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Summary~ Bella is forced to marry Edward. What happends when it's NOT love at first sight and Bella has a Dirty secret that could made her lose everything she has?














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My new story called forced. Ch.1

Ok so here's the deal, my name is Isabella marie swan. My dad is charile, chief
police or Forks. My mom is renee’, an well let's just say that she's very good
with a pole. I'm currently 19 but will be turning 20 In 31days. I live in my own
appartment in Jacksonvill flordia. I'm going to school there to be a artisit. I
love to draw! And I also love my boyfriend jacob,jake for short. We have been
going out since we were freshmen in high schoool. At first my borther Emmett
didn't approve but finally he let my and jake go on a date.
Emmett lives in forks with his girlfriend Rosaile so he can be close to her so
he's going to school there in washigtion to be a comdian. And for Rose, she
going to be a model. My mom renee has tried to get me to come down Arizona, but
I refused to because last time I went well let's say so one ended up in the


"Hey, baby why don't you mozie over here and give daddy some sugary." the guy
said to me standing in my kitchen. 
I just rolled my eye's knowing it was one of my moms clintens. " oh, baby don't be
like that." He said walking toward me. I wasn't scared, I had got used to
things like this happening. The guy walked a little bit more till he was about a
foot away. Then he spoke again and said "Now give daddy some kisses!" As he
steped closer I pulled my hand back so fast and I punched him dead in the nose.
His hand flew to his nose as he stembled backwards. As he did he fell into the
glass table and my mom came out the room. I would never forget the look she had
on her face it was so harrliarous but I tried to muffle my laugh. She ran And
called 911 and the next thing you'll know here comes the ambulance. Later on mom
came home and told me I had damaged his nose so badly not even surgery could
make it look decent enough. Mom was so pissed she sent me to live with Emmett
and Charile. I wasn't upset, I was acually very happy in deed. 

~ End of flaschback~

That's why I'm not going back. After renee’ called, jake called and asked if I
would come to dinner with him and his "Friend" that's a girl. And of course I
said yes. After I finshed studying for my test on Monday, I went to the kitchen
and fixed my something quick to eat. Then I headed to the bathroom to brush my
teeth an take a long hot shower. After my skin start to get wrinkly like old
people I decided to get out and go to bed. I set my alarm clock for 10:45am and
got In bed.I turned the tv off and layed on my side thinking about when me and
Jake get married one day till I fell into a dreamless night.

Ok please comment! I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow i just have to edit it out....i dont want to get banned again! LOL and i PROMISE it WILL get better!!


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Ok I Tried to make this one longer.

After jake walked out I was still shocked but I didn't get upset or anything becuase he had no right to yell at me. I started to continued finshing my list I had made yesterday. I got my laptop out it's bag and started to transfor schools. Once that was done I began the process of selling my house. Then I got my ticket for Saturday. I was left with nothing to do. I sat there for a few mins thinking when I got a call. It must be Jacob calling to apology. He better have a sorry ass apology to for yelling at me. "Hello." I said. "Hey Bella it's me Edward." How in the world did he get me number I thought. "Oh hey Edward." "how's everything going?" he asked. For some odd reason I wanted to tell him about Jake yelling at me but of course I didn't. "it's going great, I sold my house,transfor schools,packed my stuff and I'm ready to go home.". I confessed. He laughed,"I don't know about that Alice is planing a lot of things for when you come back." I sighed. We continued to talk for a few mins. I liked talking to Edward, it was like he was my bestfriend and I could tell him anything. Edward was the one who had to go because was suppose be helping Alice with something. She sounded mad too. After I got off the phone I had nothing to do. I called up Victoria to see if she wanted to grab a bite to eat but she didn't answer. It looked like I would be at home on a Thursday afternoon. Oh what there was one option. " Hey Mike, it's Bella, you wanna hang out today?" I said hoping he would say no. But that didn't happen. "I would love to!" when should I pick you up?" he asked. I could tell he was smiling. "umm how about we met at starbucks since I'm already out." I lied. "yeah, yeah , sure I'll be there in 5mins." he said and hung up. This would be the perfect time to rub it in his face I was Engaged to two guys! Ok maybe one. I grabbed my jakcet,my purse and car keys and headed to starbucks. Either I drove really slow but I doubt that because I drive really fast! I lived about 2mins away from starbucks so do the math 2mins + a person who speeds= like 30sec. "Hey Bella!" Mike said jumping up from his seat. "Hey Mike, it's been awhile huh?" "Yeah I was suprised when you called." he said sounding way to happy. "yeah I just wanted to hang out with some friends before I let." I blurted out. I shouldn't have said that. When I told Mike I was going to college in Jacksonville he came up here too. "your leaving?" he asked looking sad. "yeah." I told him about my dad being sick and all and he looked like he could cry. "Mike are you ok?" I questioned. "yeah I'm just sad I'm losing one of my favorite friends." he said. I sighed. Maybe 45 mins later I made an excuse to leave. "I'll walk you to your car." he spoke hurrying out of his chair to mine to help me up. We walked to my car. "So I guess this is goodbye." he said like what they would say in a movie or something. " Yup." was all I said. " I'll miss you." He muttered. I guess he thought now was his time because he leaned in to kiss me but I stepped back. I rised my left hand up and showed him the ring Jacob got me. "Im engaged." He looked embrrassed. "oh." was all he said before he checks started to light on fire. "well Mike I gotta go, bye." I said and escaped into my car. I pulled off and it was about 5pm. I decided I would just have a movie night and watch Avatar, and my favorite movie Twilight. I fell right to sleep after twilight went off. I woke up to Victoras ringer ,Dinosaur by ke$ha. "Hello?" I answered sleepy. "GET UP!" Victoria screamed in my ear. I let out a big sigh. "You have to meet Edwards sister Alice you guys would be the best of friends" i insisted. "Whose Edward?" she asked. "oh that's the guy Im marrying next to Jacob who asked me yesterday. I said with my eyes closed. "Omg he asked you? You said yes right." she asked. "of course." I said. "what about that Edward guy your suppose to marry too." I had to think for a min before it came to me. "I got it!!, I'll marry Edward, tell Jacob I want to get marry like and a year or so. And I'll get an divorse and marry Jacob and be happy. That's a great idea!" I exclaimed.
"uh I don't know Bells" victoria said sounding worried. "if Jacob still wants to marry me." I added. " why wouldn't he want to marry you?" she asked. I told her about are fight and him walking out saying he needed some time. "of course he still wants to marry you Bella! He just needs some time that's all." she reasured me. "I hope so." I said not really sure. "Trust me Bella ok?, NOW GET UP I HAVE A GREAT DAY PLANNED AHEAD." she yelled in the phone. "ugh, ok." And I hung up the phone.

I took a long hot shower,got dressed, brushed teeth,did my hair,ate,and waited for victoria. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. I answered the door and there stood Victoria looking very different. She had black sweat pants on with a pink t-shirt.
"Um Victoria what are you wearing?" I asked probably looking dumb. "what are you wearing?" she asked. "I though we were going out to a club or something." I said. "ok if you want Bella." she said before walking to the bathroom. A few short mins later she walked out wearing a short black dress that draped down with white legging and some heels that looked like striper shoes. "woah, victoria you look.....amazing." I said. "thanks, you look amazing too!" she exclaimed. "thanks." "come on let's go." she said pulling me out the door into her car. We pulled up to a karoke bar and my face fell. "I am not singing!!" I turn to Victoria. "Oh come on Bella! Please for me this is your last day in jacksonville and none of them are ever gonna see you again." she reasure. "you never know." I replied honestly. "pleaseeee for me?" she gave me the puppie eyes. "Oh fine, only one song!" I said and got out the car and slammed the door. I walked inside and got a table. "Table for two." I said. "follow me." The lady said. By that time Victoria was behind me. "your waitor I'll be out in a min." The lady said and walked away. "Dont slam my door again." Victoria said flashing her white teeth and walked away. 30 seconds later she walked back smiling. Are waitor walked out a min later. "Hey I'm jeremy and I'll be your waitor for the night, what can I get you." he said mostly to me. "I'll take a mushroom ravioli." I said handing him the menu. "I'll take what she had." Victoria said and handed him the menu too. He wrote it down and walked away. Victoria was smiling the whole time. She was up to something. Our food arrived and the waitor tried to flirt with me. I was half way done when I heard... "Bella Swan will you please come to the stage." a guy on the micophone anounced. Victoria was smiling so big her face could break. "What did you do Victoria?" I asked looking at her. "Please Bella it's just one song,and you promised." "Ugh fine but I didn't promise." I said getting up. "Um do you have dinosaur by ke$ha?" I asked. He shooked his head and gave me a count of three before starting the music.

a dinosaur
a dinosaur and,
Your just an old man
Hitting on me what?
You need a cat scan

Verse 1:
Old man
Why are you starrin' at me
Mack on me and my friends its kinda a creepy
You should be prowling around the Old folks home
Come on dude!
Leave us alone

At first we thought that it was kind of ill when
We saw that you were like a billion
And still out tryin' to make a killin'
Get back to the museum

a dinosaur
a dinosaur and,
Your just an old man
Hitting on me what?
You need a cat scan

Hey dinosaur
baby, you're prehistoric
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!
Hey carnivore
you are my meat, I know it
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!

yeah,your pretty old hahaha

Verse 2:
Not long til' your a senior citizen
And you can strut around with that sexy tank of oxygen
Honey your toupee is fallin' to your left side
Get up and go bro!
Oh wait your fossilized HA!

you sit down
buy me a martini
Wont go away my hips
are in syncing
Then you say,wanna come with me
I'm about to barf, seriously

a dinosaur
a dinosaur
Your just an old man
Hitting on me what?
You need a cat scan

Hey dinosaur
baby, you're prehistoric
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!
Hey carnivore
you want my meat, I know it
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!

Hey dinosaur baby,
you're prehistoric
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!
Hey carnivore
you want my meat, I know it
Hey dinosaur
That's what you are HA!

a dinosaur
That's what you are HA!
a dinosaur
That's what you are HA!

(song by ke$ha - dinosaur)

I opened my eyes that I noticed that was closeed. Everybody were clapping and Victoria was screaming "that's my friend, that's my friend" I laughed to myself and stepped off staged. "Omg that was amazing." Victoria said. "thanks" I said blushing. We left after that. "Hey were are we going." I asked after a few mins. "To the video store, were having a girls night before you leave." she said pulling into the video store parking lot. "wait here." she said and got out the car. I was playing with my phone when Edward called I knew that because I had saved his number last time he called. I smiled. "Heyy, Edward." "Hey Bella what's up?" "Nothing much, I'm waitting in the car me and my friend are having and movie night before I leave." I replied. "No boys right?" he asked trying to joke but failed by sounding serious. "haha nope no boys."I said silently laughting in my head. We just met each other like a couple days ago and he's already a protective fiancé. "That's good." he said serious still. Victoria came out and got in the car. "Uh Edward I'll talk to you later. My friend just got back in the car." "Ok I'll see ya tomorrow." he said. "bye" and I hung up. Victoria was looking at my smiling. "what?" "Oh nothing" she said and took off to my house. When we got inside i got the covers and we changed into our pajams. I made some popcorn and got out all the candy I had which was a lot. "So which movie are we gonna watch?" I asked. "New moon." Victoria said popping some popcorn in her mouth. "I been meaning to watch that movie but I haven't had time." I said sitting next to her grabbing some popcorn too. "That's good I didn't know if you have seen this yet." she said.
~After The Movie~
"OMG I HOPE SHE SAID YES!, that was a good movie! I wanna watch it again." I said. "haha I know." Victoria said. It was about 10pm. I told Victoria about what I did to mike yesterday she thought it was pretty funny too. We clean up our mess we made and went to sleep. Before I did I make sure I set my alarm clock for 6:15 because my flight let at 8:25pm.

~next day~
BEEP,BEEP, BEEPP. "Ugh." I rolled over.
"Victoria get up!" i said shaking her.
She open her eyes. "I gotta get ready to leave. Are you coming to the airport with me?" I asked. "yeah." she got up. "Do you need me to do anything?" she asked. "Uh yeah can you please put my suitcase in my car please?" I asked. "Sure." I brushed my teeth got in the shower and put my clothes on. I put my hair in a sloppy bun.
"ok I'm all done" Victoria said when i came out. "Thanks." "No problem" she said. "ok so your following me to the airport right?" I asked to make sure. "Yeah." "ok let's go." I said and locked the door and took one lasted look at my house and got in my car drove off to the airport. We have only 10mins before my flight took off because we got stuck in traffic. Victoria helped me with my suitcase and I went to get my ticket. "Ok Victoria I guess this is it." I said my eyes were tearing up now. "I know, I'm gonna miss you." she said hugging me. I only had two mins left. "I better go I promise you I call you." I said. "ok" she said. I ran to the guy by my gate and gave him ticket and looked back at Victoria. She wave and I wave back. I turned around and aboard the plan.

I hope you like it. Please Comment!!
love it update soon
I love it.I guess Edward is finally seeing this is not a bad thing for him.It's a good thing if her can get Bella around.Please update soon!
loved it
more please
its fab!!love it!!update soon!
love it <33
keep me updated!!!
love shauny
i love it update soon i really love this
update soon this is awsome
loved it update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love it!!! =)

I arrived at the airport in Seattle around 4:45pm. I gathered my luggage and had to take two trips to my car and back. And I headed to the house. When I got home I saw Alice yellow porsche in the drive way and next thing I know I was being attacked by Alice. "BELLA YOUR BACK!!" Alice screamed. I laughed. "I missed you!! I haven't been able to play dress up!!"
"haha I missed you too!" I said hugging her back. "Not only did I missed you, but Edward did too! He's in the house." she said with a huge smile. I blushed. "BELLA!" Emmett screamed and charged to hug me. "can't breathe." I managed to say. "Sorry, just missed ya that's all." "I missed you too." I said.
Emmett help take in my bags and stuff. I walked up stairs with Alice after he was done. "Ok don't take to long in there, I want to start wedding plans today!" she said when we reached the door. She smiled and walked off. I open the door and there was Edward siting on my bed looking sexy as ever! He got up and walked over to me and gave me a hug and I hugged him back. "Have fun?" he asked. "Yeah lots." I told him about everything that happen besides the whole jake purposing and us having sex and everything. His response "That mike dude better watch it, he doesn't know who he's missing with." he said trying to joke but to me it sounded seriuos. "I guess we better get going Alice and Esme wants you to come over and start wedding plans." he said getting up. "Yup, I'm driving right because I didn't see your car." I stated. "yeah if that's ok with you." he said. "sure." I said.
When we got in the car Edward first words were "oh my Hamilton, Bella what kind of car is this?" "It's a charger duh." I said starting the engine. "I know what kind of car it is, why do you have it? it's slow?" he asked stund. "Hey!! don't hate on the charger it's fast enough for me." I smirked. "psh, I'm getting you a new FASTER car." he said looking out the window. "yeah you do that." I said smiling. "I'm serious Bella." he said looking at me now. " I know." I said. I didn't realize I didn't know where Edward lived till a few mins of silent. "Uh Edward, um where do you live?" I asked. "oh sorry turn up there" he said pointing to a road leading to the woods. "um you live in the woods?" I asked. "yeah, don't worry I'm not gonna kill you." he laughed. I managed to force a smile, still not sure. We pulled up to a big beautiful house. "This is your house?" I asked. "well duh Bella." he smirked in got out the car. I didn't realize I was still in the car till Edward open my door and offered his hand. "Thanks." I said and got out. We walked inside holding hands. "oh there you guys are! You took ling enough." Alice said coming up to us pulling us to a room. We planned some stuff for the wedding like decations and where it's gonna be at and the honeymoon and stuff like that. When we got done it was around sunset. "Hey, I wanna show you something." Edward whispered in my ear and started dragging me out the door. "what is it?" I asked. "Oh you'll see it's a suprise." he replied. After a short few mins we arrived at my suprise. "here it is." it's beautiful Edward." I said looking around at the meadow. "I know, I come here when I need to think, nobody knows about it expect you and me." he said walking to the middle and sitting down. I sat next to him. We talked about high school, college, what we want to be. "why do you want to be an actor? I asked him. "Honstely I have no idea."he said looking at the sunset. I didn't say anything I just looked at at the stars. When he turn his head around and next thing I know was his lips were touching mine. His kiss was so sweet and gently. My hands some how found his hair and I was on top of him. Nothing mattered, he was only Edward and I. Edward finally said "We shouldn't be doing this we barely know each other." "your right, I should probably be getting home." I said getting up. As much as I didn't want to stop I wanted to go on and go farther but I knew that was wrong because I have Jacob. We reached my car in no time. "Ok I'll see you tomorrow right?" I asked. "yup" he said and kissed me on the lips. I blushed of course. I got in the car and drove home unhappy for some reason. I went to sleep crying that night because I realized I need Jacob and I couldn't live without him.


2 months later.( after they kiss.)

Edward and I am basically a regular engaged couple.
That day after I went to sleep crying because I thought I needed Jake, I promised myself I would never cry over him again because he walked out on me! So he's out of the picture. So back to me and Edward. The day after me and Edward kissed we had plans to go back to that meadow and he would show me his house and I would stay for dinner. All went as plan. He picked me up and we headed to his house. I was still sad at the time about Jacob, who said I couldn't be sad over him? All I said was cry over him and I’m not. But that soon changed when Edward started tickling me and threw me in the lake scaring all the fish away. (B/N there's a lake nearby.) "Edward!" I screamed laughing.
He couldn't do anything but laugh. I got out the water and pretended to be mad and walk away. He stopped laughing and started to run towards me. "I’m sorry Bella I didn't mean to; I didn't know you would get mad.... Please forgive me." he sounded like he really was hurt. I turn around and smiled. He smiled and crushed his lips to mine. It felt so right to be here with him. Everything disappeared. Even Jacob disappeared. If was only me and Edward. We pulled away gasping for air. Edward smiled. "I love you."
This day just got a million times better. "I love you too." I said and laid my head on his chest.
Later on that day we walked back to his house and was attacked by Alice.
"Bella we have to pick out your dress!! The wedding is in 3 weeks!!" she yelled.
"3 weeks? Are you sure?"
"Yes 3 weeks we have to pick out a dress!" She yelled again. Wow these couples of months have been flying by. "Calm down Alice we'll go in the morning. It's too late to go now." I said trying to calm her down. You do not want to see Alice when she's mad, excited, worried, or panicking. “Ok be here by 7 though. We don't want all the good dresses gone." She said turning around heading up the stairs. “Ok I have a surprise for you." Edward said putting his hands over my eyes. "What is it?" "It’s a Surprise." Edward said guiding me along. After a min we came to a stop. "Ok on the count of 3. 1....2....3." he counted and took his hands away. I gasped. "Oh my god. Edward!! Do you know what kind of car this is?" I asked shocked. “Um yeah I believe it's called a Bugatti Veyron." he said like it wasn't a big deal. “Edward this is a freaking Bugatti Veyron!!! The second fastest most expensive car in the world!! And you expected me to drive this!!" I said pointing to the car shocked. Edward on the other hand just stood there smiling. “I told you I was going to buy you a better faster car and I did." He said like it was normal. “Do you know how much this cost?" I asked. I couldn't believe how he could just stand there and not worried about the price. “Yeah $1,700,000 that's all." I didn't say anything this time. I just run up and gave him a hug. “I love you so much Edward." “I love you to Bella." He whispered in my ear and wrapped his arms around me.
The next day I woke up and got ready to head over to the Cullen’s house so we could go an pick out my dress. This should be fun. I pulled up to the Cullen’s big house in my new Bugatti Veyron. Alice came running out. “Hurry up Bella, Were taking my car!” “Is Edward up?” “Yeah his inside in his room, don’t be long stores are going to be opening soon!” With that she took out to the garage. I walked to the end of the hallway till I reached Edwards room. “Knock, Knock.” I said slowly walking in. I saw Edward lying down on the bed. “Oh Bella it’s you, come in.” He said and laid back down. “Edward what’s wrong?” I asked going to sit on the bed. “Oh nothing, Alice is making the guys go to get tuxes today.” I chuckled. “Oh you’ll survive. At lease you don’t have to go with Alice!” “BELLA!!! COME ON!!” Alice yelled. “COMING!” I yelled back. “I better get going Edward before Alice comes up here.” Before I got off the bed me and Edward shared a kiss for a moment. “Bye. Have a nice time with the guys.” I said and walked down the stairs. Alice was sitting at the bottom of the stairs looking at her watch every 2 seconds. “Gosh there you are come on.” She said we walking to Rosalie red BMW.
Rosalie in the driver seat, Esme in passenger seat, Alice on left in the back and me on the right in the back.
We have been looking all day! It is now 10pm and all the stores have closed and were on our way back to the Cullen’s house. “I can’t believe we’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything. Where going to have to go out of the country!” Alice sighed. “What!” I gasped. “Yeah Bella they have the best dresses out of country!” she said turning to me.
“Alice I’m not going out of the country! But I’ll go out of state.” I said. “But Bell-. “ I cut her off. “I’m not going out of the country and that’s it! I don’t need a fancy dress anyway.” “Fine, I’ll get us some tickets to leave in 3 days to California.” “Thanks.”
“Sure.” She replied and hoped out the car to get the plane tickets.
“Can you tell Edward I’ll come over tomorrow? I’m going to go home and get some sleep.” I asked Esme when getting out the car walking towards mine. “Yeah sure thing Bella, you go home and get some sleep.” She hugged me. “Bye.” “Bye, Bella.” She said and disappeared in the house. I headed home getting there in minuets due to my new car speed.

(B/N: I hope you guys enjoyed! The picture of the Bugatti Veyron is below! And yes it’s the second fast car in the world! And it is the most expensive in the world! Please COMMENT! Thanks! Oh and there's like 4 more parts left till i post a new update!)

Picture of the Bugatti

love it!!!


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