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Ok, So the other day this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to write soo here i am writing it!


Summary~ When Bella was in middle and high school she got made fun of because her weight and bad acne. When she got to high school she vowed that she would get revenge. She made a list of all the people that made fun of her. When she got done with college became a Model she went to train to learn how to fight and work a gun. She then meets Edward her personal trainer to keep her in shape and falls in love with him. Will Edward stand in her way of getting revenge? Or most importanly will he find out what she's up too?





"Fatty,Fatty acne eater." They sang to me as i walked my locker to get my books out for my last class. "Here come 4 eye's." One of them said. I knew they were talking about my Best Friend Angela Weber. "Hey Bella are you ready for our last class? Thank god." She asked me. "Not really." I asked closing my locker. This was the one class i had with my crush. Everytime i saw him I turned bright red and everybody teased me. "Only 2 more years till we graduate." She sang. "Yeah and 2 more years of getting made fun of." I said and sat down next to my lab partner aka crush. I opened my notebook up and turned to a clean page. All of a sudden i started to write:



                                                             HIT LIST                                                                     

                                                          Mike Newton                                                                 

                                                          Jessica Stanley                                                             

                                                           Amber Rose                                                                  

                                                          Tyler Crowley                                                                

                                                          Gianna Blake                                                                

                                                          Football team                                                                

                                                         Cheerleading team                                                        

                                                            Jacob Black                                                                 



I realize what i was writing; a hit list. It was a good idea. I would graduate,Lose weight,Get rid of my acne, train and get revenge. I reread the list. Wait Jacob Black i couldnt have him on there he was my crush he didnt do anything to me just made me blush. Jacob Black.  I crossed him off. Starting after i graduate i would change and get revenge.


I hope you guys liked the summary and the preface and will read the story, Please read and comment and tell me what you think of this idea!


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i didn't expected that!!!!
but i love it <33
keep me updated!!!
love shauny
PS YAY first comment!!!!
is that guy eddie boy??? more ASAP
Maybe, Maybe not, Guess we'll have to see!
OMG....LOL......... I think the "guy" got into the kiss to.....hmmmm...wonder who it was?? LOL.......Poor Bella having slap him :( LOL..........Love it
love it
cant wait for more
who was it ws it edward omg omg omg omg omg i am so hype i cant wait for the next chaper
love it
i wish Bella had her first kiss with Edward.. hehe.. thanks for the update... post more please

Ch.5 Fast Forward

2 years later...

Ever since that night i got my first kiss everything has change. My face had cleared up shortly after that. I had dropped a total of 75lbs and i weighted 131lbs. I even had got a boyfriend named Jake! ( Not Short for Jacob just Jake a totally different guy!) Not just 1 guy but 4 total. They were never that special someone i was looking for. They were all pigs!.

"Hey are you going to that end of the year party this weekend?" Kate asked me pulling me out of my thoughs.

"Of course! I'm Bella Swan! The most popular girl the school." I joked. "I'm just playing, but yeah im going i had my outfit picked out for like 2 months!" I said.

"Yeah right Bella you are the most popular girl in the school your like the most beautiful girl i know." She rolled her eyes.

Just then a girl with blonde hair stepped out an Red Mercedes M3. She looked gorgeous! She had a beautiful figure that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem including me. I hadn't had troubles with my self-esteem in 2 years because i was the most beautiful girl in my school and around the city. Seeing her i felt ugly again, i hated being ugly, i hated this goddess that came in here and made me feel like this. As she walked passed she glared at me and i glared back. While we glared everyone else stared at her.

"What was that about?" Kate asked as the blonde walked into a building.

"I dont know, lets not talk about it." I said not wanting to talk about the blonde that was prettyer than me.

"So who are you going with to the party?" Kate asked changing the subject.

"Do you think she goes to are school?" I asked interrrupting.

"I dont know, i think i would have seen her before or something." She said looking into her blackberry.

I needed to find out more about this girl. Who do she think she is to come and be prettier than me.

The weekend/The party!!

"Im all ready!!" I yelled into the next room to let kate know.

"Oh my god! Bella! Finally!! The party is probably all ready over!!" She wined.

"Oh whatever! Come on." I grabbed my purse and was out the door with Kate following behind me.

We arrived 10 mins later at the party. It was crowed! Their was kids out side makeout on top of cars, People smoking doing drugs,Whatever kids did at parties.

"Bella!!" Some kids said as i walked into the house. I smiled and waved.

The music blasted through the speakers. Kate had dissapeared. I guess it was just me. I made my way over to the drinks and a few drinks later i was dancing.

"Heyy sexy!" Someone purred in my ear. I turned around. It was James.

"Heyy." I slurred.

"I have a suprise for you!" He said.

"A suprise?" I repeated.

"Yeah, close your eyes." He said.

I closed my eyes. "Whoa." I said as he picked me up and started walking to somewhere. He opened a door and through me on the bed. And locked the door behind him.

"Your gonna give me what i want or your gonna get hurt." He said firm.

What have i getting myself. He walked towards me and started to take his shirt off. He stepped closer to me as i stood still. I couldnt let this happen. He started kissing me neck his hands around my waist. Then i got an idea. I hit him his (Part) and he let me go with a yell. "You B!it)ch!" He screamed. I kicked him with my heel. I ran and unlocked the door and ran out to my car starting it up driving to my appartment.

I couldnt believe what happened. I wasnt gonna be able to sleep tonight.

Ok i hoped you liked this chapter! PLease Comment!!


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