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Ok, So the other day this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to write soo here i am writing it!


Summary~ When Bella was in middle and high school she got made fun of because her weight and bad acne. When she got to high school she vowed that she would get revenge. She made a list of all the people that made fun of her. When she got done with college became a Model she went to train to learn how to fight and work a gun. She then meets Edward her personal trainer to keep her in shape and falls in love with him. Will Edward stand in her way of getting revenge? Or most importanly will he find out what she's up too?





"Fatty,Fatty acne eater." They sang to me as i walked my locker to get my books out for my last class. "Here come 4 eye's." One of them said. I knew they were talking about my Best Friend Angela Weber. "Hey Bella are you ready for our last class? Thank god." She asked me. "Not really." I asked closing my locker. This was the one class i had with my crush. Everytime i saw him I turned bright red and everybody teased me. "Only 2 more years till we graduate." She sang. "Yeah and 2 more years of getting made fun of." I said and sat down next to my lab partner aka crush. I opened my notebook up and turned to a clean page. All of a sudden i started to write:



                                                             HIT LIST                                                                     

                                                          Mike Newton                                                                 

                                                          Jessica Stanley                                                             

                                                           Amber Rose                                                                  

                                                          Tyler Crowley                                                                

                                                          Gianna Blake                                                                

                                                          Football team                                                                

                                                         Cheerleading team                                                        

                                                            Jacob Black                                                                 



I realize what i was writing; a hit list. It was a good idea. I would graduate,Lose weight,Get rid of my acne, train and get revenge. I reread the list. Wait Jacob Black i couldnt have him on there he was my crush he didnt do anything to me just made me blush. Jacob Black.  I crossed him off. Starting after i graduate i would change and get revenge.


I hope you guys liked the summary and the preface and will read the story, Please read and comment and tell me what you think of this idea!


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love the tattoo idea!!!
keep me updated!!
love shauny
this sounds really good
Ok. ill read it now.
Wow like it and like that tatto :P
update soon


"New york,New york." I muttered to myself after finally getting a cab. I would have to get use to it. I got my 2 suitcase's out and walked to my apartment i had happenend to find off campus. It was in a pretty good neightborhood, it was a 2 bedroom apartment, Kitchen, living room, dinning room, laundry room. It had cost a lot of money which my parents had. After i settled in unpacking my suitcases it was time to shop. I loved shopping! Which i mostly shopped online on expensive websites that i would never wear. And plus i didnt want to go to the mall here and get laughed at by people i didnt even know. So i didnt even bother to leave. I sat on the floor of my apartment and opened my laptop up and waited for it to start up. Once it was ready to go i got on some websites to order some furniter and of course some clothes that i would definally be wearing since this was the start of the new me. 4 hours after my little shopping spree i went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirrow and all i saw was an ugly person which happened to be me. I felt like crying. I took out a bottle of proactive. I bought this a couple weeks ago, i wanted to start using it went i left for new york. I sure hoped it worked. Then my stomach growled. I needed to go to the store and pick up some food. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door. Then i realized i didnt know were the store was and i didnt want to wait 15mins to get a cab. I walked back in the house. I guess i would have to order something. So i called the nearest pizza place. As i waited for the pizza i looked though the phone book to see were i could get a personal trainer. I finally found one. I wrote the number down. Just then there was a knock on the door, the pizza guy. I paid him and he hurried up and ran away. Great i just scared the pizza guy away. I closed the door behind me. Yum the pizza smelled so good. Greasy and tasty! Ate the whole pizza in mins. I called the number. Shortly after i feel asleep on the floor.

*A month later*

It has been a month since i moved to New York. I had started my training and had already lost 15lbs now weighing 191lbs. My acne had started to clear up just a little but was still bad. "GIVE ME 50 MORE!!" My trainer Necole yelled. Some time i just wanted punch the living daylights out of her, but she was helping me. I was soaked in sweat. I gave her 50 more crunches like she said and was able to go home. I walked home since i only lived 5 blocks away and plus walking wont hurt. I took a hot shower when i got home. I ate some salad and layed down on the couch and watch some tv. There was a month left till school started and i was hoping my acne would clear up and i could drop a few more pounds so i could make some friends and maybe even a boyfriend. Who was i kidding i would probably never get a boyfriend.
But who know's i was on my way to success.

I hoped you liked it! It's gonna get a lot better! Please Comment!!
more ASAP
LOVE IT...UPDATE SOON...When will Edward show up?
love it
cant wait for more
go bella.that was fab!!update soon.
:D Nice chap


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