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Hi! Thanks for taking your time to read this! My Fancic is basically this :


Bella lives with her mother,14 year-old siter(Elizabeth), and her 11 year old brother(Nathan) in Phoenix. Her parents had divorced 11 years ago, her grandma died that same year but left Bella a gift after she died: through her dreams she could see visions, things that will happen. Everything changes when she has to move to Forks. She meets Edward and his siblings, but she is restraining herself to fall in love because she had promised it since her parents fight. She has always been so closed to meeting people. Will Edward show Bella life is better with someone to love?



(( This is my first Fanfic and was inspired by "The Only Exception" song by Paramore. I am also a Latina which means my mother language is spanish! Sorry for any mistake you find! Please comment and tell me what you think!!))


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Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: Visit

Chapter 3: Esmeralda

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

Chapter 5: Party Time 

Chapter 6: I Hate Games

Chapter 7: Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

Chapter 8: Fluffy Pink Dress









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I still don't know when she is going to get her necklace, because believe it or not I'm writting this story not knowing what will happen I'm just playing with the characters and having fun! I already know how I want it to end! So I'll have to sit down and plan the whole story using a plot diagram like the ones I use in Lit clas...[so thankyou Mrs.Jennifer It helped alot!] haha thankyou all for reading and commenting they are like a drug to me...haha {credit to Edward for that quote lol} well see you in Chappie # 8!

Luv ya tons,
I know! I mean she made u suffer alot!
Chapter 8

Fluffy Pink Dress

It was a sunny day. The sun felt amazing on my pale skin. It made me realize I was dreaming, sunny in Forks. Besides every time I dreamt a vision no sounds were made, just the voice of the people around me. Absolute emptiness when it came to sound, nothing made a single noise. Not the glasses when they almost fell as my brother kicked the table, not the spoon that fell to the ground when my sister took in my response to her party.

I was sitting on a picnic table that was decorated with pink table covers and gifts, not to mention the massive pink cake with pale pink polka dots in front of me. I didn’t know what Lizzie’s record was for meeting new people, but this time she broke the record. I recognized about ten faces the most, and the rest were absolute strangers. I wanted to get up and crawl into a tiny hole underground and be alone, maybe cry, but I’ve had worst. I looked at the ground noticing the fluffy pink dress I wore matched with some silver stilettos. I was about to panic. This made me realize my sister knew nothing about me. First, I loathed parties. Second, I wasn’t a socialite. And third, I preferred my sweats and uggs over a fluffy, pink, sparkly dress. Then I felt someone behind me, he or she covered my eyes-at least he or she saved me and made me escape for a second this nightmare.

“Surprise!” It was a male husky voice. Could it be? NO! Then he took his hands off my eyes and kissed me on the cheek. I turned around to see if I guessed right or I was being paranoid.

I was right. Edward Cullen was standing behind me while his hands were on my waist hugging me tightly onto him. I gave the greatest scream in the history of greatest screams ever. And I woke up.

I placed my uggs on and ran towards the door and across my room towards my sister’s bedroom. I opened the door and turned on her lights. I climbed to her bed and took her sheet off.
“Elizabeth Swan! Get up in this instant!” I was nuts.

“Go away! Let me sleep!” she said while turning to her side. I took her eye mask off so the light could wake her up.
“Stop whatever you are planning right now! You now I hate parties and boys and pink dresses! Seriously PINK!?!?! Please stop whatever thought of making me a surprise party crossed your mind!” I shouted at her not to loud so my mom could wake up but enough for her to do so.

“Bella, Bella, relax forget about the party nothing is going to happen. I promise. But how did you figured it out? I mean Alice told me if we didn’t bring this up you wouldn’t find out. And besides its half hour before we get up! I love to sleep and you know that.” What? She told Alice about my gift!?

“You told Alice? How could you?!” She was a backstabber! My own sister!

“I told her because she…um…well…she sees the future too.” She admitted with a apologetic smile. Alice could see the future? Wow, strange.

“She can really?”

“Yup, and Edward can read minds! Can you believe it! They are a cool pair!”

“Wait, why did Alice decide to tell you about this? I mean does everyone know about it?” I asked.

“Alice saw in a vision…we were going to be…great friends and that I needed to know her secret because…we were going to get…really close.” I doubted that was the reason so I let it go. “Now tell me, why were you so scared? I mean you are not making me wake up for just a party.”

“Okay. I was sitting in front of a huge cake and everything was pink and fluffy and cute and sparkly. And my shoes were sparkly too. I saw a lot of people and when I mean a lot, it’s a lot. And then the worst part came. Edward Cullen, the one and only, greeted me from behind, kissed me on the cheek and pressed me tightly against him after telling me a joyful ‘Surprise!’ and then I screamed and thanks to the Almighty God- I praise you- I got up.” My sister just began to laugh! This wasn’t funny at all!

“Bella you are absurd!” she managed to say between her giggles.

“Why do you think this is funny? It is the worst nightmare ever!”

“Bella you are the only girl I know would hate the fact that the school’s hottest guy visited in some dream and not just visit, even kiss you!”

“It was on the cheek!” I was angry.

“You’re being ridiculous! Now let me sleep the last fifteen minutes before my alarm goes ‘Just Dance’ okay?” Then her phone rang, well vibrated. She took a look at it and answered.

“Alice? Why are you calling at this hour? …Yep she figured it out…I know, I was excited too…yes she already knows you are right…yes like always I know…Bye then see you there.”

“She saw when I told you to stop right?”

“Yes she did. You are quick at this. Oh and why the heck did you dream Edward was there if we weren’t going to invite him.”

“You weren’t? My visions always are exactly right. Maybe some variations but was there is there.” Strange because when I met him on my nearly accident I hadn’t dreamt that, but it happened. Weird.

“Of course not, it will have made you angry the whole night.” That was the last thing I heard, I was already asleep. Drifting away into subconscious, I had to speak to grandma.

I appeared at the emptiness of my mind. Everything was deep black and the same smoke was covering the ground. I dreamt a sofa so I could sit down and wait for grandma.

“Get it over with. What do you want to know baby?” She asked with her sweet aged voice.

“I suppose you already know about my vision I just had.”

“Yes I do. Go on.”

“Why did I dream about Edward Cullen when Lizzie wasn’t going to invite him? Am I losing my gift?”

“No silly,” she said crossing her legs “You can’t see him or his actions.”

“Why? And how do you know?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the same reason why he can’t read your mind. I know it because you haven’t seen him, not when he almost crushed you, not when he appeared at the party, not when he appeared at your biology class…”

“But I saw him at my party.”

“Yes you did, but he wasn’t going there. That was me playing with you.”

“Oh, grandma! I hated it! Can’t you play with me by sending me to a fictional sunny deserted island? ”

“I’ll take that into consideration. But honey you got to admit that boy is really attractive. Can you give him my number? I’m kidding.” She said when I looked at her with wide eyes. “Now wake up! You’ve got less than forty minutes for school. Tell everyone I said hi!”

The next thing I knew I was hearing ‘Just Dance’ at full volume at my ear. I woke up and turned that song of. Next, I woke Lizzie up. I went to my bathroom and took a hot, relaxing, quick, shower. I ran downstairs after I dressed up in a green sweater and some skinny jeans. I swallowed a bowl of cornflakes, brushed my teeth and grabbed my stuff before heading to the truck. I got in and turned the heater on while my sister arrived. We still had ten minutes.

We made it to school eventually, I wasn’t late for my first class. I talked to Angela at one of my periods too.

“Hi Bella!” She shyly greeted me.

“Oh, hi Angela. It is Angela right?” I wasn’t good at memorizing names. Oh but you were when it came to Edward Cullen’s name. A voice in my head told me. I hated it when voices began to talk to me.

“The last time I checked yes.”

“Have you decided your ‘club’ Angela?” I asked.

“No, but I’m considering Go Green and Journalism. How about you?”

“Just the Go Green, but my sister wanted to try the Dance Club.”

“Oh, that’s great then we could both join the Go Green. I heard a teacher was incharge this time. And that the first meeting would be a hiking trip. I’m so excited.” Gee, great hiking! Let the stumbling begin! Yupiii! But I preferred to fall at the forest where most people did, then at a stage where only klutz fell.

“Should we go and write our names at lunch?” I suggested.

“Yeah, totally! See you at your table.”

Lunch arrived and I picked nothing but a lemonade bottle. I wasn’t hungry, that nightmare scared me of.

“Hi sister!” Lizzie arrived.

“Hey, Lizzie. I’m going with a friend to write my name on the Go Green club. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. Robert invited me at his table. He is so cute!”

“Um…if you say so.”

“Bye!” Then she left radiating happiness off her skin.

“Bella!” Angela greeted me.

“Are you ready?”

“Yep, I’m not hungry today.”

“Me neither. Let’s go.” I grabbed my bag and followed her towards the main office.

Angela led the way to the office. We didn’t speak, I could see she was okay with silence. I liked that, just like me. Not like this girl, Jessica? She talks way too much. Like if someone pulls the string that’s attached to most toys but hers is really long.

“Hi dear. How can I help you?” An old lady greeted her.

“We’re here to sign to the Go Green club.” Angela told her.

“Oh, here you go. Sign your full name followed by your age. And remember once you sign your name you can’t change to another club. ”

“Thank you.” Angela told her. She signed her name and gave me the list along with the pen.

I signed ‘Isabella Marie Swan’ followed by the number 17. I was going to be it this Sunday anyways. I took a look at the other names but one caught my eye. It was ‘Edward Anthony Cullen’ followed by 17. No way. I wanted to die! I gave the lady back the list. I wasn’t going to beg her to change my name. I already heard what she said about no changing clubs.

“Here you have your slips, be sure your parents sign them and bring them back tomorrow. Your club is having a hiking trip as an opening.”

I heard the bell and headed to my next class, Biology. I opened the door and threw my empty bottle of lemonade to the trash can. No one had arrived yet, I was early. I went to my seat and left my schoolbag there. This room was interesting, it had many animals, dead of course, but well preserved. There was an owl, some tiny birds and more. They even had a fish tank at the end of the room. It wasn’t big but it had many tiny fishes. And besides it, the big, hairy, tarantula that was on my hair yesterday. I wanted to touch it again. But I was kind of afraid, no one was here. But I decided to open it.

“You can’t open it. The teacher will send you to detention. Its prohibited for us to do so if he’s not here.”

I turned around and it was Edward. Great.

“I wasn’t going to touch it. I wanted to feel its hair that’s all.” I told him.

“Aren’t they the same thing?” he asked, getting closer.

“No their not. Touching is different than feeling. Sometimes when you touch you don’t feel.” I explained. Anyways why was I explaining him.

“Oh, I get your point. I see you liked Violet.”


“Violet, the big Tarantula you see there.”

“Oh, it has a name. How do you know?”

“I kind of donated it here. I found her at my room one day over a violet sheet. That’s were the name comes from.” Great, was he some kind of animal guy?

“Hmmm, great for her then.”


“Because she didn’t get killed by some screaming maniac.”

The teacher came in and I realized the class was already filled. Why didn’t I notice? And you ask yourself that? It was simply being with him. You lose track of time and place being near him, you silly girl.
If that voice didn’t shut up, I was going to smack myself. Biology was boring and Gym was brutal. It was ‘Dodge ball’ time. I got hit the minute the whistle started the game. And many times afterwards when my team snatched the ball. The team I was on, was great, we won. So at the end those bruises were worth it. I changed into my clothes again and headed towards my truck.

I almost walked back again towards the gym the moment I realized Edward Cullen was beside his car that was besides mine. But my sister was already there waiting for me, it was also drizzling so I couldn't escape.

I got on the truck and opened Lizzie’s door.

“OMG. Don’t look but Edward is right next to us.” She said.

“I know. Now buckle up because I don’t want to ‘accidentally’ hit a shiny Volvo today.”

“Wow sis! You really hate him.”

“Not that much, but yeah. I don’t like to hate.”

The rest of the week went like a blur. My dreams where revealing any crazy or random idea Liz and Alice had about my ‘not a surprise party anymore’. So that was great. Edward and I didn’t speak or had to do an assignment together. But I still had the hiking trip ahead of me.

How was it? OMG! I wrote this like in 2 hours and at midnight! I hope you liked this chapter! I loved it and I really want to start writting chapter 9! Amazing stuff will happen I already have them in my head! Thanks for reading and please comment! You know they are like a glass of Coca-Cola is a sunny, hot day! Haha XD
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I laugh at how much Bells hates him. Uh oh, I wonder what's going to happen at the hikeing trip and the party. Oh and I might post this story I've been writing. It's not a fanfiction so I don't know if people will like it.
Post it! I would love to read it! thanks for reading my fanfic! XD
thanks Karla! You are the best BFF in the world! Thanks for your support :D
Chapter 9

Drunken Man

“What? When? Where? Why? Who? How?” I screamed as my alarm clock started buzzing. I took a quick look at it and hit it with my left arm. “Ow!” I wined as I felt the pain. That will leave a mark. I used my arm to straighten myself and shut that cheap and noisy apparatus. The not so expensive clock marked six A.M. in big red numbers and letters. I threw myself out of the bed and placed on my slippers. Saturday had arrived. Yes, the day I’ve wanted to avoid.

I needed to discard my body wash too. Apparently Nate wanted me to have blue skin this weekend. I wouldn’t want to look like an Avatar from Pandora! What will people say if they saw me hiking on the woods? ‘Hey! Look at that! People have come to promote “Avatar” the movie! Let’s take a picture!’ Did I want that? No! Especially not today or tomorrow.

After I threw my body wash away, I took a shower using another one I hadn’t even opened. It was very fancy and smelled like a blondie would. My mom gave it to me a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t like Victoria Secret that much. To girly or fancy for me taste. After some minutes of trying to open the bottle, I realized you had to twist the heart, instead of trying to pull it out or press the cap.

I finally stepped out the shower and got dressed. I wanted something comfy to wear. So I decided to wear one of my favorite deep blue t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of boots I bought at Mike’s store along with other stuff I will rarely use. I usually don’t hike. I can’t afford falling too much; every time I go hiking I fall. Not falls in which you might die or get trapped in a hole. But I scraped my knees and hands one time I went with Charlie and my siblings.

As I exited my room I saw the stairs. If I fell “accidently” I might not be able to go to this stupid hike. Do it! Do it! A naughty voice called from my head. But after a minute I decided I wasn’t that stupid. Maybe I wouldn’t fall this time. I could avoid any rock or branch and be aware of my surroundings. Yeah right! Don’t fool yourself Honey! You will fall, that’s a fact!

I went to the kitchen instead to avoid any desire to throw myself from the stairs. I wasn’t suicidal or stupid. I wasn’t that reckless. But should I consider that idea for prom? Definitely.

A bowl of cereal was all I had. If I got dizzy today, I wouldn’t want to puke a whole breakfast all over Angela…. But maybe you could all over someone whose name begins with an E and ends with dward… That’s it! No more sugar before sleep. I woke up having an annoying and mean voice. Before the voice returned I headed for my truck. No one was awake but the tuck’s roar could wake up the whole neighborhood. So I decided to walk there. I had plenty of time for myself to arrive on time. Besides, I’m supposed to Go-Green and that truck, Goes-Black.

I was just a block away from my house, when I spotted a silver car from the corner of my eye. I thought maybe it was my subconscious playing with me. But then he slowed down and opened the passenger’s window.

“Want a ride?” Edward offered.

“No thanks. I can walk, besides we are supposed to ‘Go-Green’.” I said. I kept by face looking forward. It even didn’t look as if he wanted me to get inside if you walked by.

“Okay, do you want me to accompany you?” What? He couldn’t just go away?

Then some drunken man passed beside me and grabbed me by the hand. He smelled terrible not to mention his bad breath. His clothes were dirty and stained with something red…blood maybe. I noticed his teeth had something red on them; maybe the blood was from there.

“Hi sweaty, what are you doing here alone?” he said. He was really drunk.

“I’m not alone…I…I’m with him.” I managed to say as I heard Edward get off his shiny, expensive car.

“She’s with me. Not let her go before I call the police!” Edward said. Well almost yelled actually. At least he was here. What will I have done if this ugly drunk man found me here alone? I don’t know karate but I know how to break a nose…kind of.

“Oh…you’re taken honey. Excuse me.” The drunken man said as he fluttered his eyes. He was about to pass out I think. I got out of his way and let him pass apparently towards where he came from. Poor guy. Then he puked. ALL OVER. Thank God I moved.

“So you’re coming.” Edward said.

“Okay I’ll go with you. I don’t want to see no drunken man again.” I said with a sigh.

He opened the door for me and I got in. Wow! His car had everything. Leather seats, cool and expensive stereo… Everything. He got in and started the car.

“Wow, this car has everything.” I said. And it did have everything. Because when he started the car, a small T.V. emerged from on top of the radio.

“Thanks. Emmett’s girlfriend helped me add everything.” Cool a girl helped him.

“Rosalina? What’s her name?” I really had a hard time remembering names.

“Close. Rosalie. She knows a lot about cars.” He corrected.

“Oh.” I nodded. I started humming the song he had on his car.

“You like Debussy?” he asked.

“Um, only my favorite ones. My mom used to play them when she got pregnant of my sister.”

“That’s one of my favorites too. Claire de Lune.”

“Oh.” Was all I could say.

“You know my mother also heard music when she was pregnant. I think only when Alice was inside her. Emmett will be Emmett.” He admitted with a chuckle. I laughed too. Amazing how it was easy to be with him. But still I was on my guard.

“Now that you say that, I think my mom forgot to hear music when Nate. Like you said: Nathan will be Nathan.” I laughed at this stupidity. Nathan was really annoying sometimes, like wanting to make me an Avatar girl.

“We’re here.” Edward said as he parked.

“Thanks, for the awkward drunken man part and the ride.”


We walked towards the school and onto the classroom. I opened my bag and took out a paper that had all the information about the hiking trip. We had to meet everyone at the classroom number 108.

“Which classroom should we head for?” Edward asked.

“Number 108.” I answered.

I let him guide since I didn’t knew where the heck it was. I have a hard time remembering classrooms. Honey, you have a hard time remembering names and classrooms other than Edward and Biology class. The voice was back again. Shut up Alleb! I told myself or subconscious. Yes, I gave it a name. My name just backwards. I was insane!

Edward opened the door to room 108. Everyone was there already. We were late! I hated it when I was late. When somebody enters a place being the last one, everyone stares. I felt every eye on me as I walked behind Edward. I noticed the girl, what was her name? Janice, Jesse…Oh Jessica. Staring at me with furious eyes as another strawberry blonde girl did. I looked down so I wouldn’t get intimidated.

I sat on the last row and Edward sat behind me. Since those were the only seats left. Apparently a lot of kids in this small school joined this club.

“Okay now that Miss. Swan and Mr. Cullen decided to join us, we can start going. Since today is our first hike we will have a challenge. We will get divided into pairs. Alphabetically of course, I will pair you up. After you and your partner get called, grab your stuff and one of these bags that have what you’ll need to find the meeting place.” Please Angela, Please Angela. I crossed my fingers it would be her. I didn’t know anyone besides her and Edward. The teacher began to say the pairs and Angela got Ben, apparently when Mr. Cooper meant alphabetically he used your first name not your last. I wanted to disappear after Angela was taken. I wouldn’t want to get paired up with Jessica or whatever the other girl’s name was.

“Bella? Let’s go. What are you waiting for?” Edward said, bringing me back to reality.

“I haven’t been called.” Was I called already? They’ve just started and my name began with an I.

“Mr. Cullen and Miss. Swan, will you please come bring your items and get going?” No! For the sake of all that sacred! Destiny, you stupid, stupid destiny!

“Oh, sorry I was daydreaming.” I apologized. I got up and walked towards the door since Edward stayed behind to get our stuff.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I told him. “I’ll be right back.”

I did what I had to do and went to wash my hands. But I was grabbed my sweater’s hoodie and pushed against the wall. Jessica with her friend were here harassing me.

“Stay away from my man.” The other girl said.

“Excuse me?” I asked confused.

“Edward Cullen. You know him. He’s Tanya’s boyfriend.” Jessica almost yelled at me.

“Why did you arrived with him? I’m the only one allowed!” Tanya did yell at me.

“I encountered a really weird drunken man and Edward helped me out and drove me here.”

“What an imagination this girl has!” Tanya told Jessica “Now spit the truth boyfriend stealer! And you better keep your hands to yourself now that you were paired with him.” This time to me.

“Okay, first stop yelling, I’m not deaf. Second, let go off my hoodie. And third, I’m not a boyfriend stealer!”I yanked her hand off me as she processed what I said. I exited the bathroom and went to find Edward and the rest of the people. Jesus, that girl Tanya is lame. How could I be with Edward! And Jessica is a hypocrite. At the beginning of the week she was so cute to me. But I didn’t care.

“What took you so long? Everybody left!” Edward almost yelled when I appeared.

“Oh sorry” I began to exceed my voice. “I didn’t know that your girlfriend was going to harass me along with her friend!” I shouted at him. Apparently I was still mad at those girls.

“What? What girlfriend?”


“She’s not my girlfriend and she wasn’t and she will never be. She is just crazy and annoying.”

“Well I don’t think she knows it. Because she pulled me by the sweater and began to yell at me ‘Boyfriend stealer’ and that I ‘should keep my hands to myself’.” I quoted.

“Sorry about that. I’m getting sick of her. And Jessica she also had a time like that. Harassing even my sister when she didn’t knew she was part of my family.”

“Where’s everybody?”

“They already left. Apparently we have to get…here.” He said pointing to the map.

“By ourselves?” I began to panic.

“That’s the objective. And the one who gets first will not hike next week.”

“Wait. We don’t hike every Saturday do we?”

“Yes we do. It was on the slip.”

“I guess I just made my mom sign it.” I admitted, blushing.

“Well, we got to get going before Tanya comes here and hit us both.”

I followed him to his car. Apparently we had to start hiking from a given point. When we got there we divided our tasks.

“You’ll get the map.” I told him. “I know as much as that bench about them. And I’ll take the compass. Okay?”

“Sure.” He said “Now…come this way, its North right?”

“Yes, west is that way.” I confirmed him as I took the compass out from the bag he carried with our given stuff.

“Let’s go then.”

We started hiking. I was avoiding any rocky part or branchy part or wet part. I didn’t need to fall today. Tomorrow was my birthday and the last thing I needed was a hospital b-day.

“How much we have to hike?” I asked after some minutes.

“Like 5 miles or so.” He said.

“Great.” I muttered under my breath. I placed the compass on my pocket, since he didn’t ask for any other direction other than West. I took off my sweater too, since the sun was finally coming out and I got hot.

“You don’t seem to enjoy this.” He commented.

“No, I don’t like to hike but I don’t hate it.”

“So you’re okay now.”

“I’m afraid to fall, just that. I fall a lot, that’s it. But at least the sun came out.” I admitted.

“Are we still west?” He asked.

“Let me check.” I grabbed the compass from my pocket. The arrows were not still; instead they were showing many directions at once. “What’s wrong with this?”

“With what?” Edward asked.

“The arrows, they won’t stop moving.”

“What do you have in your pockets Bella?” Why did he care what did I have in there? I touched my pocket and felt something cold. I pulled it out. A magnet was on my hand.

“A magnet?”

“Oh no! Magnets alter compasses!” I’ve heard something like that. They alter something to the compass and change their knowing of where the poles are. Something like that.

“That means….”

“We are going to get lost without a compass.”

“I’m so sorry. I really don’t know how the magnet got in here.”

“Never mind we’re going to use the sun as a guide. Since the sun rises east and sets west. We will have to go that way.” He explained using his hands.

We started walking again when suddenly I fell and through a hole. And not alone, Edward fell too. Strange. This was like a trap hole. The ones you covered with branches and leaves like in T.V. apparently someone wanted to trap something.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”I answered. “What is this?”

“A huge trap. Apparently we won’t get out of here now.” The hole was not that big. We were sitting down since we fell. And our legs were not that stretched. We were separated by an inch or two.

“What? So you mean we can’t get out?”

“Look how deep this hole is.” He stood up awkwardly since this hole was tight. Apparently he was right; the hole kept going like some 3 meters above him.

“Oh no!” I said as I grabbed my face. This place was wet and muddy. I didn’t want to be alone with him for any undefined time. This wasn’t good, at all. “Can’t we yell for help?”

“No one will hear you.”

“How do you know?”

“I can’t hear any thought. That means no one is near. I guess we’ll have to wait.”

Worst day ever.

What did you think about it? Long chappie isn't it? I wrote it like in a couple of hours. The drunken man part was an inspiration attack! Actually I had the first part of this chappie written already but I lost the notebook I had it on! XD Thank God! If not We wouldn't know the funny way they got to go to school together! :D Comment please!


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