The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward find themselves fighting two battles at once but they are not against enemies but their own families. Renesmee is taking the world by storm while Jacob tries to keep up. And charlie fights for the woman he loves.

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Chapter one      Surprise

Chapter two       Return to Esme Isle

Chapter three      An Unhappy Welcome Home

Chapter four         Thirds Wifes Age

Chapter five         Gentleman

Chapter six           Confused and Flustered

Chapter seven      Beautifully Scared

Chapter eight        Outing

Chapter nine          Handsome

Chapter ten             Vistiors

Chapter eleven       Should He or Shouldn't He.

Chapter twelve         Till Then

Chapter thirteen        Choose

Chapter fourteen       Possibilities

Chapter fifteen          Plans and Discoveries

Chapter sixteen         Virgin of the Past

Chapter seventeen     The Uncontrollable

Chapter eightenn        Never the Same

Chapter nineteen         Hope     

Chapter twenty             Just Perfect    replied

Chapter twenty-one     The Black House    replied

Chapter twenty-two      Something Untold   replied  

Chapter twenty-three    Returning Past     replied

Chatper twenty-four      Do What?  replied

Chapter twenty-five      Farewell         replied

Chapter twenty-six      Nonexistence    replied

Chapter twenty-seven  To Much  replied

Chapter twenty-eight   Ending with a Question replied 

Chapter twenty-nine    Still Here   replied

Chapter 1 Surprise BPOV


Time had passed and even though I had thought once I had became a vampire that time wouldn't mean anything any more, but I had been wrong.

Each day with my daughter was a gift that I didn't want to share with anyone… anyone but Edward.

My love for him grew stronger to where I was sure that if I were still human it would have crushed me to a heap.

He still looked at me as if I were David's Michelangelo, but I knew better than to compare him to that. He was the most perfect statue their ever was. He was as still as one yes, but not even a master sculpture would be able to create a work of art like Edward.

As I was thinking this over in my mind I was also having a conversation with my dad.

I had become a master of multitasking in my head ever since I was changed.

We were at Charlie's like most weekends now that he had started to take them off, mainly to have more time to see Renesmee.

"Bells I really think that you should consider getting a will drawn up in case anything happens to Edward or you, I don't want Nessie to be put into the states hands" he said as he stroked her face.

It didn't seem strange to him anymore that her skin was burning hot. He had made a few comments before about her maybe having a fever, but no one could have a fever thier whole lives, so he let it go.

"Dad don't worry nothing is going to happen to me or Edward" of course nothing that he saw coming would hurt us. We could walk away from a car crash easy and guns were pretty much useless if someone were ever quick enough to try to shout one of us.

"Be reasonable your not going to live forever and things happen."

I had to fight back a laugh at that one because we were going to live forever, him and Renee were the only ones that were ever going to have to leave me.

"You should really think about her future and what is best for her. I don't know if you would ever consider me as her care taker if something was to happen, but I would do it. I know Carlisle would be able to financially provide for her better, but I'd be sure to give her a good life to"

It would be Carlisle and Esme that would take care of her if Edward and I were no longer around or one of the other Cullen family members, but I didn't want to hurt Charlie and tell him this.

"Thanks Dad I know you would give her the world if you could" I left it unanswered it was wrong to give him false hope.

"Well I love both of you" Charlie didn't like to talk about his feelings, but when it came to Renesmee everyone let their guard down.

"Love you to dad" I said as I buckled Renesmee into her car seat. We only used it when we were around Charlie, he almost had a stroke when he saw her riding on my lap. The rest of the visit he compared me to Brittney Spears.

As I pulled onto the road Renesmee asked me the questions she had thought of while at Charlie's but saved them till later. She still refused to talk in front of him. She wouldn't tell me why and one night it finally got to me bad enough I asked Edward once she had fallen asleep.

"I mean really Edward its ok if she talks. Charlie knows she is advanced way past what she should be" I said as I helped him strip the bed of pillows.

He couldn't help but laugh he loved when I got frustrated with anything and went on a tantrum because even as a vampire things still got to me.

"Bella she is just worried it might frighten him and she loves him to much to do anything to make him uncomfortable"

"Well she doesn't have to do full sentences, she could even mess a few words up every once in a while"

"You know she would never go for that. It would question her intelligence to do it, love"

"Well she is going to have to do something, he might start thinking she's a mute"

"If he does I will know and we'll figure it out from there. Everything is perfect why ponder on the negative." he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Your right I guess I'm just used to my world going into code red every other day and it seems off not to worry over something"

"Well there is one thing to worry about"

"Yes, the Volturi are still on my mind, they could decided to come back any day"

"No that's not what I meant and you shouldn't worry about them. Alice will give us a heads up if that is decided, I meant Jacob"

Jacob had started to decrease in age and no one was sure why. This had made Edward frantic with worry. He loved Jacob as if he were family. I was worried to until Jacob told me to stop because it seemed to be slowing down and would probably stop soon. But Edward was still worried and that made me think that maybe there was something Jacob wasn't telling me.


"Momma, why does grandpa not like my Jacobs daddy?"

"He does like him they have been best friends ever since I was your age"

"O I just thought that since Aunt Sue had choose him over my Jacobs daddy that maybe that had changed"

"Renesmee that's grown up things and between them so don't think on it anymore" I hated to be so short with her but even I didn't understand fully what was going on with Sue, Billy, and Charlie. And to be honest it kind of grossed me out to think of my dad being romantic with anyone. He had never dated, if any, after my mom and him had split up.

"Ok I wont I promise, plus if I do daddy will tell you"

Their was a bit of a sour edge in her voice that I remember I used to have when I didn't care for something or did when I didn't get my way. It was very much not like her to be anything then less than gleefully happy about everything.

"Yes he will" I said with a smile.

Later that night Jacob took Renesmee back to the cottage to sleep so Edward and I could stay behind and help plan everything for Renesmee's fourth birthday. Even though she looked like an eight year older and acted even older.

I didn't understand why Edward wanted to be so involved in the planning of the party being as sure as I was that Alice could handle everything on her own. The party was still at least a month away and if she needed help Esme would be more than glad to lend a hand. He had given me a lame excuse that it wasn't everyday that your baby girl turned four.

"So we will do white Lillis and yellow roses for the center piece with pink ribbon woven through the flowers… does everyone know what they are getting her …" Alice's eyes went out of focus for two seconds then came back. " Yes everyone is decided and Emmet you need to rethink yours a tad, I don't think that Bella or Edward would appreciate if you got her a full set of dog care products, even if Jacob thought it was funny."

"If she wants to roll around with dogs I'm making sure she doesn't come up with flees" he laughed at ease.

Emmett, to Rosalie's dismay had created a good friendship with Jacob and his pack. Emmett's new favorite pass time was practice fighting with one of the wolves and trying to take on more then one at a time.

"She smells wonderful and completely flee free" I chimed in.

In my perspective view I saw Edward give Alice a swift nod and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I turned to him about to ask what I had missed when Alice danced up to me holding out her hands to take mine.

"We have a surprise for you!"

"Why its not even my birthday or my vampire birthday" those were still a few days away and my family was adamant about celebrating both.

Edward steeped forward to take one of my hands from Alice.

" Yes love but this is for something else that is coming up sooner"

They led me into the dining room that no one ever used and there sitting on the large table were two plane tickets, two passports, and two large luggage bags waiting. I looked quickly to see where the tickets were for and went completely frozen with shock.

"Well Bella what do you think?" Alice said with a huge grin, I was sure she knew I had already figured it out.

"We are going back to Isle Esme?"

"Yes for our wedding anniversary"

"But its already pasted last week" Him and Jacob had restored my old Chevy truck to working condition, as a memento of my human life. I had loved it and as Edward had never attended me to start driving it again it tortured him when I drove it when I didn't have Reneseme.

"I know but this is from the family to" the Cullen's never passed up a chance to give gifts even if it wasn't there occasion to celebrate.

"But wait there are only two plane tickets what about Renesmee?" I had never spent time a part from her longer than just one after noon I didn't think it would be possible for me to do it. I craved her to much she was like a moving and breathing part of my heart that I had to keep close to me.

"The rest of the family is going to keep her here till we return, we will only be gone for a week Bella and we can come right back if anything happens"

"Which it wont" chimed in Alice "it will be very uneventful here but Bella you are going to miss your flight if you don't hurry up"

"Wait we are leaving tonight? I didn't get to say good bye to Reneseme and she will be wondering where I am!"

"She's in on it and she couldn't be happier for you to go and enjoy yourself" Reneseme still felt that she had ruined Edwards and mine honeymoon by being born but I kept telling her that she had just made it a thousand times better.

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Alec is still alive and in Volterra his plan is to distance himself from the Aro and the guard.
i'll most likely have the next chapter up by tomorrow :) i'm half way done right now
write more asap
Poor Nessie!!!!!!!!!!
I really hate Alec for doing this to her!!! All his fault!
Please update soon, i want to see what happens with Jake and Ness.
loved it! but hated thing like cauis and how nessie wants to runawayy jake has to be able to save her please please please post mroe really reallyreally soon!!!:)
did nessie read the letter yet? did she? did she did she did she?????? i wish she would choose alec........oh, i wish.......
No she hasn't read it yet Edward still has it. :) in time
Writers note: ok so i have to repost this chapters bc the moderators deleted b/c i said a bad word...OPPS. :) so here is it with out the word.

Chapter nineteen Hope


I was back in La Push running threw the forest towards Jacobs house. I burst threw the forest and ran to the front door not bothering to knock. I ran towards his room once I saw no one was in the front room. He was sitting on his bed and I ran into his arms.

"O Jake I missed you so much!" I squealed.

"Um Renesmee?" he said back confused.

"Yes it's me I'm home!"

"And I should care why?" he said as he took my arms from around him and steeped away from me.

"Didn't you miss me?" I asked becoming more hurt by the minute.

"I did until I found out what you did."

"What did I do? Why are you being this way?" I walked towards him and he began to walk away.

"Jake wait! Where are you going?"

"To get away from you Renesmee. It's over."

"No! Please don't do this tell me what I did?" I grabbed for his arm and he hurried and pulled it away like my touch was poison.

"You know what you did! I should have known better your just not good enough for me."

"I can try to be please just tell me what I did."

"No I don't think you can, just let me go."

"No I love you please Jake."

"I don't love you not any more. Just leave your making a fool out of yourself."

"I thought I was your imprint? Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"It did until my imprint kissed another guy. I don't want you any more your just trash."

He walked out the room, my chest heaved in protest and I couldn't breath.

I clenched my chest begging for it to work while wishing my heart not to work.

I was suffocating and being ripped in half at the same time, yet no one could hear my cries for help.

"Someone please come help me, please!" I tried to scream but nothing came out. I tried to scream until I became light headed and started to fall to the ground

I woke up with my moms arms around me shaking me awake.

"Nessie it's ok baby it was just a dream. Your ok. It's all ok. Honey I'm here." she chanted as she rocked me back and forth. I didn't deserve her kindness or to even be her daughter. She shouldn't have trash for a daughter. I had only ever made her life more difficult from the moment I stepped into it. I was going to fix that, she would never have to deal with me again. A plan started to form in my head that I didn't like but needed to happen. She would forgive me one day and see it was for the best.

Alice walked in and came to sit with us on the bed.

"Bella Edward just got back if you want to go talk to him." Alice said.

"Ok." my mom said stroking my hair. "Nessie I'm going to go talk to your dad I will be right back ok?" I nodded my head which was more than I had been giving her.

She left the room and Alice sat closer to me.

"I know what you are planning and you need to stop it. Running away isn't going to help anything." she said in a soft but forceful voice.

I didn't look up at her. She didn't understand. I had to get away so they all could go back to their normal lives. They shouldn't have to deal with the Volturi coming after them or the fact that they had trash as a relative.

"I'm still seeing you going threw with it anyway but I want you to know that if you do this you will not only be hurting us you will be tearing apart Jake."

Jake his name cut me like a knife, he won't want me after he knows what happened. He will be glad I'm out of his life.

"At least think about it ok. I'm not going to say anything to the others but if your plans become more concrete I will."

Darn pixie.


When I returned to our quarters everyone was in the living room like I had thought but each face was conflicted in its own sadness.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked as we shut the door behind us.

I looked around to see if Nessie was in the room, she wasn't so I lowered my voice and told them what happened.

"The poor thing." Esme said. I knew she had started to see Alec as one of her own. I had seen the blue prints in her head to add on to the house for him to have a room of his own.

"Where's Bella?" I asked to no one in particular.

Every thought but Emmett's started to play a terrible scream that I knew at once had to be Renesmee.

"What happened?"

"She had a bad dream." Alice answered while looking at her knees.

So Renesmee had acquired Bella's tendency to have unpleasant dreams when bad things happened to her. There was however a difference when Bella had those dreams she wouldn't even talk to me about them. But with Nessie I could see the dreams first hand and even have her show the others if she would allow.

Alice got up and went to the room with Bella and Nessie. Seconds later Bella came out and my heart leapt, everything seemed to be able to work out with her near. She pulled down her shield and started to show me what happened.

There was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. To my relief it was Eleazar, Carmen, and the Amazons.

"Please come in." I said as I backed away letting them in.

"I see you have ditched your own party." Zafrina said with a laugh.

"There was a… insentient that needed our attention. We apologize for leaving." Carlisle said as she shook hands and hugged each of them.

"Don't think on it again. I was never really one for those kinds of parties. It's more for Aro to show off who he knows and what he is over." Eleazar said with a wave of his hand.

"I thought you liked the Volturi?" Rosalie asked.

"I respect their law but I am only most recently seeing that it's not only the law that they want to enforce."

They each told us their stories of how one of the guard members came and asked their presence to the ball tonight. Carmen said that Tanya and Felix had more or less got into an arguing fight where he called her a "crazed cow" and she in returned called him a "limp bull".

We all laughed at that, it was completely like Tanya not to back down even for the Volturi. They said they were worried however because Kate and Garrett were off on a trip together, Garrett wanted to show her some of the sites he had seen while traveling as a nomad. So Tanya was all by herself till they returned.

The Amazons had a similar story minus the Tanya part and had come at once. They didn't fear the Volturi and cared for us as much as themselves.

"As much as I do enjoy seeing you all do any of you know why we are really here." Eleazar asked.

"Yes we have thought on this but first. Alice will you come in here with Renesmee if she is awake." I called out.

Alice came out holding a withered looking Renesmee in her arms.

"Oh dear." I heard Carmen say under her breath. They pretended not to notice so I continued as Alice sat down Nessie between Bella and me.

"Well we have thought about it as far as we can see Aro is trying to surround Renesmee as best he can by the people that can help her the most with her gifts. You are able to see the gist of the power while Zafrina has the most similar gift we know of."

"But she has been able to use them since birth why try now?"

"Lately she has seemed to acquire more stronger gifts."

"Will you demonstrate young Renesmee?"

She didn't look up but just shook her head no.

"She is refusing to use her gifts." Bella said as she held Nessie closer to her.

"Gifts? I was only aware of one."

"Yes well it seems it has been enhanced in a way."

'Just….knew…tramp.' Renesmee thoughts came out in fractions, was she blocking me?

"So Aro wants her more then ever I'm guessing."


"What do you want us to do?"

"Well we are leaving tomorrow at noon and so as of right now nothing. Once we get home and… situated maybe we could get together. I'm sure Nessie would like help with her gift…." I wasn't sure what to tell them or when Nessie would be ok.

They all started to branch off into different conversations when I noticed Nessie eyeing her room.

'Just….lay down….die.' was the only things I could get from her mind.

I held her tighter in my arms and felt as her tears started to fall. I excused us saying she was very tired and carried her to her room.

'Sorry…better…me…'she continued in her head.

I lay her on her bed as Bella came behind me and shut the door. We both curled up on either side of Nessie hugging her. Willing for her to feel better once she feel asleep I motioned for Bella to put one of Nessie hands to her face as I did the same. We watched as her dreamed folded out.

"Jake I'm home." she ran to him excitedly.

"O I didn't know you were coming home so soon." he said as he walked her to the front door trying to get her to leave.

"What's going on?" she asked as she heard a noise coming from his room.

"Well I have company right now, you know how that is." he lifted a suggestive eyebrow.

"Company? What kind of company?"

Just as she asked a brown haired girl came out of his room half dressed.

"Jacob who is that?"

"O her well since you went out and found someone new so did I." he said as he snaked his hand around the girls waist.

"Your breaking up with me?"

"I don't really see it the way you found someone and I did the same."

"I didn't find anyone new."

"You kissed Alec and that ended us. So if you don't mind." he started to push her towards the door again and she let him.

"I'm sorry I wish I could take it back Jake."

"That may be but you can't and I'm done with you. Goodbye Renesmee."

He shut the door on her face, she turned and started to walk away from the house. She could hear the other girl giggling and Jacob telling her how much better she was than the girl that just left.

Once she was a little from the house she fell to her knees unable to breath and the screaming started.

It was a mute scream but in real life we could hear it all to clear.

We started to shake her awake and held her close as she cried.

I looked to Bella and she was looking at me helplessly. She knew only to well how bad dreams like this could be and how their wasn't must we could do for her other than talk to her.

"Edward we need to get home now." Bella said as she tried to sooth our daughter.

"I'm on it."

I got up going to the other room and called to change our plane tickets.

With in an hour we were ready to go and packed. Eleazar and Carmen were leaving to go get Tanya and then would be meeting us back in Forks. The Amazons said they would be waiting for word from us as to when it would be ok to come see Renesmee.

We had only two hours till our flight, Emmett and me were loading up our bags when Jane came up to us.

"Aro would like to see you." she said.

"We don't have long." I said as I followed her.

"It doesn't matter what you have." she spat back at me.

"What is your problem?" Emmett asked annoyed.

That stopped Jane in her tracks.

"My problem is you dog eaters!"

"What did we ever do to you." I asked.

"You and your freak of a daughter have turned my brother against me and have completely shattered him."

"He isn't completely shattered Jane and please do not speak of my daughter that way." I warned.

"Who cares I'll just be glad when you all have left."

With that she turned and hurried away as we followed.

"Psycho." Emmett said under his breath.

Once we entered the thrown room Jane went to stand by them but it didn't surprise me that Alec was not present.

"Edward what is this I hear of you leaving?" Aro said not even bothering with pleasantries.

"Yes it is in our best interest to be heading home now."

"So soon? Were you not happy with your stay?"

"The stay was fine but it would be better for my family if we took our leave now."

"And no one is staying?"

"I know who you mean and no she isn't." I retorted.

"Just wondering dear friend. Now I hope that you will still help us with our…problem."

"Yes we will send word once we have found out anymore."

"Do that. I am sad to see you all go but please return soon."

"Of course." I said as I turned to leave.

"O and Edward?" Caius called form behind me.

"Yes?" I said as I turned trying to put on a nice face.

"I will be sending someone out there in two months time to deal with the wolf problem."

"Excuse me?"

"I know you are friendly with them but it has come to my attention that the pack has gotten bigger. With a large pack I'm afraid that they will serve as a threat of exposure."

"That's a load and you know it, Caius."

"Maybe but we are going to come."

"If you do then we will stand with them, there is no question about that."

'That's what I'm hoping for.' his thoughts screamed to me.

"So be it." he said.

"In that case I'll tell you now that you will fail just like last time." With that I turned and left. I hurried to the quarters and gathered everyone up. I briefly told them what had happened and we rushed to leave just incase the Volturi tried something.

I couldn't have been happier to be leaving Volterra and promised myself we would never return.

Once on the plane and in the air I finally relaxed a little. Everyone was in their own almost silent conversations I had Nessie next to Bella by the window while I sat across from them. The whole family had first class to themselves as we had paid off the other two people who had been here to go sit somewhere else.

"I'm glad to almost be home" I said to Bella as we hovered over the airport waiting to land.

Renesmee lifted her head for the first real time since the night of the ball and looked out the window with a small smile to her lips.

'Almost…more minutes…Jake.'

When we finally exited the plane Nessie was showing more life in the way she held her self. She was still quiet but her brain was working frantic.

'Go….Jake….bye….love…ok….one day….' She kept blocking me

When we pulled in to the drive way I was startled to hear Renesmee.

"Daddy?" she said in a rough but light voice.

"Yes dear?' I answered back sweetly.

"May I go see Jacob?"

I was afraid if I said no she would go back into her depression.

"I don't see why that would be a problem, just let me call him first ok?"

"Yes sir, but… I was wishing to make it a surprise." she said looking back down at her hands as her thoughts said, 'Have to…might not…..again.'

We had stopped the car and I looked back at my sweet but hurt daughter maybe Jacob would be able to put her back together.

"Ok you can but please take your cell phone just in case."

"Yes sir." she got out and began jogging towards La Push.

"Where's she going?" Jasper asked as we started to unload the bags.

"To go see Jacob, maybe he can give us back our Renesmee." I said with hope.
rite more love it
omg....i hope so.....
I can help u wit ur chapter link problem
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After that go to the disscusion and add it to the page by hitting edit (which u already know how 2 do lol)
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Ok you are offically my favorite person :) i think i understand it but the last part where i have to erase stuff im not to sure on next time i updat ill try it
okay :) I'm glad I could help, I got the tips from my friend so I know how frustrated it made me when I couldn't figure it out


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