The Twilight Saga

~Chapter One~
Bella's POV 
"Wait," Edward interjected. 
Jane raised her left eyebrow in irritation, but
Edward couldn’t notice this as he was staring at Carlisle while he spoke in an
urgent voice.

"We could explain the rules to the young one.
She doesn't seem unwilling to learn. She was just oblivious of her
"Of course," Carlisle answered. "We
would certainly be prepared to take responsibility for Bree."
Jane's expression was torn between amusement and
disbelief. (Eclipse pg.577 & 578. Stephenie Meyer)
"We don't make exceptions" -she said-
"And we don't give second chances either, but, my dear Cullen Clan, in
reward for your combating today I will let you keep your newborn, perhaps she
will get to your human before we have to."
Jane smirked at us then turned abruptly and
floated away, her almost black clock billowing behind her and the other Volturi
following in an arrow formation behind her.
Silence lasted over 10 minutes, and finally someone
whose voice I wasn’t able to recognize, broke it.
Edward and Carlisle exchanged a surprised glance
then they both turned their heads and looked at Bree, who was still writhing
I stared at this new vampire, perhaps a future
member of my family. She seemed to be like she used to be little and dainty,
whenever she was a human, like Jane and Alice are. But the ravenous vampire’s
look seemed to make her bigger, more adult-like.
Edward wrapped his arm around my waist,
"Let's go Bella, we should give her some room, she needs to calm
I nodded numbly and let Edward push me through the
walkway marked by trees. He walked with me till we got to the forest, then he
threw me on his back and ran back to my house. I closed my eyes in order to
feel healthy at the end of the trip, but that was going to be impossible, since
I was keen to know what would happen to this tiny creature.

Bree's POV 
I felt my whole body relax as that reeking female
human disappeared from my scent range. Good thing, because I was just about to
lose control. Even though I wasn't in torture from being so close to her, my
throat was still on fire.
All the others from my brand new specie surrounded
me; I quickly sprang up in defense not sure if I could trust all of them.
Carlisle, the leader I guess, reassured me,
"Don't worry none of us will harm you, we just want to learn more about
went on in Seattle."

I stood up straight and looked around at all of them.
He smiled warmly and I immediately believed him. I
loosened up and looked around at the rest of them.
Esme was holding Carlisle's hand and smiling at me
kindly.The small girl with dark hair was looking me up and down with a slight
look of disapproval on her face, what was her problem? A fierce looking vampire
with golden locks was standing a little in front of her, guarding her from…me,
of course, and looking at me as if I were a child, which I guess I was to them.
Riley had said they were a few hundred years old. The big one with black hair
who had, fortunately, killed Raoul, was smiling casually at me, as if we were
life time friends. Do they behave like this all the time? The gorgeous girl was
sort of glaring at me but I got the feeling that was the look she gave to
everyone, she looked like that kind of girl, I’ve met lots like her in my life,
I guess I should be used by now.
I smiled back at them hesitantly, "Before I
explain to you I'd just like to thank you very much for saving me from those
I emphasized the word because I don’t really think that’s what they are, “whoever
they were. You saved my life and I am now forever indebted to all of you."

The big guy smiled wider, until the before subtle
smile on his face became more like a grin,

"Don't worry! With all the trouble we get in
everyday I'm sure you'll find some way to repay us!" I grinned back at
him. I was definitely going to like this boy. What would his name be?

Carlisle looked pleased that I was fitting in with
them a little. "How about we all go back to the house to discuss the
Seattle situation," he suggested.
"Is… is that girl going to be there?" I
asked fearing the answer.
"Who Bella?" He asked and I nodded,
"No I'd imagine Edward would've taken her to her home."
"You mean she doesn't stay with you
"No she lives with her father." 
"This is all so complicated; I guess I'm
getting what Riley told me mixed up with the truth. He told us that she was
your pet, he made it sound like you just kept her around so you could show off
your control, a decoy."
Everyone laughed Carlisle said
nonchalantly, "No that's not the case at all, but we can talk about that
once we get to the house, I think we would all feel more comfortable once we
are away from all of this." His eyes drifted over the bon fire and the
destruction around it.
We all nodded and we all took off, they made sure
to keep me in the middle so they wouldn't lose me but I understood their
reasoning so I didn't care.
We ran up to a magnificent white house, it was the
most glorious building I can remember seeing. The inside was just as nice and
it was astonishingly clean.
Everyone turned towards the left once we got
through the door and they settled on the couches in the living room.
I sat on the big couch in between the small girl
and her mate. They seemed to still be protective though.
"I guess the first thing we should do is
introduction," Carlisle announced once everyone had settled. "I think
you know this already but I'm Carlisle, I'm the "father" in this group."
He put his arm around Esme. “This is my wife, Esme. The 'mother’” He pointed to
Jasper, “That’s Jasper, he can read and change moods; he was in a newborn
vampire army before he joined us, just like you. After he left the army he
found Alice here, she can predict the future.”

Alice smiled at me and in a trilling voice said,
"Hello." She said and looked me up and down with a worried look on
her face " I hope you like shopping because you are not going to be
wearing that here" I looked down at my blouse and khaki Capri pants and
shrugged, the outfit used to be ok until I went on those adventures through the
water with Diego, I thought.
Carlisle continued, "That is Rosalie,"
he looked at the pretty blonde. "She may seem a little harsh at first but
that's just how Rose is," he winked at her, she rolled her eyes. He nodded
towards the giant of a man, "That is Emmett, him and Rose are together.
They are a little over affectionate so don't mind them." Emmett nodded his
head and grabbed Rosalie's hand.
Carlisle got a slightly more serious tone in his
voice, "Edward is my eldest son, he is a mind reader, and he is in love
with Bella, the human whose smell you like so much."
"He's in love with her, does that mean he
like kisses her and stuff?" I asked.

"Well, yes, of course." 
"And he's never bitten her r something?" 
Emmett snorted, Carlisle smiled. 
"Well obviously not, she is, after all, still
a human."
"Wow! That must take some great
"Yes, but he can effect that kind of control
with no need of suffering"
"I can only imagine," I whispered trying
to imagine how hard it would be to kiss a human with sweet blood without
killing them.
"Well we told you our story how about
I nodded and told them everything that had
happened since I'd been woken up as a vampire excluding the parts about Diego,
I just couldn't talk about that yet.
Then they told me the real reason that my creator
had wanted to battle them, I was horrified when they finished,
"I can't believe it, pretty much everything
I've been told since I've become a vampire has been a lie."
Carlisle nodded, "I understand this must be
hard for you, but be tranquil dear, you are not alone anymore."
"It is but I'll get over it." I was just
teeming with questions, "If you don't mind me asking, why your eyes are
yellow? Riley told me it was because you were old but I don't think that's the
Carlisle laughed lightly, “No, that's certainly
not the truth, the reason our eyes are ‘yellow,’” he kind of made fun of the
color I’d chosen to describe their eyes, “is because we have a different diet
than most vampires, we don't eat humans, instead, we like to call ourselves
“vegetarians” because we only drink from animals.”
My eyes widened, "Does that taste the same as
"No, it's not as half as satisfying or so
I've heard, I've personally never tried human. But it feels more morally
I thought about that, I couldn't imagine any
animal even slightly comparing to a human, I've smelled animal before and it
hadn't sent me on frenzy like humans do.
I looked at all of their eyes, they weren't really
yellow, now I could see it, when they were closely inspected they were an
enticing honey-gold scheme.
I thought about the moral thing he had mentioned,
sometimes I did feel guilty after I drank a human, would it be better if I just
didn't kill humans at all?
I cleared my throat, though again, it was
unnecessary. "I think I'd like to try your way of hunting"
Carlisle smiled brightly, "Excellent, when
you would like to go?"
"Um… as soon as possible, my throat is
killing me."
“In that case…soon it will be” Jasper concluded
and I saw that he looked anxious, he probably still didn’t trust but hopefully
soon I can change that.

A special thanks to my amazing editors Just~Believe~It, Annabeth Chase and ♫♪Rie♪♫ Alice Cullen's Sister :)

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~Chapter 2~

"Ok, so how am I supposed to do this?" I asked looking around the forested area in the Cullen's backyard trying to learn to hunt their way.

"It's easy Bree; you just have to do the same kind of things you did before, but instead of biting an animal’s neck you should try biting its chest, this way, it’s easier to get to the main artery." Carlisle replied patiently.

Then Jasper came running towards us. "The coast is clear, no humans for the next 100 miles." He had been making sure there wasn't any people close enough that I might accidently hunt instead.

"Ok, Bree, would you like to watch me first? Maybe you can mimic some moves…" Carlisle suggested, thankfully.

I nodded tentatively.

Carlisle crouched down into a hunting position, looking like a real vampire now. He sniffed the air, tasting it with his senses. Apparently he found what he was looking for because he took off to the west, still staying crouched down. I kept a safe distance, I didn't want to make him feel that natural instinct to attack, and followed him. I saw him close in on a big buck. He sunk lower, and then in a flash he sprung at it and was sucking its blood all within a second. When he was done he got up and looked at me, "Do you understand?"
"Yeah, I think so." I said, wary of my ability

"Are you ready to try?" Carlisle asked. I felt my throat burning it was getting out of control, I had to eat and soon.

I just nodded not wanting to speak.

Carlisle nodded and smelled the air, he pointed to the northeast. "There's a herd of deer about 80 yards from here. They will be a good start for you; easy prey.”

In response I stooped down just as he had and smelled for the blood and listened for the heartbeats. Soon, I found them, from the sound of it there were at least 15 of them. I took an unnecessary deep breath and I felt tranquil enough to begin, then, the fun begun. I closed my eyes and enjoyed while the leaves falling from the trees by the inertia of my run caressed my face, I grinned and wildly opened my eyes, as if I were playing a game. I tried to imagine they were humans so it wouldn't be that hard but then I realized that I would want human blood as long as I would concentrate on it, then, I decided to think and visualize deer blood, and imagining it was the most tasteful thing on earth. As my hunger was killing me (figuratively, of course, since I can’t starve to death even if I wanted to) I truly believed deer blood was the best thing on earth. I closed my eyes and jumped on one of them by only listening to its vital signs. The heart, the agitated breathe, the splashy movements of the tongue inside the mouth, the clinking of the teeth... Finally I was able to locate it; I calculated my upcoming moves and the distance and speed of us both. I closed my eyes and jumped, trusting only my senses and to my surprise, I found myself snapping its neck, before the others would realize what was going on, I cracked their necks too, only to leave them hurt and unable to go on, once I had a few on the ground ‘waiting’ for me, I bit each one’s chest and had my meal. It wasn’t like human blood, no, because it wasn't as sweet, it had more of a tart taste too; I guess that's just because they eat grass all day. Finally I was full, I looked around it had taken 7 deer to completely fill me up it normally only took me 3 humans. I could tell drinking animals was the harder life. I smiled, proud of what I had just accomplished, and felt really happy for the first time in months.

I looked around for Carlisle and Jasper. I saw Jasper sitting at the edge of the clearing I was in watching me but I couldn't find Carlisle. I walked over to Jasper, "Where did Carlisle go?"
"He decided to go back to the house after you finished you second deer, he figured you got the hang of it."
"So why did you stay?" I asked in the nicest voice I could manage, I didn't want him to dislike me anymore than he already did.

"I wanted to make sure you didn't try to run away, because if you do and you start breaking the rules then we are all as good as burned because we promised the Volturi we could handle you. No offense… but I don't trust you as much as everyone else"

"Yeah I kind of figured that. But can you explain to me these Volturi guys and their rules? Are they a kind of gang or something?"

"Sure, I guess. This might take awhile though…"
"Well time doesn't really matter to me anymore now that I have forever to live, hopefully."

As I said this I sat down on the ground, across from him. I had to look up to visualize his eyes, since he was sitting on a high stone and I wasn’t, but I didn’t mind, my neck wouldn’t hurt again.

"Ok well here it goes; the Volturi are the second ruler the vampire world has had, first it was the Romanians, but that's a different story, and you might want to hear that one from Carlisle, he’s much of a story teller,” he silently laughed at his own joke and I smiled, not quite understanding it, but like I said, I didn’t want to dislike him even more, “Well, there are three leaders of the Volturi: Aro, Marcus, and Caius,” he continued, “Then there are a lot of members in their personal guard This guard keeps them safe from attacks from other vampires or other species. But, to join them you can’t be anybody, you have to be very talented to be a part of it. Most members of the guard possess gifts, these gifts can’t be given to them, they are “born” with them, when they are transformed the most remarkable quality of a human in its life comes as a gift or power in their vampiric life. Do you remember Jane? Her power is incredible; of course you've already experienced it…”

“And how do I know what my power is, Jasper?” I inquired like a little curious toddler.
“Oh well, Bree, not everyone is born with a gift, some vampires, like Carlisle himself have other qualities, maybe not magical or too remarkable, but they appear as a remarked sign of someone’s personality. If you’d have one of these powers you’d already know it so I guess you don’t”
I nodded and he went on:
“Where was I? Oh yes, well, the Volturi are mean and vindictive and abuse of their power, but sometimes they are useful. They keep everyone following the rules; if they didn’t the world would be constantly in danger because of the things some vampires may do. It would be completely out of control. So, to scare vamps of breaking the rules they find and kill anyone who doesn’t respect their law. There's really only one rule but it applies to a lot of things, it's keep the secret. This involves lots of things, because for keeping it secret people shall not know you don’t age, this means you have to constantly move from place to place, unless people don’t know you, then, we can’t show our skin in public, that would be suspicious, anyway, it would be also odd, so I think that’s something we keep for ourselves for own will…
The Volturi try to guilt us Cullen’s for breaking the rule all the time, because they don't like the fact the there's so many of us and we are filled with great powers, they think we are going to over run them which we would never do at any rate…"
His face got a little less serious, "Well that's about all I can tell you about the Volturi, was it useful?"

"Yes, thank you very much! That cleared a lot up for me."

"Anytime, you are part of my family now, and once we get to know each other I hope we can be friends or at least…trust" He winked an eye and smiled at me and we both stood up.

"That sounds so weird, I've never had a real family, well when I was human I had my dad and sister but I don't count him as family because family members aren't supposed to hurt each other…and dead family members don’t count either, I suppose."

"Well you don't have to worry about that here." He reassured me and that made me feel extremely peaceful inside.

"Thanks, that makes me feel better."

We both took off towards the house.

Alice practically jumped on me as soon as I walked through the door, I had to control myself to not to go into defense, but she noticed as my position went from unaware to insecure.
"I think we should shop now, those clothes are dreadful." She said in a hyper voice.

"Ok," I replied, a little shocked by her friendliness.

Jasper chuckled, "Take it easy on her Alice."
"Of course I will." She winked and grabbed my arm and dragged me up steps into what I guess was her bedroom. She pointed to one of the two chairs behind her desk, "Sit" She ordered, I obeyed not to cause trouble and she sat on the other chair beside me.

She opened her laptop and quickly pulled up the sites for designers that I have never even dreamed of wearing before.

She kept insisting that I pick out stuff but everything on those websites was so expensive I felt greedy asking for anything. She kept telling me that I could have whatever I want but I was still reluctant.

She finally got annoyed she turned my face so that I would look at her. "Bree, I know that you won't pick anything because of money, Bella is the same way. But seriously we are loaded." She opened a desk drawer and pulled out a stack of $100 bills, my eyes widened I'd never seen that much money ever. "We have about 50 stacks of these in the house plus we have about 10 banks filled with money, so just pick something, please."

I nodded I didn't want to make her angry with me so I started to point out stuff that I liked. Once Alice found out what my style was I didn't even have to pick stuff out anymore she just said, "This seems like something you would like," and clicked on it before I could open my mouth. By the time we were done I was completely terrified to look at how much I had spent. I got like 50 outfits, 100 pairs of shoes, and millions of accessories. If I had my choice I would have gotten less than half of it but Alice is apparently unstoppable. The total in the end was around $5,000.

I shook my head no, "Alice, we can't buy all that stuff, this is ridiculous!"

She just kept typing in her credit card number. I grabbed the keyboard away from her, "Alice you are not spending that much money on me. I’m not worth it!"

She got a fiery look in her eyes. "Put the keyboard down…," she warned me slowly and angrily. Bree put the keyboard down, now. I am trying to stimulate the world's economy in the only way I know how to and you are trying to stop me. What kind of person are you? Think of all the starving families out there that need you to buy clothes so they can get their salary!"
I cracked up laughing, "You are completely full of crap, but whatever here's your keyboard, I can tell you're going to get your way eventually you're too stubborn."

"You'll learn that I'm not the most insane person in this house," she said contently and continued to buy the stuff. I sighed and shook my head.

Later that night we were all doing various activities around the house. Esme was doing some yoga, strange thing, since her body wouldn’t ache, not even after the longest day of sporting; Alice was doing some online research about I-don’t-care what, Rosalie was painting her nails black, something that would end up beautifully when comparing it to the pale color of her skin, I was watching TV... some show I remember watching during my human life, it was a reality show, and I remember I loved these. Emmett and Jasper were in the backyard wrestling. Carlisle had an emergency at the hospital and he had t leave immediately, and Edward still hadn't returned.

Esme walked over to me and rested her hand on my shoulder, "Well, dear, what do you think about us going and finding a room for you upstairs?"

"A room? Like… just for me?" I questioned excitedly.

"Of course, I wouldn't make you share it with one of us." she giggled.

I ducked my head in embarrassment. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you; it's just that I've never had a room to myself before"
Her face fell and she looked a little sad then she brightened up and patted me on the back, "I'm happy to give you your first private bedroom."

I smirked and we walked up stairs.

She looked up and down the hallway. "Hmmm… all the rooms on this floor are taken."

"Oh that's fine I don't need a room, I don't mind."

"Don't be silly Bree, we still have another floor but I just feel bad leaving you up on the top floor all by yourself it might get lonely up there."

"Oh it's no big deal, I promise."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm positive."

"Ok well let's head up there." She walked to the end of the hall open a big door that looked like it opened to the closet but when I looked inside of it, it really had a giant staircase behind it. I followed Esme up the steps. There was another hallway just like the one below but it had fewer doors which must mean that the rooms are bigger. I wonder why this floor was unused.

Esme opened up the first door closest to the stairs. "Well I think this'll do, how do you like it?"
I walked inside the room and looked around. It was very large twice as large as any bedroom I've ever seen. The walls were painted a delicate but dark purple color, which was my favorite color. The wall facing the east wall was just a huge window from top to bottom. There was a huge king sized bed against the north wall. The decorating was just fabulous it looked like something straight out of a magazine. If I could pick any way I wanted to decorate a room I would've decorated it just like this.
I turned around and hugged Esme; lightly of course I didn't want to smash her. "This is so wonderful! Are all the rooms decorated this nice?"

She smiled, "No, none of the other rooms up here are decorated, actually they are filled with tons of boxes, you tend to collect a lot of stuff when you're alive for so long…" she slowly trailed off.

"Why was this one decorated then?"

"Because I decorated it today," She said looking like a little kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"You did all of this is one day and just for me?"

"Yes I felt like you deserved it, you didn't try to hurt any of us in that fight and I really appreciate that, it shows your high morals"

"Oh Esme! Thank you so much, you are beyond caring! This family has shown me more kindness in one day then I have experienced in my whole life."

She shrugged at my phrase, she sympathetically kissed me on the forehead and surrounded me with her right arm “This is what family does for other family members, make them feel happy. This is just our way of saying 'welcome to the Cullens"

"Well, I do feel very welcome, you all have done so much for me today, including saving my life and I don't know how I'll ever repay you guys."
"Don't worry about it sweetie, we don't need you to pay us back in anyway."

"Ok," I said reluctantly, but I thought to myself 'I'm going to repay them no matter what they say.'

"Well you've been through a lot today and I bet you want to be alone"
Man, was she right or what when she said I'd been through a lot today? I fell backwards on the bed. I stared up at the ceiling. Was it really only a few hours ago when I had realized Diego was dead? It seemed like that happened eons ago. Oh Diego, how could they do that to you, to me? It was then I realized it I was really truly in love with Diego and Victoria and Riley had killed him, killed him because he knew too much. I wish they would've known I had known too much also so Diego and I could've died together. That would've been better than this misery I was living through now. Sure I had forgotten my sadness during my day with the Cullen's but now that I was by myself the memories were pressing down on me and I couldn't take it. I took deep breaths and that's when I smelt her, Bella she was in the house.

I pinned myself down to the bed, locking all of my joints so I couldn't more. Everything in me was screaming in protest, my instincts were telling me to hunt, but I couldn't. I couldn't touch Bella or I know the Cullen's would never forgive me. I clamped my eyes shut and stopped breathing. I stayed in that exact same position, for at least an hour. Finally I gained courage and smelled the air again, the girl was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief that was close. After recovering from that risqué situation I felt proud of myself; I was in the same house as a human and I hadn't tried to hunt them. This was unbelievable.

I smiled to myself, maybe I really could be a Cullen. I could interact closely with humans and not feel the need to suck them dry. Of course it would take a long time to get to that point but one day I could be there and what just happened was total progress. I felt so much better than I did before the Bella thing had interrupted my thoughts. I got up and started to examine every inch of my room. I walked over to the huge white desk and sat in the cozy leather chair I looked at all the knickknacks on the desk, like pens, pencils, post-it notes, thumb tacks, and all sorts of other things that made me feel normal for the first time in a very long time. I looked down and noticed there was a brand new-looking Mac book sitting there on the desk. I opened it up there was still a plastic sheet covering the keyboard, yup brand new. I smirked and got up and looked around some more. There was an adjoining bathroom, fully equipped with a Jacuzzi tub, enormous shower, and other normal bathroom things. I looked into the bathroom closet; towels that felt like they were individually sewn with 1,000 thread count filled it along with a decade's worth of Sephora makeup. This room was wonderfully overdone and I completely loved it.

I continued surveying the room for the rest of the night. In the morning I heard a knock on my door. I went and opened it. Rosalie was standing there.I smiledf shyly. "Oh Hello Rosalie"

"Hey Bree, I just came up here because all of your clothes came this morning, Alice got them express shipped." I noticed a stack of about 10 huge boxes beside her.

"Oh, well thank you for bringing these up here."

"No problem." She stood there looking like she wanted to say more and after a few seconds she finally said, "Um… do you want me to help you put this stuff away?"

"That would be great, thanks."

"It's no biggie." She smiled and then picked up some of the boxes and set them in front of my wardrobe I grabbed the other boxes and put them next to the ones Rosalie had already put down. We opened the wardrobe and started putting the clothes and other stuff away very neatly. We were casually talking the whole time.

After calling her Rosalie for five minutes she stopped me mid-sentence, "Bree, we are family now you can call me Rose."

I felt like we were best friends reunited after a long separation. We, meaning mainly her, decided
I felt flattered that she, the prettiest woman I've ever seen, offered to do something so kind for me.

Finally we got done putting the clothes away. She handed me an outfit. It was a flower print billowy tank top, light green shorts, and thick strapped, high heeled sandals. After I put it on I felt like a runway model.

Rose looked me up and down, "Perfect, now let's do your hair and make-up. She led me into the bathroom and sat me down in front of the vanity. She got a chair from my room and sat down in front of me. "Now close your eyes, I want this to be a surprise." She sounded like she was very happy and giddy. I obeyed and closed my eyes. I felt her running all kinds of brushes against my skin. After about 5 minutes of doing my make-up she moved onto my hair. I felt her tugging it and I felt the heat of either a straightening iron or a curling iron.

I heard her take a step back, "Wow, you look amazing. Ok open your eyes now."

I slowly opened my eyes and gasped. I looked like a celebrity. My whole face looked different. My eyes looked smoky and alluring, my skin was glowing, and my lips were pink and full. My hair was straight with a few pieces pulled up. In one word I looked beautiful. I couldn't believe it I had never felt this pretty. I jumped up and hugged Rose. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so amazing you are like a magician."

Rosalie blew it off, "It was nothing. I just enhanced your natural beauty. You are very pretty you just have to embrace it. Now let's go show the rest of the family." She grabbed my hand and we quickly walked down 2 stories to the living room. Rosalie cleared her throat. Everyone looked up. She spook in an announcer voice, "Introducing the newly transformed, Bree Tanner Cullen." I smiled and did a little twirl everyone clapped as Rose and I walked over to a couch and sat down.
Alice grinned, "This is all thanks to me for forcing Bree to get cool new clothes."

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "You didn't create this outfit! I did! You can have no credit for this except for buying the clothes."

Alice shrugged, "If my idea of buying new clothes wouldn’t have occurred to me your idea of the make-over wouldn’t exist! It’s all thanks to me! Anyway, you're just saying all of this to make Bree go over to the dark side, your side. But remember I still have Bella and I might still have a chance to save Bree."

Rose snorted, "You can have Bella. I'll take Bree over Bella any day."

Edward glared at Rose but Rose just ignored him.
Emmett smiled and leaned back further in the couch, "Yes, chick fight."

Everyone cracked up laughing and Rosalie swatted Emmett on the arm.

Emmett kept smiling then he turned towards me, "Ok Bree, the girls have had their turns to take you shopping for stuff. Now it's my turn. We are going car shopping. It's going to be a present from me to you for joining us."

"You're buying me a car? But I've never had a driver's license before, I'm only fifteen."

Emmett burst out laughing. "Do you think all of that matters? No human laws apply to us, trust me Jasper has this friend who can hook you up with any document you want. J, hand over the goods." Jasper handed him a manila envelope. He pulled a few papers out of them. There was a driver's license and a birth certificate filled out for me but with no pictures.

"Um these are obvious fakes the license doesn't even have a picture."

Emmett rolled his eyes, "Chill we got that covered." He picked up a camera from the table beside him. "Smile." I did automatically and he snapped a picture. He handed Jasper the camera. "There'll be a picture on there by the time we get back. Now let's go."

I followed him out to the garage, I stared at the huge jeep he just got into and then hopped in the passenger side. We took off down the road.

"Don't worry Bree there will be no humans anywhere near this car lot. It's their day off. You'll just pick out the car you like and I'll come back tomorrow when they’re open and get it for you."

"Whoa you really thought ahead."
He nodded, "Yeah sometimes the others think I can be a little dense but when it comes to important stuff I'm really smart." After that he turned on blaring rap.
When we arrived at the car lot we looked around for awhile until I found a car that I loved. It was a light blue 73 Cadillac. It looked so classic and pretty, I had to have it. Emmett gave me a strange look, "Are you sure that's the one you want?"

"Yes, why is something wrong with it?"

"No it's just that it probably only goes up to 50 mph. And that's weak especially for a vampire." I noticed that he had been driving really fast on the way here. It hadn't bothered me but that's not the way I would've driven.

"I'm not really crazy about the speed thing. I don't mind driving slow."

"Ok, it's your choice."

I smiled, "Thank you Emmett."

"No problem sister."
Amazing, as always :)
thank you :)
yay, more soon please
ok :)
I just felt a deja vú...
I loved it, you know I did ;)
haha thanks :)


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