand intertwined in his.

"Told me what?" I asked hesitantly. He looked up at me with sad, agonized eyes.

"Journey, the reason I'm in here is because I'm really sick. I don't know if I'll get better." He said sadly. I felt the sadness turn inside of me.

"What do you mean sick?" I whispered.

"I have a Malignant tumor." This time I felt my face fall. "Journey I have brain cancer."

"The kind of tumor that I have spreads fast and destructively. It takes over my healthy body cells and takes the life from them. The growth of the tumor in the limited space in my skull isn't such a great thing because when it grows so does the pressure inside my skull. It can cause my brain to malfunction and... well I think you know what would happen after that." He explained. I looked up at him terrified. Cooper had caner. How could this have happened?

"So you lied to me about why you were in here the day we met. And about why you cut your hair." I realized. He nodded, ashamed.

"I wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't." He said painfully.

"Well why not? I would have understood. Nothing would have changed-"

"Yes it would have." He cut me off. His voice was angered. "You would have treated me like everyone else does. You wouldn't have fallen in love with me. You would have pitied me just like everyone else does, Journey. My own mother pities me. She doesn't act the same around me anymore, neither does my dad. Every person in this hospital, when they see me, all they do is pity me. I don't want your pity, Journey. I just want you to love me like you do now. I don't want things to change between us." He said grabbing my face in between his hands. He pressed his lips to mine urgently. I couldn't help but kiss him back. His lips were cold but yet they were so inviting. His minty scent filled my mouth and nose. I pulled away and looked into his eyes. Tears spilled from them and onto his cheeks. I raised my hand to gently wipe them away.

"Cooper, I love you." I said. "No matter what."

"I know that Journey." He said. "I just... I don't want to lose you." I looked down and felt the tears coming to my eyes. I dreaded the question I was about to ask, but I had to.

" long do you have left?" I said quietly. I felt his body stiffen and I heard him clear his throat.

"I don't know. The doctors told me that I only had three months a year ago and I'm still here. But things...things have gotten worse lately. They told me I can go at any moment." I sat very still in his arms processing his words. They terrified me. But somehow I managed to drift towards sleep.

I heard a painful groans come from the surface under my head. I shot up off of Coopers chest and looked at him. His eye were shut tight and deep red blood was coming from his nose. I gasped, not knowing what to do. He groaned again and sucked in a breath his hands gripped at his head.

"Cooper!" I yelled. He didn't respond to me. He just let out a deep screech which was filled with pain. I jumped off of the bed and ran to the door. "HELP! Someone help! I need a doctor or nurse in here right now!" I screamed. People cleared to the side of the halls and made room for the doctors and nurses now running towards me. They ran past me and into the room. They started yelling a whole bunch of medical terms that were all unfamiliar to me. I looked at them frantically as they held Cooper down and tried to hook him up to a while bunch of different tubes. All the while Cooper was groaning and screaming out in pain.

"What happened?" One of the doctors asked me calmly as he held Coopers arms down.

"I-I don't know. We were sleeping and then h-he started to groan and his nose w-was bleeding and he started to scream..." My sobs cut of my words as I stood there. The doctors continued to work over cooper and yelled things at each other that I didn't understand. Only one of the things they said made sense to me.

"His brain is starting to malfunction." I felt the wind get knocked out of me as I sank to the floor. I couldn't breath. Cooper was dying right in front of my eyes. "Someone get her out of here!" the doctor yelled. I felt someone scoop me up in their arms. No! I wanted to yell at the person. Bring me back to Cooper. But i couldn't find my voice. I was brought to an empty room with a huge fan and some medical supplies. The man who was carrying me sat me down on the bed and looked me in the eyes.

"Miss, you need to take deep breaths. Cooper will be fine. You don't need to worry." He said, I couldn't believe him. I felt like I was getting dizzy and light headed. "I'll take you back to him if you calm down!" He said. I closed my eyes and my breathing slowly steadied, the dizzy feeling was all gone. I opened them and looked at the doctor.

"Take me back." I demanded. He got up and sighed.

"Follow me."

When we got back to the room Cooper was stabilized. His eyes were open with worry and his mom was sitting beside him holding his hand. I went to the other side of the bed and did the same.

"Journey." He croaked. I smiled sadly down at him. And squeezed his weak hand in mine.

"It's okay Cooper, you don't have to say anything." I said and touched his cheek. He shook his head and frowned at me.

"I have to have surgery, in about an hour. The doctors say if I don't I'll die today." I whimpered softly as a tear fell from my eye. "Don't cry Journey. Don't you remember what I told you when we first met here?" I nodded weakly.

"You said that we should enjoy life because death happens all the time. We should live life with no regrets and enjoy every second of life." I summed up from my memory of that day. He smiled and nodded.

"Do you remember what I said about what I want to happen when I die?" I nodded again.

"You said you don't want your parents to be sad all the time. You want them to be happy knowing that you lived your life to the fullest. You want them to move on." I remembered. He smiled.

"The same goes for you." He said softly. "The last few months that I've spent with you were the best months of my life Journey. I love you with all my heart, and I want you to be happy if I don't come out of this surgery alive. I know you'll be sad at first but just remember what I told you. I 'll always be with you, right here." He placed his hand gently over my chest and smiled once more.

"I love you too Cooper, always." I said through my tears.

"Good." He said with a smirk. I laughed a little.

"Mr. Golding?" Someone said. I turned and saw a team of doctors standing in the room. "It's time to go." I took in a shaky breath.

"Remember what I told you baby." Cooper whispered to me. I nodded. "Come here." I leaned down and gave him a tight hug.

"Good luck." I whispered into his ear before leaning back and giving him one last kiss.

"I love you." We both said at the same time. Then I moved back so the doctors could roll Cooper and the bed away. I watched as they took him away from me.

Its been hours. Exactly seven hours since Cooper had gone into surgery. I've been sitting here holding one of his mothers hands while Mr. Golding held her other. We had no news from then. We sat here hopeful that Cooper would come out of that surgery alive. At that moment a doctor walked out of the room, his gloves and gown had blood all over them. I immediately felt nauseous. Mrs. Golding shot up and ran to him.

"Oh, how is he? What happened?" She asked frantically. The doctor looked at her with pity I felt my heart sink as I numbly got to the chair. I turned my back on them and started to walk away. I didn't want to hear the news or see the reaction Coopers mother would have. But i still heard it. A sickening scream sounded through the hospital filling every inch of it. Mrs. & Mr Golding had just lost their son. I had just lost the love of my life. Cooper was gone. I just kept walking and tried not to let my tears stop me. Right now I wanted to curl up into a ball and die. I wanted Cooper. Remember what I told you baby Cooper's voice rang in my ears. I felt my tears fall as I exited the hospital. The cold air slapped my face and made me miss him even more. But I didn't break down. I thought of Cooper. I though of his smile, his kisses, his hugs. It made me smile. Live your life to the fullest. I smiled at his words and promised myself right then and there that I wouldn't let Cooper down. I would enjoy my live, just like he wanted me to.
that was amazing Shana and RussetWolfLuv!!!
i was holding back tears the whole time!!!
i cant believe how good it is!!!!

Oh My God *wipes away a tear* this story is intense, so full of emotions, I love it!!! And it even lets a lesson: Live life to the fullest....Wow!! Awesome Short Story Guys, I think it should totally get published *smiles*
*whipping tears away* you 2 made me cry...i when he said this:
“You know, death happens everywhere, every single second, of every single day. People do crazy things to try and extend their lives as long as they can, but I see no point. Consciously, every person knows that no matter what they are going to die sometime. Sooner or later, we all leave here. So why waste our lives trying to search for something to keep us here a little longer? Why don't we just make the best of our lives now, and enjoy every second to the fullest? Don't waste a second, don't leave any regrets. Just live a good life, for as long you are granted. It's so simple, but yet so complicated for some.” its just so true!!
i didn´t like it, i LOVED this one-shot!! you girls have ALOT of talent!! keep it up like that!!
Took the words right out of mouth!
aww, im crying, that reminded me of my sister keeper. i loved it, sad that cooper died but she'll make him happy by moving on. i don't think she'll ever love another though. i loved it it was a wonderful one shot.
omg !!! its AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what um crying ryt now !!!!!
wow !!!WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!
And i absolutely luv u two !!!! You guys SHOULD wrote more fan fics like this Wow just wow !!! both of ya have real talents
Oh wow........... That's heart breaking.......i loved it.... =`]
Wow that was such an amazing story. I loved it, even though it was sad. It mad me tear up. It had some typos but other than that it was great!
I loved this One-shot!
I dont know how you do it...but u guys never fail to write an amazing story :)
And u never fail to make me cry :'(
It was amazing!!!!!!
It's a one there are no updates. But thanks ;)
awsome made me cry alot :-(


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