The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen was dying and going to die soon. Then he meet Bella,who was doing her community service from shoplifting.Edwrad change Bella life,he makes her feel,he makes her think,and he makes her cry..........




REMEMBER ME (Why is Life so Unfair??)



When i got caught shoplifting,i tought it was the end of the world.And when the judge sentence me with 200 hours of community service,I thought it was an eternity!!

BUT I NEVER thought that I'd love working at the hospice so much....or i would meet someone like EDWARD.

Edward has a weak heart.He says he's going to die.

And since i met him,I've realized how lucky really am.

I used to think 200 hours of volunteer work was such long time.But Edward might not even live long enough to see me finish....



P.S. how do you say good bye to someone you love??





chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10



Lemme know what you think,every comments means a lot for me!!Thanks...

Luv Ya....



IRMA (irmasencullens)













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^_^ have a great day sista...!!!
You are such a supercool writer and I just love this story... I can't wait for you to continue. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Thank you so mcuh,honey.....!!!
wow!!!! you include my name in your story.. I am so overwhelmed!!! thank you!!!

-Jasper??? He loves Bella?? What will Bella do in that revelation? Is Ildira is in love with Jasper that's why she cried in the last chapter?? So many questions in my mind right now that need some answers.. And for that another chapter please.. Well done!!!!
Thank you so mcuh sista.... for the next chapter, i even dont know about it yet...sorry!!
that's ok!!!!! I will wait for your next post..
chapter 15

" E...Jsh!!"
" Did i frightened you sweetheart?" ask the man
" Is it real?" Bella ask him back
" Are you afraid with me,Princess?" he come closer to her
" Jesus!!!" Bella hugs him, tears drop from her eyes " Edward, how I really miss you."
" I'm sorry. I didn't mean to awaken you,Princess."
" I dont mind," Bella drew his hand to her belly , where the child kicked vigorously" But he does."
Then Edward kissed her lips and his hand caressed the satin swell of her stomach " Thank you."
Bella look up into his eyes, then ask " For what?"
" For keeping our baby alive." Edward gently caressed her and held her to his frozen heart. " I Love you." he kisses her again
" I Love you too." Bella lifted her face to received his kisses. Her breath was uneven with joy. Her herathbeat as strong as horse. He was here. Edward was home.
When her breath slowed,he looked down at her, his dark eyes slumbrous with love. " Bella,my love,it took me so many years to find you,I'll treasure you forever. Our souls are entwinded;you make me feel whole,complete. Do you think I'd let anything destroy our togetherness?"
" Oh,Edward,I love you too much. I cannot help being afraid for you." Bella whispered
Edward wanted to make her laugh. " There are only two ways I'll die-on the upstroke or on the downstroke!" he giggled
" Edward!" she clung to him. He gripped her with his hands. Bella feel she miss this moment so much. She wanted him. God,she need him. " My love." she wishpered, " do you remember how you loved me that first time? How you conquered me with kisses until I was helpless with love?"

He smilled into the darkness. Bella needed a little time to get used to him again. He kisses her slowly,gently,softly and melting kisses which showed her he remember every detail of their first delicious mating. At firstshe moaned with pleasure but soon sighed in frustration. She wanted him more than anything in the world. Bella closed her eyes.
" Open your eyes,Princess. I want to see your face when you come to me." Edward whispered. She obeyed. Edward bent his head and kissed her lips again,their bodies joined,their hands clasped.


" Shall I kiss you awake?" Edward asked. Smiling deeply into her eyes.
" Umm... Is it morning already ?" Bella tried to open her eyes. Realize she was sleep awhole night in Edward's arms.
" Morning is almost over. Its ten forty nine already."
" God,I'm late." Bella cried panickly
" S'kay, Princess. Its just...."
" Bella, may I in?" Drish called from outside
" Umm..gimme a minutes,Drish!!" Bella got up. Edward's eyes wide when he saw her stand naked. Bella realize then quickly she wear her nightgown." Naughty boy." Edward giggled.
" Bella." Drish called her again. " Okay,if you not ready yet. I'll be waiting in the garden.Meet me there when you ready."
" Okay.. Thanks Drish." Bella answered and then turned into Edward. " Look what you've done."
" Let get shower. Dont make my sister waiting you too long." Edward said. He kiss her. When Bella opened her eyes,he was gone.

After she take shower,Bella come down to kitchen for breakfast then quickly she out from the kitchen to meet Drish. Today they have planning for shopping.Buy all necessary for Bella and her baby. But,just before she go to garden,Bella stopped by the voice from inside the room.
" Stop to play with her,Jasper. Dont make her as your prey. She's our bos now."
" Mind your own business,Lady."
" Jasper,can you understand this? Dont make this innocent girl be part of your game."
" My game? Its yours, Ildira.Yours."
" What do you mean?"
" Don't foolish me,Ildira Peterson. Everybody here also know,who you are. You're a ......" Jasper stopped
" Bella.You here?" Drish come from behind. " Come on. Everybody is waiting for us there.
" Oh,okay.... I'm sorry." Bella said then followed Drish to go outside
" We'll die." Ildira said hottly to Jasper
" Its your fault." Jasper replied
hey Honey... Thanks a lot for reading sis... :))
Hi I got it right?
Yes,its your name. Twi-Emmet have this idea, to bring all my reader into this story. Because without your comment this story really means nothing.
Thank you so Much sis......
Hey my evil sister there you knew Irma had updated her story and didn't say a word to me when we last text this morning. You are so mean! Well it's okay since I know you probably wanted me to be surprised because I had to follow your story as well. Well you have to wait for Irma to post the next chapter because I truly don't know what my own secret is. I don't know if Ildira/myself is a Vampire? It's up to Irma. Also, I can't bare for Bella to imagine Edward, I just want him back... The chapter where he was gone has left a deep hole in my heart and I just need him back. Irma knows this so let's hope she keeps him permanently back? You will have to see what's gonna happen next. I don't know myself, Irma is doing such an excellent sneaky job. I love it! Post the next chapter quickly Irma... Thanks!
Dont angry with her Ildira.... i dont want she come to your place with 100 of men-on-arm to make you (just kidding sis...)

Zaicha, Thanks a lot for reading sis!!! But sorry i cant answer your quetion now as i really no idea what goin on next??!


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