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Bella lives with her mother,14 year-old siter(Elizabeth), and her 11 year old brother(Nathan) in Phoenix. Her parents had divorced 11 years ago, her grandma died that same year but left Bella a gift after she died: through her dreams she could see visions, things that will happen. Everything changes when she has to move to Forks. She meets Edward and his siblings, but she is restraining herself to fall in love because she had promised it since her parents fight. She has always been so closed to meeting people. Will Edward show Bella life is better with someone to love?



(( This is my first Fanfic and was inspired by "The Only Exception" song by Paramore. I am also a Latina which means my mother language is spanish! Sorry for any mistake you find! Please comment and tell me what you think!!))


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Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: Visit

Chapter 3: Esmeralda

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

Chapter 5: Party Time 

Chapter 6: I Hate Games

Chapter 7: Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

Chapter 8: Fluffy Pink Dress









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i love the chapter!!!!
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Chapter 7

Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

I wasn’t going to begin. No way.
“We already know our names…” he began.
“Yes.” I limited my answers to a simple “no” and “yes”. I heard glass break and the teacher say something but I was about to tune out. I didn’t want to be here.
“You have a spider on your head.” Edward said it so calm I thought it was a joke to break the ice.
“I won’t fall for that.” What did he think? Was he insane? I knew better than fall for that! He just shrugged. Then I felt something on my hair. What?! I touched my hair and something furry.
“What the hell?!” I didn’t scream, but that scared me.
“Don’t move.” I stood still while some girls were having a panic attack. Screams filled the room. Edward stood up.
“Don’t worry I got it.” I faced the window to see my reflection, the spider wasn’t a small, tiny one; It was a furry black-hair tarantula like the ones I’ve seen in Animal planet or in Discovery Channel. “Holy crap!” was all I could exclaim. Then I felt Edward’s fingers on my hair taking the spider with him. I turned around and he showed me the spider caught between his pale hands.
“She won’t bite you.” He told me.
“I know. Let me touch her.” I always wanted to touch one spider, but mom was so overprotective when we visited the insect and arthropod museum.
“You do?” Edward asked while looking t me with incredulous eyes. So he had never seen a girl touch a spider? Or did he thought us girls couldn’t be that brave? I hated people –man especially- that still use stereotypes.
“What? Since I’m a girl I can’t touch big spiders? You are so racist! Let me touch her.” He handed me the scorpion’s cousin and I grabbed it. It was furry and soft. I let her crawl a little bit on my arms. Apparently she vanished my rage against Edward-the racist-Cullen.
“You’re not scared of big spiders?” Edward asked. He seemed amazed.
“No. I’ve always wanted to touch one but mom was overprotective … besides what makes you think I was scared of them? You didn’t seem scared either that surprised me too.”
“I’m impressed, most of the girls in here or let me say all of them but you in here started screaming like crazy! And I like animals. They fascinate me, how they react, how they think…”
“How they think?”
“Yes. Their instincts I mean. Do you like SpongeBob?” What the heck? Sponge Bob? Really! He changed the subject, why? I know he didn’t mean their instincts, he meant something else. But what? I let it go. The bell rang before I knew it. I took a look at my schedule. Gym.
I grabbed my stuff and stood up.
“What’s your next class?”
“Gym.” I almost groaned the word. My nemesis, the worst class I have encountered and the only one I once flunked…the one and only…GYM or in other words HELL.
“You don’t seem to like gym.” He guessed. He was good reading my expressions, just like mom.
“I detest gym.” As much as I hate you and discrimination towards the female gender. I admitted and added inside my head.
“You know where it is? I could show you.” And now he thought I couldn’t read a map!
“No, don’t bother. I know where it is.”
“Well then, see you later.” I really hoped we didn’t but unfortunately destiny was a {insert bad word here}! We both went to our next class. If I hated Edward before, I know loathed him. He was so discriminating towards women! I was so angry I forgot about my locket. Well then it’ll have to be another time then.
I went to my truck and hopped onto the driver’s seat. It was cold so I turned the heater on. I sent a text to Lizzie, I wanted to go home. I was having a headache so I pressed my temples and rested my forehead on the wheel. I heard a knock on the window, probably Lizzie. I raised my head and instead of my little sister, Edward-the racist- Cullen was at my window. I lowered the glass window midway and asked him, “What?”
“I think this is yours. ” he held a book on his hands “You left this at our table.” Ew, I wanted to puke at the pronoun ‘our’ or maybe not puke; hit it.
“Thanks.” I grabbed the book, and then I laid my head on the wheel again. I heard another knock. “What now!?” Seriously what was wrong? Was my face not showing the anger or did he not get it?
“Whoa sis! What a way to greet your sister after her first day.”
“Sorry, I thought it was a stupid racist boy. Never mind, get in the truck. ”
“What boy?” Lizzie asked as she buckled her seatbelt.
“Alice’s brother.” I started the engine and heard something strange but gave it no importance.
“Noooo. That guy is a saint!” I hoped she noticed my heavy sarcasm.
“What did he do to you? I’m guessing he hit a nerve, the feminist one.”
I told her everything that happened about the spider. And then something went wrong, the truck stopped and we were stuck on the road. I parked myself on the road’s shoulder with the last strength my car had.
“Why are you parking here in the middle of the road?”
“Apparently something is wrong with this old thing.” I hoped of the truck and went to see what was wrong with it, like if I knew anything about it.
“Do you have a mechanical engineer degree I don’t know about?”My sister asked.
“No. And I am hoping you do, because it is raining already.” Stupid Forks! Why God, why did this happen to me! In about a minute it was raining torrents. Lizzie and I were like a grandpa trying to play with an X-Box 360. Yep, we sucked at mechanics like a granddad sucked at videogames.
“What are we going to do Bella?”
“I don’t know, I am just wishing I had a wand or a genie. I don’t have Charlie’s number on my phone and you?”
“I wish I had it.” We were doomed. Then a car passed by and stopped in front of us. It was a silver Volvo. A man got out and I recognized him. I turned to my sister.
“Look someone stopped to help us! Great!”
“No Lizzie it’s not great! That guy is Edward-The Racist-Cullen!” I hated destiny it was a {insert bad word here}!
“Bella, I don’t care I want to go home! And I will ask for his help right now, if you don’t like it then go and sit down!”
“Whatever.” Was all I could say.
Then she went over Edward. I read her lips once she reached him. Hi! We have a problem with our truck, it stopped. Could you help us please?
Then he told her something like ‘My pleasure’ but I wasn’t sure. My sister turned so she gave me her back and I was sure she told him something she didn’t want me to know. I hated her! Edward just looked at me for a fraction of a second and back to Lizzie hiding a smile by biting his lips. Then they both reached me and the truck while Edward carried a gray box.
“You can go and sit. I can handle this. Besides you’ll get both sick.” He told us. Oh, perfect that way I will talk to Lizzie about what the heck she told him back there.
“Elizabeth, could you join me please.” I used my charming voice when I was about to accuse her.
“Gladly.” She used the ‘charming ’voice too.
I got to my sit but the rain stopped. As my sister entered the car I grabbed her and pulled her down so if Edward lowered that thing he wouldn’t see us.
“What did you tell him?”
“You know when. Get to the point.”
“Hi! We have a problem with our truck, it stopped.”
“No, after that!”
“Follow me?”
“Before that!”
“Could you help us please?” She giggled. She was playing with me.
“No Elizabeth! When you turned so I couldn’t read your lips!”
“Ohh, you mean when I said…” I waited for her and gestured her to go on.
“When you said…”
“I won’t tell you.”
“Why?” I asked while giving her the ‘death’ glare.
“Because you’ll get upset…or mad.”
“I am your big sister. I order you to tell me right now.” God I was losing it!
“Okay mom! I told him not to get on your feminist nerve and…”
“…that I know you love him because you hate him.” My little sister was nuts! If I hated someone that obviously didn’t mean I liked him.
“You are insane! I can’t love him, I HATE him! The feelings are not related.”
“Yes they are. They are both passionate feelings.” What?!
“Shut up before you get on my ‘I want to hit you’ nerve.” My sister definitely lost it.
Edward-the racist-Cullen knocked my window. I lowered it.
“I think I know what it was. Now you can start the engine.” I didn’t ask him what it was because I wouldn’t understand. So I turned the key and thank you God, it still roared to life.
“Um, thank you. Thank you so much. Lizzie was so scared, she thought we would have to sleep here.”
“Your welcomed.” He told me.
“Well then bye.” Then I began to drive home, wet and really ashamed. Why? Because at first I was really mean to him and he ended up saving this piece of junk.
“Did that changed your opinion about him?”
“I don’t think so. Helping someone can be done by anyone.”
“You are so stubborn Bella!”
“No I’m not.” And we both giggled at that non sense.

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new chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa when will Edward give her her necklace??!!! Bela is so stubborn!!! more ASAP

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hehehe she iiis stubborn..wen she gnna get her necklace bac
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