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Ok, So the other day this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to write soo here i am writing it!


Summary~ When Bella was in middle and high school she got made fun of because her weight and bad acne. When she got to high school she vowed that she would get revenge. She made a list of all the people that made fun of her. When she got done with college became a Model she went to train to learn how to fight and work a gun. She then meets Edward her personal trainer to keep her in shape and falls in love with him. Will Edward stand in her way of getting revenge? Or most importanly will he find out what she's up too?





"Fatty,Fatty acne eater." They sang to me as i walked my locker to get my books out for my last class. "Here come 4 eye's." One of them said. I knew they were talking about my Best Friend Angela Weber. "Hey Bella are you ready for our last class? Thank god." She asked me. "Not really." I asked closing my locker. This was the one class i had with my crush. Everytime i saw him I turned bright red and everybody teased me. "Only 2 more years till we graduate." She sang. "Yeah and 2 more years of getting made fun of." I said and sat down next to my lab partner aka crush. I opened my notebook up and turned to a clean page. All of a sudden i started to write:



                                                             HIT LIST                                                                     

                                                          Mike Newton                                                                 

                                                          Jessica Stanley                                                             

                                                           Amber Rose                                                                  

                                                          Tyler Crowley                                                                

                                                          Gianna Blake                                                                

                                                          Football team                                                                

                                                         Cheerleading team                                                        

                                                            Jacob Black                                                                 



I realize what i was writing; a hit list. It was a good idea. I would graduate,Lose weight,Get rid of my acne, train and get revenge. I reread the list. Wait Jacob Black i couldnt have him on there he was my crush he didnt do anything to me just made me blush. Jacob Black.  I crossed him off. Starting after i graduate i would change and get revenge.


I hope you guys liked the summary and the preface and will read the story, Please read and comment and tell me what you think of this idea!


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awsome post soon keep me updated !!!!!!!
cool.. write more
awesome !!!
keep me updated!!!\
love shauny
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome.........update soon
this story is so good i got scared when i saw jacob but he was crossed out so great story update soon
Sounds ok so far...

Ok so here's the first chapter!! Yay!!

ChApter 1

"Bella Swan." They called my name to receive my diploma. As I walked to shake the principles hand I tripped. My fellow classmates roared in laughter. "Fatty,Fatty acne eater!" They sang. I got up and held my tears back. I shook his hand got my diploma and walked out stage and took my picture. The class of 2005 great. Outside were the parents and family waited for there kids my mom and dad rushed to my side. "Sweet are you alright?" My mom asked grabbing me in a hug. "Mom I'm fine." I said pushing her off, I didn't need to be embarrassed anymore today. "Sorry honey." She looked disappointed. "Congratulations! Bells." My dad said, he knew I didn't like hugs. "Thanks." "Bella!! We finally did it!!" Angela said jumping up and down. "I know finally." I said. "Bella we'll meet you at home you got get sleep before your sleep." My dad informed me. "Ok." I turned back to Angela. She looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked her. I hated feelings. "Your leaving already." She said holding back tears. "Oh Angela don't cry I'll call you everyday webcam you, visit you." I tried to reassure her. "You promise?" She asked. "Promise." She smiled. Just then Mike ran passed me and dumped red paint all over me. I swear his gonna be the first to be gone from my hit list! "Well I call you." I told Angela and walk to my old beat up truck getting laughs. There was Ugly Swan written on the side of the car. I just sighed and got in my car took my gown and drove home. I was driving when i got this great idea. I pulled in from of the river and turned the car off not bothering if the car was in park or anything. I got out went to the back and pushed. I watched as my truck rolled off into the river and sank down. Starting today i was a new person. I started to walk back to my house it was that far from her,i could always get a cab. I then passed a tattoo shop. I stopped and looked in. I had no idea what i was doing till the guy was asking me what kind of tattoo i wanted to get today. "Umm... I want music notes and stars going from my stomach up to my shoulder." I said holding my shirt up pointing to where i wanted it at. He nodded and got ready. I closed my eyes and leaned back. I couldnt believe i was getting an tattoo! I then felt the needle touch my stomach. I felt pretty good not painful. "Ok what do you think?" The guy asked. I looked in the mirrow. "Wow. It looks great thanks." I said and put my shirt down. I paid and contiuned to walk home. I was there in 10 mins. My mom was in the kitchen cook my graduation dinner. "Sweetie go wash up and Dinner should be ready." She knew i took hour long showers. I though that if i could take long steaming hot showers i could melt the fat away. I undressed and got in the shower. I didnt realize how long i been in here till my mom knocked on the door. "Sweetie, Dinners ready." I heard her walked away. I got dressed and put some simple clothes on making sure i covered up my new tattoo. I opened the door to the smell of the wonderful food. Since today was the last day as the old Bella Swan i was going to eat everything! "Slow down Bella." My dad Charlie said. "It's not gonna run away." He joked. One reason why i needed to get out of this place was because i was tired of my dad's fat jokes he made every now a then. I glared at him. I didnt care what he said i still gone eat. This maybe the last time i ever ate this food.
After i finshed and had pie i excused myself to my room to finsh place last min stuff for my flight tomorrow which was just my laptop and books. I was done in mins. When i get to New York i'm gonna have to get a personal trainer quick! I got in bed and feel right to sleep.

Ugh i moaned, stupid alarm clocks. It was time to get ready for my flight. It wasnt long before my mom came knocking on my door. "Are you ready? It's time to leave." "Yeah, i'll be down in a min." I called. I took one last look at my room and walked out the door and to the car. "Bella honey were's your car?" My mom asked. "Its a long story." I said and sticked my ear buds in my ear turning up the volume. We were at the airport in no time. "Ok Bella now you dont have to go." My mom said to me her hands on my shoulders. "Yes i do." I said. She sighed. "Ok." My parents werent really good with emotions, they didnt like showing any neither did i. We finshed our good bye's and i walked to bored my first call seat. This was the begginning of the new me.

Ok, i didnt like this chapter. I though it was all over the place. I'm tired and was trying to get it done. But i'll rewrite it later on but for now this it. Sorry if i spelled stuff wrong too! But the picture of her tattoo is at the bottom and please please comment! I would like to know it you didnt like it please let me know. I promise the next chapter will better.

Getting Good......UPDATE SOON
love it
its messed up that everone make fun of her its just not right.............
fab!!update soon!!
awesome, go on!!!!! XD


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